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I'm looking to create a simple tutorial for buying bitcoin or crypto currencies in the USA that everyday mums and dads could follow. Perhaps a list of available places (ie coinbase) with associated tutorials on how to sign up on each platform. Feel free to share ideas or links.

After we have created a helpful document or post on where to buy in the USA I would then like to replicate the same information but relative to Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia etc

Looking forward to seeing what ideas people might have?

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What communities aren't you blocked on?
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I thought about trying to start my own but I only know some HTML coding. You might be able to do it.

So far Steemleo seems like the only tribe with any real potential. Partiko should be good but I don't think they have a token.


Hello @ranchorelaxo
Thank you for your participation and this is a very good idea.
But do you have an idea about the fate of the correction to the path of Alpetkoan
The question posed to any stop value upon landing?
I wish you luck and success.

Go team @ranchorelaxo!

What do you think about this analysis?

Interesting idea. Professional sound and mics are a must. I am so tired of the YouTube videos where it sounds like the person is talking into a tin can.

I have an older guide that went in the other direction of steem --> bitcoin --> US dollar (using coinbase):
❓Answering Common Questions: How do I spend money from my Steemit wallet? 💲

I'm sure I can put one together tomorrow going from dollar to btc. I'd just have to get setup on the other available US wallets to step through them.

Lastly, I saw a lot of comments asking for a lay person presentation of what crypto is, so I thought this might be worth linking:
What is Cryptocurrency and Why It's Not Scary

I hope their helpful.


Good initiative! Maybe mention the option to use a hardware wallet too. It is important that people start with the basis and that is SECURITY AND HOLDING YOUR OWN KEYS

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I want to see some type of scratch off cards that contain a private key and contain a certain amount of Bitcoin on it. Users would be able to buy these at the corner store and there would be instructions for the user to "redeem" their Bitcoins through an exchange or wallet.

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As you seem to be a person with the means to easily accomplish what your post is requesting from any number of sources; I'm going to look past it and see it as a way to open up some dialogue.

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That said, in my experience I have not found that opening the door and punching someone in the face after they knock is the most productive way to conduct business, network or get things done.

So lets cut to the chase, what are you looking to accomplish?

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This is a very good idea, there is a lot that goes into the first purchase like Private Keys, Two Factor Authentication, BTC verse BCH etc. Good luck!

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It has become very simple already and also popular

Hello, ranchorelaxo. Cryptos can be very time-consuming, right? You might enjoy this cartoon if your wife or girlfriend questions why you spend so much time thinking about cryptocurrencies. Enjoy.

bitoin dream.png

this is my site . plenty of information on how to get bitcoin in the us with credit card, paypal and wiretransfer....there are several options none are really instant due to fraud. so the faster you want to get bitcoin/altcoin the more it will cost...

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I would definitely include the transfer fees when converting bitcoin to bitconnect or even converting steem to bitcoin. From personal experience I never knew bitcoin costs a significant amount just to transfer. A simple version would definitely be beneficial.

Yeah bitcoin transaction are very high, but what is more disturbing is the time it takes for your transaction to be processed. today i transferred bitcoin from bitconnect to binance platform some time after 11am and i received the confirmation email sometime after 7pm. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW that is a long time, that is why bitcoin have been going down, the people responsible need fix those issues it should be that way....

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@ranchorelaxo - great idea, crypto needs to become a lot more user friendly to become mainstream, there is a big demand for simple and easy tools for mum and dad users, I actually paid for our family Xmas presents and party this year with Bitcoin.

This would be a great idea if the majority of the buyers weren't so consumed with tax laws and the guilt of earning money without giving some of it to the government.

Utilizing a tool like Exodus wallet would be good to mention considering it has "Shifter" built into it. (transfer one crypto for the value of another all from within the wallet) Picture of it in action below The only complicated part (not so much) would be simply buying bitcoin from a service like Coinbase and sending it to your wallet address to get you started. Also Exodus has a beta/experimental version called "Eden" which offers quite a larger variety of crypto-currencies and I myself have gotten it to run directly from a usb flash drive. Unlike a cold-storage device if you lose the flash drive there is a 12 word passphrase that can sync up your account with them and all of your funds will be right there unscathed. (The shifter is the biggest seller on this idea because of the ability to say "Hey I don't want all Bitcoin or Ethereum.. Whats's this Ripple xrp I keep hearing about? Oh hey I can transfer some ETH into XRP in just a few clicks without ever having to go to an exchange!" I hope this helps ;-) Exodus-wallet-interface-screenshot.png

What is Exodus wallet?

