Tips and Impressions on the Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs

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Tips You Want to Know for the New Chaos Legion Packs

Recently I posted a couple videos that discuss the new Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs and I thought I'd share the links to them here. I discuss my first impressions about the cards, as well as the cards' abilities and what strategies are best when using these cards.


Now's a Great Time to Enjoy some Chaos

Right now you have a huge opportunity to get some great cards. I show you how to take advantage of the current market prices for some of these great gold foil cards. I'll also go through the buying and rental process to show you some of the best choices for the new Chaos Legion card set.

Check out more details about my tips for the new Chaos Legion cards in my YouTube video here:


What Level is Best for Upgrading your Chaos Legion Cards?

When you begin collecting these Chaos Legion cards, you want to find which ones will be best for the league you're playing, the splinter you need or prefer and how high you want to level up your cards based upon the abilities they will have at each level. Sometimes it's advantageous to level the cards immediately, and sometimes it's not. I will go through the cards and show you what works and what doesn't.

You'll see me level up my cards and play them to demonstrate exactly how those abilities will work based upon what level you've chosen. I believe you'll find it useful information so check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments here or on the YouTube video.

Click on the video to watch:

Thanks for reading and watching.

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Watching your video I was really impressed with your knowledge of everything, then I read down a bit after the video to find you are a co-founder. Is my face red? lol

Every time @peak-monsters upload a new video I learn something about Peakmonsters that I never knew. This one is no different, whether it's how to navigate the website, some rental tricks, or some market wisdom. It's all in this video.

@jarvie is the creator of Peakmonsters

Thankyou for sharing your time and perspective.
I've shared this in the Yield Guild Games Splinterlands Discord and Splintertalk community.

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