What do you think of 3speak? $50 in upvotes to be earned only today.

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Yesterday I was informed by @starkerz (co-owner 3speak) that today is my opportunity to use the 3speak account to give away upvotes to commenters of my post!

What a cool feature!

Once a month a person from the top30 leaderboard will get that opportunity.

I didn't want to let the opportunity slide but I also wanted to try to generate some decent comments today.

So I'd like to hear what do you think of 3 speak so far?

Here's my take.

As a content creator I really like the uploader, it works every time. Playback works 95% of the time (sometimes a video stops (often only once) and you have to move the slider past the point to make it play further).

The quality of the videos is perfect.

I like the business model. It's not a free platform. You have to pay a monthly fee to use it and also pay extra if you want to upload more than 2 hours of video a month.

They are currently also busy with advertisements to generate more revenue for the content creator and themselves.

I like the free speech angle. It's nice to have a platform where you can speak freely. Although I'm not always a fan of using that in a political sense all the time. No doubt there is a market for it but it's not always for me.

What I like about the free speech angle the most is that it takes away the fear of saying something wrong 'by accident' and getting banned for it.

This is one of the fears that Twitch streamers have. Say one thing 'live on air' wrong and have someone report it and you can get banned or worse have your advertisement (revenue) taken away.

What I also would like to see is more diverse content in the top 30, like more BBQ channels and gaming channels.

Yesterday I saw a Livestream on 3speak by @theycallmedan. Livestreaming is something they are going to focus on and I'm looking forward to it.

The donation model (with the platforms own SPEAK token) could really shine in live streams and attract new content creators.

Let me know in the comments what you think of 3 speak. The best comments will get rewarded!

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▶️ 3Speak


What do I think about 3speak?

What I like:
-Quality of videos seems perfect
-Pretty smooth overall experience with using the platform
-Storing my videos permanently (unlike Dtube who deletes them eventually).
-No censorship.

What I don't like
Actually, there's only one thing I don't like but sadly it is enough that I don't use it for my own videos:
Unlike you, I really don't like the business model. That goes both for personal usage and my vision of seeing this becoming mainstream. The fact I have to pay to put up videos is not something I am willing to do. Mostly because it also blocks my vision of seeing how this would ever become mainstream. I know the price is small but it is still a blockade and it WILL be for many others.

For example I put up maybe 2-5 videos a year, why would I pay for that when I have a perfectly fine platform such as youtube? (man I am going to get hate for saying that). If 3speak wants to draw in costumers then I feel like they need to make it free to also become a content creator on their platform.

Now, I know server hosting and all that maintenance is not free. But sadly most people don't care about this when they can see it is free in other places. I would be much happier that 3speak if this was changed into either:

A: Took a 3% cut on all videos (that would be fitting for the name)
B: Implemented adds, adds never hurt anybody and I think it is THE best way to keep the internet free, this includes 3speak.

This is just my 3cents(see what I did there?) looking from a consumer and content creators' perspective.

Really, I would much more prefer to use 3speak but right now I am not completely sold and that is shown through my actions that I, in fact, prefer to use youtube. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

I am sure you will eventually find your balance! I am no entrepreneur and I know little about business! It all makes sense what you are saying here and I hope you can manage to find a way to attract more users! You are by far the most promising platform here on Steemit when it comes to videos. :-)

I imagine the ads on your website might also start paying better when more people are joining in.
I really hope to see you guys succeed!

I think (not sure) that most of Youtube revenue comes from content consumers, not creators.

Only the creators have to pay on 3speak, not the consumers.

I see it more like a business proposition as a creator. If using 3speak is beneficial for what a creator wants to achieve then it makes sense.

If you only put up 2-5 videos a year and they don't require free speech I would just use youtube.

People who require free speech is a bit of a narrow scope but still a good selling point for many people who might never need it. Most of the time, if you want to try out becoming a content creator you would also many times end up becoming the consumer. So by locking out content creators unless they pay, could prevent growth. The more activity and videos there are on a platform = more consumers might join in.

Even if that ment I only would make a few videos a year, it could still add to the activity with many others who feels the same.

Free Speech should be important to every human on the planet

My thoughts on 3speak are very similar to yours. Nothing new there! 😁

I've not used it to upload videos so can't comment from that angle but as a listener my biggest bugbear is that I've never yet been able to listen to a video all the way through without it getting stuck. Sometimes moving the slider works but often it doesn't. Sometimes reloading and then moving the slider works and sometimes I have to leave it and come back later. It's a bit frustrating.

I also am not keen on 100% free speech. Although I think people should be able to say want they want to but I'd prefer a channel that was exclusively for stuff that was banned elsewhere rather than having it mixed in with more mainstream stuff. Bit of a pipedream that though as one man's meat is another man's poison.

In the end it will just come down to individual choice I suppose. If I end up seeing more stuff I don't want to see rather than stuff I do them I will just block 3speak or any other similar channels. But that would be the same for anything anyway.

