BTC Yearly Candles | March 3, 2023 | Regular and Log Scale

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Its always a good thing to zoom out :)

Here is the BTC yearly candles starting from 2011.


Prior to 2017, we cant really see the bars. 2023 is yet to end, but it is a green for now.

If we take a look at the log scale we have this:


Here the last years looks a bit smaller :).

Overall every fourth has bee a red one. If history repeats, 2023 should be a green candle.


Three consecutive green ones and one red candle... Rinse and repeat.

The consistency of 3 green 1 red is pretty impressive...

People don't like to admit it, or simply won't... but that 3/1 ratio is halving induced...

It is

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Three years up and one year down. Rinse and repeat.

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