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Hello, my dear. I'm glad to see you.❤️ All right, so, I took my time, got it together and I am (slowly) back. War is not the time for whining, so I reminded myself I am in the rear, and the rear must be strong and reliable. 💪

I said it to myself, and went to the office in the morning. Yes, the co-working center were my company rent a space opened its doors a couple of weeks ago. After the long remote work season, office work disciplines and mobilizes. People are few and I like it. I found oatmeal cookies in my desk drawer which I baked before the war. 😏 It was like returning to the forgotten past...


And then, Nick came home with some new stuff and full of enthusiasm to do something with his own hands.⚡️ This did not happen pretty often before the war, and even more so now. At such moments, I give up everything, cancel all plans to be ready to help him, although he never asks for help, except perhaps for advice (or holding tools). Thanks goodness I can do my work almost at any time.


If my help is not needed, I can do something with my own hands too, for example, bake a delicious pie, and Nick (and I 😊) can enjoy it after getting the job done.

The thing is Nick has spine problems. For a long time we were both confused about how to solve our sedentary work problems with massage therapy and the like. And then we discovered exercises with a trainer. At the very beginning of the war, Nick slept for two nights in an open-air trench, at a temperature of almost -10 C. His lower back pain returned soon, on the day he first put on a bulletproof vest. You just have no idea how heavy it is!😮 I remember how we raised money for it and I am grateful to you.❤️

So, now Nick does not have the opportunity to train with a coach, and without a coach either. "You're in the army now." Sometimes he does exercises, stretching, but this fairly a good replacement. But there is one very good thing - Evminov's board.


Evminov's board is called an orthopedic simulator for the treatment of spinal problems, and it's a unique Ukrainian development. Evminov's method is a patented and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine method of physical therapy (kinesitherapy on an inclined plane) for the treatment, recovery and prevention of spine diseases. Classes according to the Evminov Method launch mechanisms for restoring the structures of the spine and allow you to cure most diseases of the spine at any age.

We used such a board was in our gym. One of the great guys who serves with Nick gave him his board, since he did not need it. 🙏 And so Nick brought it home and decided to install it in our apartment.

Nick is good with his hands (we say here - a man whose arms grow from the right place), and you might remember his DIY wooden models. He has a lot of tools at home, mysterious boxes and jars, I even don't know all their names.





Together with the board, he also brought a special frame that helps to fix the board to the wall. The board itself is hung on the frame using a special cable. To install this frame, he had to cut part of the plinth along the wall.



Taking the opportunity, Nick also installed a bike rack and a small plate for the back wheel on the wall (we've been thinking about this for 2 years now 🙂) Now my bike doesn't take up space on the floor of the room. Ehhh, I miss our bike rides... The forest where we rode is still not demined after the Russians stood around Kyiv.


All right. In the meantime, I decided bake something yummy. If I'm not sick, I don't used to sit around while someone else is working. It'd rather be vise versa. 😁 In addition, the aroma of fresh bread has a healing effect on my nervous system.😇


At home, I always have a simple set of products to bake Hallah, which Nick loves very much. Flour, yeast, eggs, sunflower oil, salt, sugar and water - no milk, this is Jewish bread! According to a traditional recipe, bread is sprinkled with poppy seeds or sesame seeds. I prefer sesame, but also like to mix it with black cumin to it. It adds a special flavor and bitterness. Once, I bought it in Istanbul. In the Arab tradition, cumin is extremely common because the prophet Muhammad believed that the plant will cope with all earthly diseases, except perhaps death.



Preparing the yeast dough is more about time than efforts, and while it's resting and growing, I can make an apple charlotte. My little secret to making sponge cake is to whip the whites separately from the yolks. French shirt (heard of that?) goes to the bottom of the form, then peeled and sliced apples, and pour the dough on top.



That's it! We both did a good and commendable job and deserve a dessert.

Thank you for stopping by!


I can never say often enough - Thanks a lot for great patience and support that you show to me and all Ukrainians.





I've never tasted Hallah, but it looks good, especially how you twisted it and decorated with seeds! So glad that you and Nick were able to have a day that contained some semblance to 'normal' life again, amidst the chaos. A new device for Nick's spine, bike racks, Hallah, and a tasty apple dessert are a lovely way to spend a much-deserved day with your Love! 💜


Braiding is my favorite part, and I like to try various ways.

It was a wonderful day indeed, like the old days. Special... I miss my old life, but the point is to find a joy and sweet moments in this chaos.


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And thank you for the token ❤ My internet connection was very poor yesterday and this part of my reply was lost.

I wish you can taste my Hallah one day, dear @thekittygirl 😊😉🤗

n the Arab tradition, cumin is extremely common because the prophet Muhammad believed that the plant will cope with all earthly diseases, except perhaps death.

We believe that too, the bread looks delicious... :)

My mom said it was the most delicious bread she ever tasted 🥰🥰🥰 I was so happy to hear that

I am sure it was :D

That bread really looks delicious🍞🥖😊

Thank you. I love its taste, and that it remains fresh and delicious much longer than a bread from a supermarket.

Wow that's great!!😄😃

@tipu curate 💙💛 🇺🇦 💛💙


Thank you very much!😊🍺❤

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Yum! 🥖🍞


You did really great stuff here. Welldone.

Thank you!

Hello beautiful friend @zirochka. How nice to hear from you, and to see that you are getting back to your usual activities little by little. How beautiful how you work as a team, you are a beautiful couple. How divine it looks what you baked.

I wish with all my soul that the situation continues like this, and that total calm comes for you.

You deserve the best.

Hugs and many blessings.

I always think of you. Greetings... 💕🌈🌹

Thank you, dear @dayadam ❤️

🥰🤗❤️🌹 @zirochka



Щось таке 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Fantástico trabajo DIY...😊👍🏼