I would also like to see more diverse projects. Same with Oracle-D/YooDoo? which seems to have ended up with primarily crypto related stuff.

It will be interesting to see how it all develops. 😊

I've not used it to upload videos so can't comment from that angle but as a listener my biggest bugbear is that I've never yet been able to listen to a video all the way through without it getting stuck. Sometimes moving the slider works but often it doesn't. Sometimes reloading and then moving the slider works and sometimes I have to leave it and come back later. It's a bit frustrating.

I remember you mentioning this a couple of times. I also have this problem from time to time. The platform is still in Alpha so I do cut them some slack.

I also am not keen on 100% free speech. Although I think people should be able to say want they want to but I'd prefer a channel that was exclusively for stuff that was banned elsewhere rather than having it mixed in with more mainstream stuff. Bit of a pipedream that though as one man's meat is another man's poison.

I think over time when the platform grows, people will just follow the content creators that they like. It's what I do on youtube. I don't go to a trending page to see what video is doing well. I just go to the channel of my go-to content creators.

Even though my interest doesn't really lie with political free speech videos, I do think it's important that there is a platform that allows things to be said even if it doesn't interest me/I disagree with it.

i think 3speak is already really good in user experience and video quality. I like what there are doing for the Steem Blockchain and i see a synergie between both.

I think many project comming soon like 3 speak with Smt and communitys / wallet accounts and RC delegation.

Overall im happy to see projects like 3 speak here.

Telling people about huge upvotes to drive comments seems to be a way for people to farm money with the possibility of not providing quality content or genuine engagement. It’s a strategy to get more interaction, but it could be a slippery slope if not done properly.

I think these tools like 3speak and dtube are cool, but we need a way to bring established YouTubers over here to use them. Ive been trying to leave comments on YouTubers posts to see if we can somehow get them to at least try out these other platform options...

I have been thinking about it, but why would a established YouTuber move? In general, ppl stay where they are comfortable I would think. There must be a good reason to move.

I guess it would be the people who are complaining about being demonotized or censorship

@exyle, First of all i want to say that 3speak.online is giving opportunity for everyone no matter who are they and this shows only one thing and that is this platform is against of any kind of censorship and not just Content Creators, Content Curators and Commenters have equal opportunity to empower themselves.

Manual Curation shows that 3Speak Team is truly dedicated to their idea and while supporting all the engagements they are Strengthening this Ecosystem and going forward this aspect will going to prove Foundational Point.

In my opinion many don't know yet about the new Initiative and that is Top 30 Content Creators have opportunity to hold huge Vote Weight once a month which can be used to encourage their Audience. And in my opinion this is very unique step and in a way it have Gaming Face to it and it will attract more users towards 3Speak.

3Speak have rich features and for only 30 Steem Content Creators can access it and in my opinion consistent creators can achieve most effective Rate Of Interest (ROI) and going forward we will going to see new wave of Content Creators.

New Development is Community where we can create Community by investing Speak Token and in my opinion every platform should have specific space so that like minded people can come forward to Engage and Discuss. I have created one too and named this Community as Awakening Poetry.

Many are not focusing towards Speak Tokens but in my opinion once the SMT Protocol is launched then this Token can lead and can empower Tipping Ecosystem on 3speak.online.

So much is happening in this Ecosystem and it's boosting my Spirit to express myself and i am expressing my poetry and have great journey with 3Speak Ecosystem.

Here i want to appreciate @theycallmedan, @starkerz, @anarcotech and @wehmoen.

@exyle, Keep up the good work and stay blessed brother.

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I think that 3speak it's a great plataform because of the free speech, as you said, that takes away the fear of saying something wrong. I really enjoy the diversity of the content that you can find here, you can see someone making some really art and then someone else talking about very important themes on our society.

I would like to see more content in spanish because I'm Venezuelan so the english is not my first language and because of that I cannot use it as much as I would like to.

Talking about the quality of the videos, is really good, they charge very fast in a really great resolution witch makes them easier to watch and enjoy.

I had found here a place to share what I am pasionatte about, the music, because I think that the music is the universal language and I want to share with everyone my own story and help everyone as much as I can with this especific topic giving to they some practice advices, because it's not all about the talent. It's about the love for the music and the discipline. I also try to integrate my family to my videos 'cuz they are the most important part of my life.

SO, keep with the good job. Greetings.

Threespeak is a huge shift for my video creation and motivation. After being on DTube since its inception, it has been more and more difficult to keep it up there, because the upload was messy and didn't work for me more than often, the videos were deleted after some time and getting upvotes was getting more and difficult. Plus the 10% beneficiary rewards felt undeserved for all the trouble that I had with it.

