High Water

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I can't keep it to myself anymore. It is a mixture of pain, fear, anger and thirst for revenge. A mixture of memories and reality that was triggered by a terrible terrorist attack committed by Russian war criminals. People who cannot be called people. When I watch these videos, the endless muddy mass of water that brings destruction and death, I can barely hold back the tears and my heart bleeds.


It's very personal for me. My parents once built a house in a village on the bank of a river that originates in the mountains and then flows into the Dniester. This house has been flooded twice in my lifetime.

It happened for the first time in the summer of 2008. It rained non-stop for a whole month. Water in mountain rivers rises very quickly. Although ... I think that with the proper operation of the engineering facilities and qualified actions of the personnel, the disaster could have been avoided. But it turned out differently. In the end, the water broke the dam 12 km from our village and an uncontrolled wave rushed to flood the villages.



The Prut River flows at the edge of the village, it is quite far from our house. And at the end of the garden flows a small stream. In those days, there was one continuous sea from this stream to the riverbed of the Prut.

None of us live permanently in that house, so my mother constantly called the neighbors in the village, and then the neighbor asked not to call, because the electricity disappeared, and the bridges around were flooded or destroyed.

My poor mother... She was in despair because of the uncertainty. The last time she cried this much was a few years ago when my father died. As soon as the opportunity arose, she and my brother and his wife went to save the house and property. Unlike our neighbors, we had no one to move valuables to the second floor. I stayed in the city to take care of my elderly grandmother. I had such a strange feeling then... similar to what happened in March 2022 in Kyiv. The busiest streets were empty. There were very few people and cars. Only ambulance sirens are heard. The air was filled with constant anxiety, sad news came and came. Here the bridge was closed, another collapsed, and another. The list of flooded villages increased every hour. We prayed that the rain would stop at least in the mountains.




And in 2020, I myself witnessed these events. The water level was lower, but this time I also went there to help. What I saw in those 2 days, which the neighbors told me, really impressed me. I will tell you that it is very scary. So much grief. Dead animals, livestock, washed away cemeteries and cesspools, dirty wells, garbage, silt and its smell everywhere. Land that is very difficult to cultivate after that and difficult to grow anything.

During the first flood, the water in the house reached the windows, and during the second, it was approximately 10-15 cm above the floor. But we could not survive the second flood. I have never worked so hard in my life as I did then. And my husband, daughter, brother. We tried to do the hardest work, but mom didn't listen, she carried heavy buckets of silt herself and she ruptured a tendon in her shoulder. Then there was a complex surgery, unfinished rehabilitation due to covid, then she underwent heart surgery. The war began before she had fully recovered.


As for the house, there is no one to take care of it anymore, because someone from the car is needed for this. My mother is completely unable to do any work, my brother lost his job because of the war and had to sell the machine. My husband is in the service, and we live too far away. So, if it is not sold in the near future, things will look very sad.

Mom has been asking me to post an ad for a long time. She sent the plan, description, photos. But it hurts me so much. I couldn't look at those photos for two weeks. It was as if I had to bury a person who was still alive, a close person. I really love that house, the river and the forest nearby. So much work, so much love and care. We have excellent relations with our neighbors. My mom was born there... I finally got around to posting a couple of ads yesterday. That's it.

Thus, water, without which humans cannot live, turns into a powerful force that both gives and takes away... But the worst evil is done by a person.


Social networks are overflowing with pleas for help. Save people, save pets. I don't know whom to donate first. Electricity savings, water shortage have returned. Tonight water approaches Mykolaiv. And upstream, the level has dropped so much that residents of Zaporizhzhia and Energodar (adjacent to the nuclear power plant) are advised to leave the city. A friend says that in Zaporizhzhia the smell near the Dnipro is terrible. I know this is just the beginning. The worst is for people in the territories occupied by Russia. They are not saved and they are not allowed to be saved by others. Minefields were washed away by water. Where did those mines go?

I am no longer surprised by Russia's objections. We hear it all the time. The invasion of Donbas and Crimea is "not us, we are not there." The Boeing 777 was shot down - "it's not us." Winter 2022 - "we are not going to attack." Bucha - "it's not us." Dam in Kakhovka - "it's not us." A country of liars and criminals.

