Krakow: the last but not the least. Kazimierz district, Jagiellonian University and Basilica of Holy Trinity

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Hey, guys.

Wednesday is a walk time. 😉 I wish I could go for a walk and take pictures and share with you but my only walk today will be a visit to the doctor. So this is a virtual walk down the corridors of memories and my photo archive.

I was choosing between "walk around the cemetery" or "walk around Krakow". And Krakow has won. So, here we go.


Kazimierz is a huge Jewish quarter in Krakow. It would be unfair not to mention it. Don't mix up with the Kazimierz Dolny, a city in Poland.

It used to play a central role in Jewish community life not only in Poland but in Eastern Europe as well. 6 of 7 synagogues of Krakow are located in this district.


It is known to the general public as the area from the movie "Schindler's List". Indeed, almost all the scenes of this film were shot here, as a sign of support for the city's Jewish community. Tourist guides recommend visiting the Jewish ghetto and the same Schindler factory. But it would be too much for my mental state, as the events from the film and from the real past, the way the fascists evicted Jews from their homes, looted property, abused and killed just for belonging to a certain nation - all this is too reminiscent of the actions that the Russians are currently taking against Ukrainians. Except for one thing - the fascists never said that they and the Jews are one people.

So. I visited Kazimierz briefly, so I didn't see and learn much, except that there are streets where cars from other areas are prohibited to drive or park. Finding a free parking spot is a common problem in old cities.




Jagiellonian University


I ran into it many times during my chaotic walks - searching for a cafe that serves breakfast in the morning or where to drink after dark. It was included in our guided tour on my first visit ages ago, and I remember there was a nice restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine somewhere here but ... probably it didn't survive the Covid.

I vaguely recall that this is the oldest university in Poland - not much. But even then its name wasn't new to me because many famous Ukrainians studied here, but the most famous student is the outstanding Pole - Mikołaj Kopernik. This is a very high bar for students studying here.

Now, being in Ukraine, when I google it I get the first 2 pages of search results - all about studying, the cost of it, faculties, tests and so on and so forth. Nothing surprising. But Wiki says that "it is the oldest university in Poland and the 13th oldest university in continuous operation in the world." I bet now you feel interested, LOL. It was founded in 1364 (by the King itself ☝️) so it will celebrate 660 next year.

The most glorious times of the university were during the Jagiellonian dynasty, in whose honor it was eventually named. There were times when local professors were not allowed to marry, and only men could study. Men's world...

There is a bicycle route in Krakow that includes 17 universities, including the Jagiellonian. I came across cyclists all the time.





This photo is an example of how the authority of Krakow pranks Russia.

They renamed a square near the Consulate of RF to the Skwer Wolnej Ukrainy (a Square of Free Ukraine). Also, residents of the building across the street hang the Ukrainian flag in their windows.

The KBK is right here too, by the way.


Another example of someone's sense of humor is this road sign.

Show me a human with the superpower of reading all listed exceptions to both signs before making the right decision while driving.







Medieval streets and architecture ... What? Stockholm?


Love this wall art...... and the road sign with little girl


Opened gates invite you into the cozy churchyard but...


... let's enter the next door.

Basilica of Holy Trinity (Bazylika Dominikanów pw. Świętej Trójcy w Krakowie)

My favorite in Krakow. What began as a small temple in the thirteenth century, now is an impressive Gothic-style Dominican Basilica. I came in out of curiosity, knowing nothing about it, and was fascinated by its beauty.

Also, I found an entrance to the church sacristy. Its corridor has a shape of a square so you just follow it and end up at the starting point.



Well, I hope you like this virtual blitz-tour.

Also, I hope you behaved well and found your gift today in the morning.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! 💖

💡❕ As a thank you for your time and attention and my new tradition, here is a fact about Ukraine that you might not know.🔔

Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine for 15 years.

💡 After the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) was created in 1917, the bolsheviks created the "Provisional Government of Ukraine" in November 1918 in Kursk (now a city in the RF but back then the majority of the population was Ukrainians). After that, they began an attack on the UNR. In January 1919, the Red Army occupied Kharkiv and created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic with its capital in Kharkiv.

💡 The bolsheviks were afraid of Ukrainian resistance, so Kharkiv located 40 km from Russia remained the capital of Soviet Ukraine until 1934. The capital was moved to Kyiv after the Holodomor of 1933-1944 (the Ukrainian holocaust, recognized as genocide).

That's all folks

See you around,



Beautiful walk 😊 even though it’s virtual and from your archives 😉
Hope everything is ok and went well with the doctors visit 🤗

Such great captures. Those pranks are so funny hahaha 🤣 thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful Wednesday 😊
Take care!


Thank you, dear @littlebee4. Visit went okay, and despite of the icy paths I hasn't fallen 😆

Have a nice end of the day!


You are welcome 🤗
Luckily you didn’t. It’s icy out and about. Here too. I am in Sweden right now.

Thank you so much, enjoy yours.


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Sweden! How cold is there now? -4 C here in Kyiv. 🥶

Yesterday at 1300h we had -19 degrees Celsius ☃️☃️☃️ a bit cold 🥶 especially along the coast.
It will warm a bit up next week. But will be under -5 going forward.
I am in the centre of Sweden. Tomorrow going further north.

Keep warm 🤗

Dear @zirochka, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @littlebee4.

I know that Northern people are accustomed to the cold but it is still impressive. Sending you my warm hugs! 🤗

They are… I am not. Luckily we can wrapped up all warm with many layers and don’t stay out in the cold toooo long 🥶
It is a dry cold inland, that’s were we mostly are. So not as bad then the coast where it is more humid.
Thank you so much 🤗🤗

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I enjoyed that virtual trip 😃
Visit to a doctor? Hope you are fine :⁠-⁠)

Visit to a doctor? Hope you are fine :⁠-⁠)

Different, as my granny used to say 😅
But I'll be fine. Thank you soo much for your comment!

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