When 3Speak started and introduced a monthly fee, I was first very sceptical. But the benefit of having fast servers, HD videos and unlimited video storage (even after the subscription ends) were a great selling argument. The upvotes are nice although I am not counting on them forever, as this is not sustainable, so I rather try to create the best content I can to receive the upvotes from outside of 3Speak and become bit by bit independent of the momentarily upvote-heaven.

And the team behind 3Speak is amazing, listens to the users and does great work for the Steem blockchain on many fronts. How can we not love it?

I like it because you'll pay me to say I like it!

One suggestion I'd like to offer today is, in the future, members should keep the fact they can hand out large votes for comments a secret in order to prevent disingenuous comments like the line I left above. I've always been a fan of upvoting comments I receive when posting my work. I always treated it much like I'm offering customers a free coffee for showing up to my shop. Unfortunately, I'm not able to do it as much as I could before the changes, but that's okay.

There's a dark side to all of this though. On a few occasions I've been told by people who didn't know any better things like, "They only leave comments because you upvote their words." There will always be trolls and these negative types who have no problem insulting the integrity of those who wish to spend time on my blog. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. On the surface, it's hard to tell many of these folks have built up a strong rapport with me over many months. I know who's being real with me.

On the other side of the coin, especially when the value of the token was high, there were people consistently showing up to leave bland compliments and buttkissery all while expecting an upvote. I had to be really careful. I don't support sycophants using me and it's also almost depressing when you find out their words meant nothing.

Yeah, it is a great service. Someone should reach out to Roseanne since she wants to start up a podcast and sometimes says shit she regrets later, then loses everything. A big name like that would be awesome to have around, but good luck.

I just don't want to see a post about someone holding the comment lottery vote each time they get it. I'd prefer to see the natural content flow, and those lucky enough to comment that day simply receive the bonus, as a surprise. If people don't know when it's coming, maybe they'll comment more, because that post might be the post, but if not, at least the words are genuine.

I like it because you'll pay me to say I like it!

That's a fair thing to say. And is good feedback.

The reason I mentioned it this time is because the feature is not used that much by content creators yet and I wanted to give it some exposure.

I just don't want to see a post about someone holding the comment lottery vote each time they get it. If people don't know when it's coming, maybe they'll comment more, because that post might be the post, but if not, at least the words are genuine.

Also very fair.

I don't think you did anything wrong here. It is a cool little bonus prize you folks get to play with and rewarding folks is always fun. Worst case scenario though is how once this is well-known, some people might seek out the posts rewarding comments and ignore the rest of the posts. If they know about the bonus but don't know where it is, they'll be everywhere, and of course only the quality comments actually get the rewards, so it should come naturally.

It's been somewhat quiet around here lately so these incentives are a good thing. As someone who doesn't use the service, I'm almost jealous!

I'm not a big watcher of videos, especially if it's just someone talking, although I've done my own vlogs on dtube. It's largely a matter of available time. I've not put anything on 3speak and not watched much there, but when I used it performance was good.

I appreciate that it can have appeal for those 'demonetised' elsewhere, but they tend to be the sort of people I'm not interested in. Seeing the platform give them big votes is a turn-off for me.

We need alternative platforms for video to break the YouTube monopoly and I'd love to see more being done on Steem. It's not a cheap thing to run due to the amount of data involved. I wonder how viable it is with the current Steem price. I would hope that will improve.

I am not 100% sure how bad the demonetization of Youtube has become.

I would think it starts from the outer edges of content that is 'extremely offensive' but works it's way inwards until only generic content is accepted or until people simply conform to the norm.

It's a slippery slope I guess.

I hope more diverse content will find it's way to 3speak eventually.

I've had discussions with @starkerz about the political stuff. We don't agree on everything.

Most of the videos I watch online are guitar lessons. I'd love it if those were on Steem. People tend to go where their audience is. Being able to make a few dollars may not be enough of a draw if the audience is tiny.

For me 3speak is a wonderful alternative to upload videos. Now that streaming has been integerated again, it is a good alternative to dtube and vimm. I am curious to see how far 3speak will develop. For me it doesn't matter whether my content is stored locally or centrally. If decentralization is not an option, I can live wonderfully with the centralization of content.

Hope you are well and I will see you again soon :)

Yes, I definitely like the fact that they have a good business model that isn’t dependent upon the Steem reward pool.

The free speech approach is appealing however I’m also someone who doesn’t feel restricted or at risk of being banned by my content.

I wasn’t aware of the pay to access the platform aspect of the business model. While this will deter some, it does have potential to ensure that the content producers on the platform are of a high caliber and also the type of content creators who post frequently and to a schedule. I really like this.

I haven’t produced content for the platform yet however from someone who watches 3speak videos often, I rarely have any issues. The videos do occasionally freeze however that could very well be my shoddy internet connection.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the growth of 3 speak. It’s a great platform and the community seems to be consistently growing.

The free speech approach is appealing however I’m also someone who doesn’t feel restricted or at risk of being banned by my content.