But I am still surprised by the International Red Cross, CNN, the UN, and yesterday's proposals of Turkey to investigate this disaster. Who is this offer for? For what audience? Yeah, let's investigate the obvious, while people, animals and unique ecosystems are dying.

The Russian military hacked explosives into the dam as early as the spring of 2022. And recently, literally on May 30, 2023, the Government of the RF adopted a Decree "On the peculiarities of the application in the territories of the Donetsk People's Republic, the Lugansk People's Republic, the Zaporizhzhia region and the Kherson region of the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the areas of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities and ensuring the safety of hydraulic structures". It is an interesting reading, but the last clause says a lot:

Until January 1, 2028, a technical investigation of accidents at hazardous production facilities and accidents of hydraulic structures that occurred as a result of hostilities, sabotage and terrorist acts is not carried out.

You don't have to be able to read between the lines to understand the obvious meaning given what happened and when it happened. What's next? Russian missiles are constantly trying to hit the dam of the Kyiv Reservoir. In addition to nuclear fuel, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has many munitions that can explode. So what's next?

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy's law. But not funny anymore.

I was going to make a post about Vorokhta. I made a draft and uploaded photos. About a beautiful ancient bridge, the beauty of spring flowers and a mountain river, about ... Who cares. I can't hold my tears and my pain. But I left the photos here because... who knows what might happen tomorrow.









Thank you so much 🖤



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People who cannot be called people

The only people who blow up a dam and cause so much destruction are those who don't care about the place and the people who live there. And the whole world knows who they are. They are monsters who lie and lie and lie and twist the facts around to make themselves the saviour, when they are nothing more than a bunch of cold blooded heartless murderers

I wouldn't have said it better

I'm so sorry to hear it's getting worse! Most of the world stands in support of you and I hope we all see an end to this soon.

Your words to God's ears 🙏❤

This is why I prefer animals to humans. I will never get my head around all these killings, whatever war it is. Take good care of yourself. ❤️

Terrible news indeed. We hope that an end to the war will come soon, as it is sheer madness.

We can stop it only all together

Agreed as united we can stand, but divided we will fall.

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Sorry for the late reply, as we struggle with power cuts here.
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Я зовсім стороння людина, але і мені боляче до сліз усе, що з вами трапилося. Я вже не кажу про цю трашну трагедію з Каховською ГЕС! А наше Запоріжжя по прямій дуже близько, і в разі чого... Борони боже Україну від цих недоумкуватих рашистів!

Так, зараз я найбільше переживаю за Запоріжжя. Боронь боже нас від цих мавп із ядерною гранатою, горіти б їм скоріше в пеклі

Дякую, дівчинко! Будемо сподіватися на краще!

No one deserves to live with this degree of fear and angst. I hope this madness stops soon. I feel so bad for all the people who have lost persons and things valuable to them but hopefully there will be a reason to smile again. I hope you're okay. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Thank you for your words. I am okay, but even though I am not sure what else are russians capable of. And I am worried about my friends there who cannot leave...

You're welcome.
I just hope in the end that everyone is okay. It's sad having to go through all of these. I'll put your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

My heart bleeds for you and your family and all of your country <3

What saddens me is that the barbarians who did this are likely to get away with it. I am absolutely gobsmacked (your English slang for the day, ha ha) at the number of people here in the West who are actually stupid enough to accept Russia's claim of "it wasn't us! Ukraine blew up this dam," despite absolutely every single bit of evidence pointing to the contrary.

When I see what they are doing to my country, my blood boils. But not everyone is ready to dive into details. In addition, people make assessments based on their own experience. Not everyone can believe the scale of Russian lies

Thanks for the word of the day 😉

This is so touching, seriously I felt like while reading your post , thanks for sharing

Thank you!

My heart feels your pain. I am saddened by the senseless destruction that war brings. The worst is felt by those closest and those who cannot leave. Stay safe and take care of your family best you can!

