I finally tried Midjourney + Thoughts on AI Art + It's been a while

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Well it's been a minute since I've posted here on the ol Hive blog. I've been around. Checking in pretty regularly, but not much posting. Maybe I'll get it back started, not sure, but I felt like it tonight, and the topic is...

AI art...

If you're NOT an artist, you may not be aware, but artists are feeling some type of way about AI art these days. I was pretty neutral at first, but slowly I've been drifting into the anti camp. The main issue I have is that AI art algorithms are being trained with artists work against their will, and without consent, and these algorithms COULD NOT work without the input from the human artists whose work is being used without their consent and in many cases, directly against their will.

I don't really have an issue with the tech. Actually I think it's insanely cool. But if you can't get it to work without ripping people's art against their will, that's a problem. Especially when these companies are monetizing this stuff.

Of course there's the whole deal that this is going to costs jobs and all that, but honestly, I think that just comes with new tech, and it's just the way of things. As an artist, if I'm using AI to the fullest extent, a non artist will still not be able to compete with me in a professional capacity. Anything you can do I can do better and all that, but there will be some simple things, or some edge cases, where the AI art will be the final solution. It is what it is. Before I ramble more, here's some of the stuff I "made"


progress_image_100_f6b9bfed-4624-4529-a896-47364682a13f copy.jpg


progress_image_100_5a0ac4b3-e32d-4ba1-a605-5a4f9cc62ce4 copy.jpg

Do these look cool? Yes, yes they do. Especially considering they took almost nothing to create. Me thinking up a prompt. Where I can see that these AI tools struggle though is specificity. For the anime girl in front of the mech, the prompt was actually "an anime girl IN a mech". Know why it probably can't puth the girl in the mech? Because it hasn't ripped off enough human art of girls in mechs to be able to come up with that. So if you need a girl IN a mech and not standing in front of a mech, you probably still gotta hire a human being.

All that said, I think it's definitely fun as hell to play with. I really wish the developers working on this stuff would just get their shit together enough to be able to confidently say no art is in this model that isn't consented by the artist. Then I'd have no issues. Even with my issues though, I don't think this is going anywhere. It's not going to get banned and I honestly don't have much faith in artists ability to mobilize and force some sort of legal precedent to make what I suggested the law. So at the end of the day, I'm going to familiarize myself with all this stuff because when the tech wave comes, I don't think it's smart to refuse to adopt at the expense of your relevance. I think we're a long way away from AI art being able to replace humans, but it's like all technology progression, it's not all at once. It eats at the fringes, slowly but surely creeping in more and more everyday. Sigh...

Anyway, what do you think of AI art? Let me know in the comments.


On the other hand, you can also train an AI exclusively on your own work. As for what's in the public domain, it's always been a can of worms and AI is no different

Like I said, I have no issue with the tech and it's actually pretty exciting. Stuff in the PD, go for it, any artist that consents, go for it. I only take issue with using peoples work against their will.

Total can of worms, I agree!

These are like the latest photoshop filter with everyone giving it a go. They lack heart which I believe the true artists will still bring to the game. I find it all fascinating and a tool which we will all have to contend with so I am neither pro nor anti. I believe artists will just evolve like they did with the invention of the camera and it could even encourage more creativity.
Curators will have more of an issue I think. They will have to become more decerning on what is quality. I lean towards work where I know there is the human touch.
The point about artists having their work ripped against their will. I think this is the same in traditional art also. Once you put your work out there it becomes part of the public lexicon and trying to stop people or computers from being influenced by it is impossible. How many artists have a striking similarity to the H.R. GIGER style?
Happy Christmas.


Oh man, this post sent me into a day of experimenting, thinking, philosophising and learning how this all works. There's some really philosophical, ethical questions I have about this whole thing and I have sooo much to say I don't even know where to start. We are frogs in ponds, losing our ability to create for ourselves. What is art, if it isn't human? Yet we've created the tech that enables this and it's drawing on human creations? I have also been into Jasper and realised where all those oddly written blog posts that don't get flagged in teh plagiarism checker come from - all of this is sooo insane and delightfully tickling my brain at the same time!!! I've already written two posts about it - one fairly basic one to go out in a minute, the other to go out in a few days that isperhaps more thoughtful. Crazy. Wild. Happy Christmas.

It is definitely a mind bender. I'm like everyone else, even as an artist. It's fun to use and see the results, but then I feel like I can't enjoy it because it feels like wearing blood diamonds. I know this is made available via IMO unethical means.

Exactly! I am exploring the free versions but can't bring myself to pay. Blood diamonds a good analogy.

But you'll still get people who don't have a clue how the things work claim that no human would ever be able to draw that well XD

back when I used to use dA forums about a hundred million years ago, that was a claim in one of the 3d forums about DAZ

Those are pretty cool.

Meanwhile they're not in my workflow not because I have any concerns about relevance or whatever (I have none), it's mostly because I don't know where I'd put it.

How have you been? :)

I'm good. Hope you're doing good too :) Yea, I might be able to find some uses for it in certain cases, but nobody ever hires me and needs something vague that looks cool. They need something very specific. Might be able to create photobashing elements from it vs grabbing images online, that might work, would need to play more.

Things could definitely be several orders of magnitude worse so can't really complain? XD

I mean can but it's a very low level complaining and then onward we go

Ooh photobashing would be great if it was actually able to pull that off!

I guess it is not easy for people working in the industry and there is no escaping from the fact that this will replace some of them

As for the specifics, this is obviously the case, if you want your own details, you will need to do them.

Not sure have you seen, the new ragnarok game coming on Hive by theycallmedan will use AI art, with a retouch from artist... like 70% ai, 30% human ... this might be how this thing works going forward

This will definitely be the case moving forward. You can't kill things that make that much financial sense. Back in the day I worked in a game company and for all the art that we could we'd hire companies in either China or India to do the bulk of the work and us artists in the US would just "fix" their art. We'd only do the stuff that was too hard of them internally. Unfortunately it will primarily be those sorts of people who get screwed, not people working in big film/game studios. They'll be fine.

I still try to sort my thoughts about that. It will definitely replace many artists which is a catastrophe. The last not replaceable industry can be replaced now. So wow. Customers will be ok with the AI outputs. Creative people will probably need to find a new way to create experiences that can´t be generated by AI. Maybe events? Or adding analog values to their work? Like REAL products? But that wont be the solution for all the people losing their jobs soon. So don´t know.
I tried midjourney just now. It was fun to see what happens. I "reengineered" one of my artworks by describing it. The bot didn´t get my idea though. But maybe my prompt wasn´t good enough. If you´re interested, I´ll drop the original and the AI result.
But yeah. Still thinking about it while writing this comment... I

Yea, sure, I'd love to see it :) And yea it's both a bit sad and interesting, but it's not out of step with history. The camera replaced a lot of illustrators. The golden age of illustration, the time of Norman Rockwell and all those people, they were like rockstars, and now that type of illustration barely exists, but there's other types of illustration that were born in other areas. I think the same thing will happen. Things will evolve, and creative people will always find their outlet.

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