Me neither. But even famous/normal twitch streamers have been banned for some time for just saying something wrong on a bad day. It happens.

I wasn’t aware of the pay to access the platform aspect of the business model. While this will deter some, it does have potential to ensure that the content producers on the platform are of a high caliber and also the type of content creators who post frequently and to a schedule. I really like this.

I don't mind it. It's cheap enough and I like to have a place outside of youtube to upload my content where it will stay.

I haven’t produced content for the platform yet however from someone who watches 3speak videos often, I rarely have any issues. The videos do occasionally freeze however that could very well be my shoddy internet connection.

The freezing happens to more of us. It's a known issue.

I think that 3speak is the best applicatio in steem :

  1. The trending page is not related to the earning.

  2. The compitition makes creators be better.

  3. The comments are upvoted.

  4. The videos are well rewarded.

  5. Helps creators be more confident in what they are doing.

  6. Makes us learn about investing our steem correctly.

  7. Great content creators are already there.

3speak is awesome! It’s a good place to people to provide video content for those who are getting banned on YouTube. It’s going to get worse soon on YouTube and 3speak is in the perfect niche for that. 🤑

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One man's death is another man's bread I guess!

I think the platform is awesome. most important is that it works for the content creators. It's so annoying you have to multiple upload when there are errors. So this has a price is normal. I agree that they need to focus on livestreams. This is what I used in the past on other steem platforms. Do some old skool retor gaming live.. i like the feedback from the users and not read into it a day after.

thx again

That is pretty awesome that they are doing that. They have always had some really great projects going on. First it was Oracle-D and then Steem Ninja and now 3Speak and soon the rebrand to Yoodoo. I think it is awesome how they have built such a great community and products on the Steem blockchain. I like what I am seeing so far from 3speak and I think it still has a huge potential to grow. The fact that major influencers like you are jumping on board with it speaks for itself I think.

As a viewer i'm happy with it. Doesn't seem to stop on me anymore, just need more stuff / or i need to look harder for stuff that i like.

politics - not interested (sofar anyway)

I am a creator on @threespeak and user of last two months. The platform and support from the team is fantastic. The functions of upload and play are pretty awesome. I can only focus to produce the good content, the team will take care the behind the things. I am greatly surprised when they decreased the beneficery to 3% and that too they are burning it.

This platform succeded to bring famous creators on YouTube to here which many other projects found hard. That's a big win for them and steem also.

I can't wait to see how they more spread the name of steem more.

I would like to thank the creators of
for continuing to stand up for individual freedoms, supporting uncensored art and media, and for standing up for those who are oppressed in this world and continue to not have a voice.
Or worse yet, have their voices silenced.

Instagram recently censored a post by an artist critical of the Chinese government.
The anti-Beijing post was removed by the Facebook-owned social media platform, but death threats made against the artist remained uncensored.
More info

The next step is a transparent, uncensored social media communication platform that does not permit pure harassment of people for cash and promotes free speech and disclosure of the corrupt fake news and terroristic regime that controls the lies.
And that's #3speak

Google's leaked "Good Censor" memo describes that the "utopian" days of uncensored social media are over, and we have an oligopoly that moderates public opinion.
This is not newsworthy?
Seems only Forbes and Verge picked it up, both with a voxplainer about how it's a good thing.

I can’t be the only one who uses #threespeak as a break from day to day stress, anxiety, depression or problems in general.
I’m here for uncensored laughs and giggles, hell sometimes I find comfort seeing other people dealing with similar problems and can relate to.


I agree with you, diversity in the content is what´s missing, not only in 3speak but in the entire STEEM community. I think that will eventually change as the mass adoption comes closer and closer...

Communities will help a lot with this as well.

Hello, I came here for an ad on the discord threespeak channel, I had seen you before in the table of best creators of the video platform on threespeak.

Threespeak, is a very attractive platform that despite the fact that you have to pay a monthly subscription, tends to get us hooked. We arrived with the illusion of maximizing our women in Steem, (at least I do), now I find a platform where my videos reach more people.

The video load count is great, I do not despair waiting for a bar to load without seeing any number in progress, although I would like the load transmission not to be eliminated when a drop in the internet occurs.

The fact of seeing the number of views in our videos is great, we know that we work for someone and we are not left with the insecurity if someone saw it or just nobody saw it.

The speak token donation is very good, I have received some coins, I like that they support my work.

Steem votes per month cover the subscription payment and leave profits, that was my main question at the beginning (will I win?)

I like threespeak, its interface is very simple, and finally and I can not leave without commenting, it is that list of best creators, the daily visit is like a challenge for me, wanting to improve to continue raising the rank and get to be between the best 30 content creators, the truth is that threespeak is a box of surprises, it is one of the best dapp videos on the STEEM blockchain.