Exodus wallet from my understanding is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to store your coins and tokens in and unlike services like Coinbase where you have to connect to their website through a browser to access your accounts, the wallet is stored as files on your desktop pc/laptop. it is available on Windows OS and Linux (I believe). One of the features that I like so much about this wallet is that once you have sent a "cryptocurrency" to it's addresses you do not have to leave the wallet and go to an exchange to trade your bitcoin to find another. it uses a service called "Shifter" which is built right into it that allows you to easily exchange one coin for another (i.e: Trade some Ethereum for some XRP or Decred for some SALT) You can find demo videos on their website that explain more in-depth here: Also it is worth noting that they have an experimental project going called Eden wallet which offers the same services with a great number of more different crypto-currencies See picture of Eden wallet in action below I hope this helps ;-)

eden wallet in action.png

Great stuff this was about as interesting to me than the article being a noob here trying to make sense of all this. Cool thanks.

Very nice

For bitcoin you just need to use something like Coinbase. For other cryptos you need to get into coinmarketcap, technologies, uses, and exchanges. I think Binance is the best atm but they don’t have a lot of coins, like Steem. Also make sure to cover how wallets can differ so people don’t accidentally lose cash on one time addresses.

I find binance to have a lot of coins..


A remarkable innovation to welcome a new era of global finance, for whatever reason, likes to dislike, in the not too distant future cryptocurrency will dominate the world's finances, we are waiting for a reliable innovator from the world in the third state

2020 년 즐거운 한해 보내세요 ~~

That sounds like a great idea, did it ever happen?
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List of better exchanges for beginners

Hi @ranchorelaxo

I wrote an article on how to transfer SBD from your Steemit account to Bittrex. I published this outside of so we can promote Steem blockchain to the masses.
Here's the link:

Cheers for now,

great article. thank you for taking the time to create it.

You're very welcome. That's not the only I published to promote STEEM blockchain here are the rest just in case you're interested to read more :)


If you are desiring that to be created in the USA, how much more I am here in the Philippines...Bitcoin is not yet familiar in the Philippines and so as Steemit. I am desiring to earn more here in Steemit so that I can teach here about it, because people here wants to see an evidence of my Income first before they believe on what I am saying...Hope I could get a support from you @ranchorelaxo ...Thanks!

Have a spin, let's make it a prototype and a community with angels.

Umm, what about no?

ripple is the only bright spot in cryptos
It is the future
I read here...

I would NEVER EVER click on any masked/hidden link no matter what. I only click on links I know where they go after I can verify them first. Beside, you are off topic here. Request was not to promote something.


I’m new to crypto, decided to buy some and give it for Christmas instead of just cash.
I’m a noob so I went with Coinbase since it’s insured. I’m also Canadian, and if you’re actually planning on selling your coins, you currently can’t do that as a Canadian on coinbase. You can still transfer and send your crypto, just can’t cash it out on coinbase.

For me that’s okay since I’m not looking to really day trade with bitcoin, I’m in it for the long game. But just something to consider. Anyone know of any alternatives for Canadians who want to buy and sell as well?

A lot of us in the US are Using Coinbase to purchase Bitcoin, Hashflare to Mine it, Gdax, Xcoins and Bitconnect to exchangem lend and trade it. And them Bitpay or Coinbase to cash it out. These so far have been the most reliable methods. -Cyrus

bitcoin will role the world

I think it is also important to educate people about the anonimous idea behind some cryptocurrencies, USA exchanges ask for ID and passport and send this data to the goverment.


Hi Ranchorelaxo. Please see my material. Would you like me to create a tutorial? What I focus on is education and helping the cryptospace, currently with over 70K followers and growing. Please let let me know if I can assist you with this project.

@ranchorelaxo This would be a great idea, I get constant facebook messages and calls numerous times a day, that I need to point them to a how to do A-Z broken down so an elementary kid can understand. I myself will #resteem this post to bring some more awareness and hopefully someone can chime in and bring some helpful insight. I think the biggest leap for alot even some who knows computers and tech get a little confused when it comes to ICO's and ALT's in general and see satoshis, etc...

Anyways, I gave you a follow and upvote and will look forward to your future content. Hope to see it soon.

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It's very interesting.
There are so many people.

Great idea. Maybe also add section how to buy some other coins like steem, monero etc.

One thing I suggest you do is add a profile picture it will help add credibility to your account so it doesn't show up a blank image.

I hope really have good idea to tell you , but i life in place or country really don't hear about bitcoin just from television , i hope from you to tell me idea i can change my poeple's thoughts

Should I praise this? But this is an interesting post? I am interested to translate it in Indonesian so easy to understand by people in Indonesia, how your opinion about this ?. Do you have a clearer post for this tutorial? 😊

So much to choose from. This question shall be answered many times, the economic benefit for many everywhere around the world!

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