Thank you for you kind word, dear. No matter what I do, it's not enough 🥺😓

All news are occupied with updates from this situation and it's so painful to watch the little screen! I can't imagine how is it like to actually walk there and see with your own eyes... Hopefully, God will take care of those in need and Karma will deal with the ones who are guilty!

So be it! Thank you, @gabrielatravels

So sorry for the loses, Individuals who have no regard for the local area and its inhabitants are the only ones who resort to blowing up dams, causing extensive devastation. These individuals are commonly known as heartless monsters who constantly tell lies and distort the truth to make themselves appear as saviours. In reality, they are ruthless killers who lack compassion.

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Not at all


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That's so sucks

Yeap ☹

I'm so sorry, my heart just sank when I saw this news 3 days ago

Today I also saw a lot of information that here and there vehicles with help are going in the direction of Kherson. People don't wait for someone in a high office to sign something. They collect food, clothes, medicine, boats, offer accommodation to the victims. That's ... unbelievable. I am proud of my people 💙💛

Thank you so much for your support.


I feel so sad for you and your people and for all the needless destruction happening in your beautiful country. May it all end soon!

It hurts when I think, what my beautiful country will look like after the war 😳🥺

it is very sad news😭 I am praying for you, your family and your country

Thank you for your support, @husnainyousaf

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But I am still surprised by the International Red Cross, CNN, the UN, and yesterday's proposals of Turkey to investigate this disaster.

It is a cover up Turkey is one of the strongest allies the russian federation has. This war crime is a sign that putin is desperate.

We read in the media now about Russian Rebels taking the fight across the border.


Slava Ukraini

Ah, what a beautiful time to be a russian citizen. There's always this disconnect between the civilians and the government, and I just hate that people hate russians so much these days, limit our services and stuff. While I do agree the government should be punished, and, honestly 60% of russian civilian population (and that's being very generous, ideally I'd say 80) should be accountable for it. The loud minorities, aka young adults who know what internet is started their screaming when it all began but nowadays it's just the "OH, the government did something horrible let's all hate it and be displeased" and two days later everything is back to normal, everyone is fine now. Why does it happen you ask? Because russia was built to be this "rebellious resistant". On peaceful protests you get twice as many guards as there can be people, so no wonder people are powerless to do much. The government uses basic ass simple "they're all ugly gays and we don't want these abominations to be in our country" and "THEY are the enemies, help OUR soldiers" and that's enough. The cult of war has been growing in rich soil here and if you aren't happy with it or disagree with the government - tough luck, you can't tell them anything, can't protest, can't even leave the country anymore.

I really hate to see this is happening, I really hate to see meaningless destruction, zombification and stupidity growing everywhere, but in all honesty, do you really think it's not the fault of what I call "hivemind"? Yes, the hivemind is usually 99% of the Earth's population who don't have mental strength to resist even the most basic crowd urges, but in our government imagine if Putin, the sole president, said something that would contradict the rest of the party's views? He'd at least lose money and at max lose their trust. He's also controlled by their tiny hivemind designed around forcing others to stay powerless, thus keeping themselves powerful. All I ask is that you don't judge all russians the same way, it's more of a biological issue than cultural. If russians (but to be honest, if everyone) could think with their own brain, no war would have happened. Yes, there are crazy Putin supporters, and a lot of them, they just don't inhabit the internet, but I highly doubt their empty screams of "all countries shall belong to Putin!" would have gone anywhere. But I can assure you, as long as China is trading with russia, russia won't stop attacking, so to end this war one needs to either do what they say or end russia as a country. There's no other way in my eyes. But, hell, I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I hate how I can't do anything about it. I don't even have a bank account because I'm hiding from the authorities to send you any money so... My condolences, dear

Sorry to hear that.

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I'm sorry for your losses. War is ugly and to be honest, war is mostly fought by deception. I concede that a Russian act of Terrorism is a likely a plausible root of this action. Always look for reason, though, and not just obvious finger pointing. For example: if the reasons don't fit, consider the deception standpoint. How better to gain support for Ukraine forces than to commit an act that you can say Russia did? Not saying this is the truth, just saying. War is ugly and is best served through deception. Despite my viewpoint presented, I am truly sorry for your losses.