I particularly like it and a lot, the themes are not excluded, you can be a singer, dancer, drawing artist, manualist, designer, stylist, talkative of anything, threespeak values ​​each one's work and rewards him for creating good content. ..

As if that were not enough, the voting method extends to the users that follow the content creators, the good quality comments made in the videos uploaded to threespeak are valued, depending on the quality of the comment and that both contributes to the author, (I like, more users visit my videos) ..

That is my point of view on threespeak, keep up the good work, regards ..

Just checked 3Speak, looks very good, and the perfect alternative to YouTube, and others - particularly if you are already a "Steemian"👍🏼👍🏼

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I do not use it, except for your videos. I do not care about platform, but about content. Currently only Youtube has the content I use daily.

Things that would be nice to have on 3speak:

  • Steem Keychain extension support (security)
  • 1.75x speed (saves a lot of time)
  • Thumbnails on video scrollbar (get to the stuff and skip the rest)

I like the 1.75x speed too. It's the perfect speed while I work my way up to 2x. Good suggestion.

Since someone recommended to speed up the videos I watch I've training myself to do that.

I started with 1.25x, when got used to it, then 1.5x and now 1.75x. 2x is too fast for me. At least for now. When you watch long videos, time saving is huge. 👍

The concept is fairly good and they offer a great amount of support for their content producers but it has a few design flaws.

When I click on a @threespeak video from Steemit.com to watch it, I am taken away from that watch page for that video when I click to sign in.

That is the one reason why I cannot upvote videos from @threespeak.. it is a super difficult process when viewed from Steemit.com or the other Steem-based DAPPs.

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Well, that is not really 3speak's fault I think. It's up to steemit.com to make that work.

When you go to Steempeak it works just fine. Check here: https://steempeak.com/@exyle

I don't think you guys created a form for feedback yet @wehmoen, so if it's okay, I will post suggestions here for you, @theycallmedan and @threespeak.

  1. It takes too long to confirm the payment IMO.

Screenshot (109).png

I had already waited some moments and then when I started counting I got to about 40 seconds before the payment was confirmed.

It's really easy to close the window or have the window close for some reason before the payment is confirmed and if that happens, people will be upset that their funds are lost.

One idea is to confirm the payment in 3 seconds and then take it back if it turns out to be rejected. That is what Amazon's Kindle does when a purchase is made but it gets rejected for some reason.

Amazon will say it is confirmed and that the book can be downloaded in Kindle, but then there's an issue and they only tell you why in an email sent to you.

It's much better then having to keep a window open. This is just a suggestion but I recommend you try to make a system that works without the window having to stay open for any longer than 5 seconds.

Great comment, I am with you and will raise it in the next meeting. we have discussed this issue before, and i will look at taking on board what you are suggesting here.

Ah okay.

If you can create a forum on @tokenbb for @threespeak, even if I am the only user, it will probably help you organise the feedback you receive.

As important as this issue is (the long processing time for payments), the other issue I raised about users being redirected away from the watch page of the video they are watching when they sign in is even MORE important and is actually imperative to fix, since your content producers are probably not getting all of the upvotes they deserve.

I stopped trying to upvote @threespeak videos because of that a long time ago, and some of the new users from @atheistrepublic, if they onboard some of their members, might experience the same thing.

I think I misinterpreted some of it and said it incorrectly @exyle.

I click on the @threespeak video, it goes to 3speak.online and then while I am watching the video I try to upvote, but then it tells me to login first.. so I login and then...

And I have no idea how to navigate back to the watch page of the video I was watching.

If I copy and paste the video URL it logs me out. I am not sure if this is related to @steemit, @threespeak or what, but my experience on @threespeak has not been good.

I love the idea but this gets in the way in me enjoying their platform.

We are aware of this issue and are working on it @chrisrice. its a great point and needs to be resolved.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you too @starkers. If you create a forum on @tokenbb for feedback, I might be able to offer more constructive criticism 👍

I think 3Speak could be a big positive for Steem as it has the potential to attract some big talent from YouTube due to the demonetization of content on YouTube. I'm sure many of these accounts may have been offensive, but where do you draw the line? Let's face it, even on Steemit someone is often offended by some of the content. Hopefully, 3Speak will be a refuge where content providers have the assurance that their account will not be suspended at random. Imagine spending years building up a channel and having it disappear overnight.

I think @threespeak should make the idea of requesting feedback for their platform permanent, by creating a forum via @tokenbb with a section asking for feedback for upvotes.

( if they haven't already done this)

I have been hearing good things about it as well. Tried out, few glitches in video player as you mentioned but good touches on video player minimizing while you scroll.

I'm sure they will smooth out those glitches once they enter beta. And I also like the scrolling video minimization. Nice to see you on my blog man, hope you are doing well!

