Wealth gives us more freedom

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Money can’t buy happiness. This is a happy belief that started about half a century back. Happiness has remained elusive person for people for many centuries; since money was found to be the cause of so much misery.

At times when people's expectations from regular day jobs are not fulfilled and they have to work in debt or contract jobs, there seems to be very little on the economic side of life when it comes to money and individual fulfillment:

– Wealth gives you more freedom

– Money supplies important resources like housing, freedom from financial worries

Money is obtained through competition with others, which implies inequality of fortune. It's typically achieved through selling one’s labor or products, as well as through chance.

However, freedom is the most valuable good in this world.

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Financial authorities, psychologists, and economists have long tried to answer this mystery about money. But the answer is clear, ever since theories were presented in order to explore those fringes where hunger can fade away and existential dread can become briefly tranquil.

Money does not provide happiness by itself, however, aligned with other life values and resources will lead you to happiness. That's my opinion because if you're chasing money first, it becomes a problem as you start judging your life based solely on having more money as a sign of progress.

Wealth is directly achieved through strategies like luck-seeking and working in a certain vocation. The value society places on money and wealth is derived from the status quo maintaining those staggering wealth top heights, with those in power defining what can be measured of worth, just like the middle class before them.

There are many things in life much more important than money but it has its significant benefits and effects like every form of currency.

We never can be content. Human desire, fame, and money will always get the best of him.

In the modern world, people have never been freer or richer. That is not to say that happiness will come conveniently as well. Somewhat tragically, our time available for pleasure and pursuit of what we most value has lessened in proportion to our income.

People spend most of their hours at work and people either spend their time for a certain income or for earning a certain income. When someone spends his time earning a higher income through many jobs, he has no time left for himself or society. And when someone invests his time to get a higher salary by working fewer hours on one job, he doesn't get any freedom unlike that an hourly-wage person gets. Neither rich nor poor are really happy because they know they deserve better but don't be mad at them, there is no one perfect in this world and money is just a limited resource like everything else.

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