Agree, regardless wish them much success. The more exposure we have to different type of content creators the better! Going good thanks! 😊

I am still thinking, if I should pay to join and publish videos, because my videos are definitely not professional quality. In my opinion, if they are looking to add advertisements, then if the revenue break evens the maintainability, they should reduce the fee to join the platform. And probably even they could provide an option, like those who opt to pay and not like to share their content with ads AND those who use it free and are ok with anything.

Today marks my 19th day of using 3speak and uploading video content. I had always wanted to be sharing videos on Steem, but I found it difficult to upload Video contents on YouTube and even dtube. 3speak to me seems to be the best option especially for a non tech-savvy individual. The UI is easy to use even for a new user. Uploading a video gets so easy. Infact, of all 20+ videos I have shared, only 1 got a bug.

On subscription, it makes sense that they charge a minute $ for a 2hour encoding time for 30 days. This creates a gap between the investment minded creators and others. Truly, only those who believe in steem and see a future for the token would subscribe.

The @threespeak team makes it so encouraging to upload video contents as their curation effort is awesome. More importantly is the fact that engagement is encouraged through comments curation. This is first video sharing platform that does this to my knowledge.

I'm just too excited about the development around 3speak, the reason, I promote it in every way possible. Currently, I've designed stickers and fliers and i share it to friends. I will be glad to be decorated as a 3speak ambassador

Currently, I'm clamouring how pastors, comedians and musicians can own their channels here. I'm making efforts to recruit them amf hoping to have 10 at the end of my first 30 days here.

One thing I wish 3speak should look into is how to gain an off-steem presence. Suggestions are:

  • sponsoring Academic activities thereby getting a space on official events backdrop.
  • sponsoring local and International sports activities
  • collaborating with TV stations
  • creating a use case for Speak tokens outside of steem blockchain.

Thank you @Exyle for this opportunity though my comment is coming late.

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This flier i designed further explains my summary of what 3speak is to me. This is what I tell friends:

  • Freespeech
  • Value for video contents
  • User friendly UI
  • Easy to use
  • Built on Steem Blockchain

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Thanks for being part of the threespeak experience @exyle! Really love tuning in to hear your current takes on the state of Steem! We really want to get the word out that the top creators on threespeak are able to take limited control of the threespeak vote and reward their followers! Thanks for being one of the first creators to make use of this function

Hello @exyle it's @josediccus here again. The metrics according to @starkerz is that the more comment or the engagement level coupled with how many people subscribed second and third the amount or numbers of views makes for the rise of fall in the top all time 30 of 3speak in other words. The 10 $ upvote is to still boost the engagement level and give part of the rewards to people who are enjoying the consumption of these contents by all means
I'm sorry you didn't upload yesterday certainly you might have given your commenters but what do we know? You reckon the development and innovations currently going on 3speak is currently mind-blowing really and these might just be the juicer to create massive onboarding really. The Livestream is another amazing feature and it's getting better by the day if you ask me.
Quality vlog here buddy.

great job

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While I’m relatively new to Steemit and 3 Speak I am someone who is eager to try my hand at the platform. I just need to grow my Steem holdings some more in order to pay the fees to use the platform.

I see a reasonably diverse range of content on the platform. And while it is still early days, it’s not too hard to find decent content to watch.

I honestly haven’t had any issues with watching videos. I haven’t needed to restart videos. Or at least I haven’t had to yet.

I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at creating video content. It will be a new experience for me. And the offer of $10 in upvotes is extremely generous.

It has been easy to use as a content consumer but I still have not tried it as a creator but have been considering using it to potentially stream some Splinterlands!

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3speak has worked better for me than Dtube for steaming content, I like the idea behind it but think it might be a tough sell in a world of free services which have already gained market share.

With respect to sharing information on profitable investment options (eg bitcoin), I think, the free speech attribute (of 3speak) has the potential to create prosperity for millions of people.

I have been using 3speak.online for 15 days now and already uploaded more than 14 videos and has collective of 159 views. There is infinite scope for 3speak.online development. So far I faced no issues in uploading the videos, everything is smooth, rather I faced more issues in video creation. 3speak.online gave me courage to pursue my interest area. Now that being said, there are also certain downside of 3speak.online where they can make better development. Firstly it is the UI, I mean it is poorly crafted and need better UI design. Secondly the list categories, they are very limited, 3speak should be allowed custom categories creation. Thirdly the new members to steem ecosystem should be given few credits to upload their first video for free, this will allow the new users to get more confidence on steem ecosystem.

Free speech as everyone sys, is not atall free, there are certain restrictions, or we can also say people are not ready for FREE SPEECH world. It is like everyone is lion unless the real lion shows up. 3speak need to introduce the reference reward system, i.e. if existing user encourages new members to join using his referral link he should be rewarded with Steem, STeem Power, Steem Dollar or even 10-15 minutes of extra free encoding time (currently limited to 2 hours).

I just dont understand why normal people cant post videos on that platform.

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Do you mean for free? As far as I know also normal people can post videos if they pay the fee.

How much is the fee?

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Between $3-$4 a month I believe.

It would be nice if someone could make a tutorial on how to set three speak.
Payment and video uploads as well.

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On youtube you can post absolutely for free. Blockchain is always expensive.

Well to be short and simple they are better than dtube that is for sure where users can trust and the users can enjoy the content and not have to wait for it to keep loading and giving error

Once people know about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ETH, EOS or STEEM, I am sure that they are going to use this platform to earn some cryptos very esay. But also we can bring people who do not know anything about crypto or blockchain with this new gift for the top 30 content creators in the platform. Keep you amazing job promoting everything relating to STEEM Exyle! :)

3Speak is an amazing platform for video creators. It is simply to use and easy to understand. A platform where users have freedom to speak. On 3speak user have freedom to speak. Everyone can share their thoughts and ideas here without worries. On 3speak users are free from censorship. Users videos and content are kept for long time . Such an amazing platform I really love it allot.

3speak sucks because its just another video hosting ripoff. But with the added cost in paying for you to upload. Supposed to be for deplatformed content creators that have real value to say not video game streaming or video game content.

@exyle, for my opinion, @threespeak is going to be a household of communities which is going to accommodate millions of steemians all walks of this World. I have seen lot of people thrilling in everyday. The jubilation and the sense of better living are trending in @threespeak. Now that the steem price is low, imagine if I am able to earn $100 Steem a week than any other community that I post my content. More programmes have been fused into 3speak platform which is also helping growing @threespeak platform. And one of the programmes I currently check it out is #AMA( Ask me anything) initiated by @theycallmedan of which I made a small video about it is 3speak here. I believe more good things are underway from @threespeak platform going to change the life of steem and for we the steemians. Thank you @exyle and be blessed.

I'm not going to repeat what others have said here, but the one option that neither 3speak or DTube seem to have (correct me if I'm wrong) is the ability to embed video on other platforms in the way you can with a youtube video. If I copy/paste a link to a youtube video in a Steem post, the youtube video can be played on my post instead of redirecting someone to another website.

While this might seem great to get people visiting 3speak, it's an irritation for the user who wants a seamless experience.

To be fair to 3speak, I am not certain how much the built-in features of a web browser play into enabling embedded videos, but if there is one feature that needs working on, it's the ability to watch a video from steemit.com or steempeak.com, rather than being redirected to another website. I want to watch a video from a steem post, not go to 3speak.

Just my opinion, but I believe between DTube and 3speak, the one to succeed long term will facilitate (in whatever way possible) the ability to watch videos from within a post. Even this post and your video redirect me to 3speak website, which doesn't make the experience seamless.

Like I said in a previous comment. This already works on steempeak, just not on steemit.com. If a website wants to embed 3Speak websites they are free to do so by using the already existing embeddable video player.

check it here: https://steempeak.com/@exyle

I'm reading this on steempeak and clicking video directs me to 3speak.com

All the videos in 3speak could be ember in twitter just by sharing the link. You can embed them in your website just by clicking under the video the button share and use that link. And they could be ember in forums if the forum accept the code. From steempeak, I'm able to watch and I think steemit will add that option in the future.

Saludos a todos, siempre es importante que hayan este tipo de consultas para que nosotros como usuarios podamos analizar las cosas buenas y no tan buenas de la plataforma.
  • En primera instancia debo decir que me agrada mucho su interface.
  • Luego debo decir que la calidad de la imagen es asombrosa.
  • El tiempo de carga de las imágenes y vídeos es sumamente rápido.
  • Es compatible con .mp4 (eso es genial).
  • Tiene la opción EN VIVO y eso es un gran punto a su favor respecto a otras.
  • Su diseño es muy bonito, los colores y diseño minimalista es lo máximo.
  • Seguramente podemos seguir enumerando cosas buenas, porque realmente hasta ahora no he conseguido cosas malas o deficiencias.
    Deseo felicitar a los diseñadores de la página y también a los desarrolladores web por crear tan limpio trabajo, es impecable, me encanta.
    Greetings to all, it is always important that there are these types of queries so that we as users can analyze the good and not so good things of the platform.
  • In the first instance I have to say that I like your interface very much.
  • Then I must say that the quality of the image is amazing.
  • The loading time of images and videos is extremely fast.
  • It's compatible with .mp4 (that's great).
  • You have the option LIVE and that's a big point in your favor over others.
  • Your design is very nice, colors and minimalist design is the maximum.
  • Surely we can continue to enumerate good things, because so far I have not really achieved bad things or deficiencies.
    I want to congratulate the designers of the site and also the web developers for creating such a clean job, it's impeccable, I love it.

    I think this is a very well-made platform.

    I like everything on 3speak, except for some people who spread conspiracy theories and generally behave as if they were leading Russia Today. The presentation of events and news seems distorted.

    In the technical part, the 3speak looks better than the dtube. At least I didn’t notice problems loading the video, the site is well optimized.

    I like this platform very much and I come to enjoy the videos uploaded by some users to which I follow. In the beginning if the videos were pasted a little but I let them load for a while and I can see them without any problem. Here I also enjoy the most I like is art and music although all the ideas are interesting. Some of them I don't understand because I speak Spanish and I wish I could see the videos in English and also understand what they are about. I congratulate you for being in this wonderful position and have that excellent rating of being among the top 30.
    All the videos are amazing and very interesting. I'm very impressed and like the whole structure so far. I would also like to encourage myself and upload some videos and share them with everyone here. I always follow all the content related to 3speak. It's good to know that you also like this great platform very much. A big greeting and a big hug. Best wishes to you.

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    I have the critique of missing playlists.

    And sometimes just throwing around with their upvotes and upvoting overvalued posts.. @threespeak

    Other than that an interesting project. :)

    I've been using @threespeak since you switched your VLOG's to the platform. I tend to be an early adopter of new dApps, always looking for the proof of concept of the next big cultural development on STEEM. DTube sort of lost me a bit when they announced their own chain, which dovetailed with @threespeak coming out of the gate and working surprisingly well.

    Personally, I don't mind the monthly bandwidth and use fee, although, I haven't posted enough to go over my allotted bandwidth. One thing I'm curious about is whether or not the platform works for uploading and posting video from an iPad Pro and iOS. I may actually test that today.

    I 100% agree on the free speech angle.

    I have not had the opportunity to use 3speak from a content creator perspective, yet. However, as a user I can list some pros and cons that I've found about the platform.


    • Free speech. This is very important these days with big tech censorship.
    • A new token. Another incentive to utilize the platform
    • A different revenue model. This is also a negative which I'll explain below.
    • Haven't ran into any errors with playback.
    • The citizen journalist idea. I love that, and I'm hoping I can become apart of it sometime soon as I now have the equipment.


    • Revenue model. Will explain more below.
    • Interface/design is lacking a bit. Kind of ugly, but it works.
    • Very competitive market.
      As for the revenue mode, I do not like how the burden is on the creators to pay monthly. Perhaps a flat yearly fee would make more sense and be more attractive to those who don't post as much video content. A tiered system would work for that as well, but I think that would be even less attractive than a one price for all. Perhaps beneficiary rewards up to X amount would be a good idea as well.

    The interface could also use a facelift, no offense. But, as I said this is a very competitive market. You are competing with the centralized solutions like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. you also have services like dTube, dLive, and others on the decentralized end. A simple but attractive design is very important. UX/UI is a big deal. It also plays into marketing the product.

    But, you guys are doing great so far. I can't wait to see how the platform develops in time. Keep it up! @wehmoen

    I'm looking forward to my turn with the big upvote power in a week or so. I'll be heavily promoting it on my other channels in the few days leading up to my turn.

    3speak is a very interesting platform, it has features that make anyone who loves audiovisual media would love. The fluency in the videos, the freedom to publish the content freely, the order in which the content can be viewed, in addition to the security it provides to the user. Let it be a platform on which a monthly fee must be paid, I like it, because it allows the platform and its team to have optimal video storage services. Which in the long run, falls in love with the user who wants to keep its content in the blockchain. Keep up the good work ..!

    Make sure you are happy in your real life not just on a social media.
    Find a better balance between life and technology because it's the right thing to do...!!


    I think that 3Threespeak is a great platform. I am also looking forward to more of the live casts.

    I like the timing of this project, just on the edge of hyping the Blockchain

    3speak is great platform and few of the things that I like alot-

    • Free speech- after YouTube censorship this is the platform where content creator can share their thoughts without worrying and their content will be here always.
    • Live option is superb and very good for content creator however I haven't joined it yet.
    • I watch videos quite often and I like floating Videos which is cool. I can scroll the window in my laptop and video is stills visible and on.
    • Its not free.. right but the amount they charge is almost like free. Infact i feel it would control the spammers to stay away.

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    I just signed up last week and will be posting my intro video in the next day or so. I had previously tried Dtube about 8 months ago but had been frustrated with the loading issues and my videos not being found in the search. With that said I am very happy with the quality I am experiencing and more/most importantly I see some of the familiar people like @clixmoney and @chesatochi
    Who continue to show their uplifting, optimistic, supportive personalities, this is exactly what brought be to 3Speak. I think with everything going on in the World today it is Paramount to make sure we encourage others not only to join 3speak but to pass on friendly, supportive, encouraging content. Look forward to contributing my content Aloha from Hawaii, Rich

    Thanks for the post.


    In the FAQ section there is a typo:

    How do I become a content creator?

    Firstly, you will need a steem account, you can buy one here. (DONT LOOSE your keys!).

    It should read: "DON'T LOSE" your keys instead of dont loose your keys.

    I hope this helps 👍