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it's very cool, easy to see and find information as mapping all contents. Did you use some system to make this?

Larimers missing under key people c'mon man

I love this map, but this is a glaring omission.
I thank you for mentioning it, or otherwise I would have considered it the gospel.
Is Bitshares the first decentralized exchange?
Is Steemit the first decentralized social network?
Thanks to Dan Larimer (and to ranchorelaxo, haejin and rewardpoolrape the man himself) I saw this map now.

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What do you think about this analysis?

Nice map, very interesting :)

This effort of yours must be appreciated. I downloaded for a better view for understanding.

What software did you use to build the mind map. Very cool

Great map.... I downloaded to have a better view on a larger screen. The map is nice though, I can pick out the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Also, I think I see the key people in cryptocurrency like Satoshi Nakamoto, Elixzabeth Stark and Terry Duffy.

I have been straining my eyes to pick them, I need to view on a larger screen.

Nice photo all the way...

thanks for your information

Resteemed, @ranchorelaxo, great post I love this mind map, it brings together so much disjointed information about the crypto world into one place, I might print it out and put it in my study. Cheers Scott

@ranchorelaxo Hi, I'm sure this is a great map. But is nearly impossible to distint the great/lacked information. Is there a way you could possibly edit the graph? Thank you. Best wishes.

right click with your mouse, copy the address of the picture, open a new window in your browser, copy the address of the map in it.

Nice! .. there's always something to be learned :) Best wishes and Happy Holidays :)
Thank you for the help.

upvoted.. resteemed.. plz upload higher resolution image.

@ranchorelaxo looks awesome. I am always looking for excellent visuals like this to help explain crypto to my friends, family and coworkers.

I know and I believe this can help us in our crypto education...thanks for sharing @ranchorelaxo , following you now.

post that gives spirit, I really like, I will definitely have any posts like this again from you


Great post @ranchorelaxo. Thanks.
You did it with right?
Maybe you could share your link that we can have it in better quality and live?


Nice, its a helpful crypto guide

This is really great. You are very intelligent of making map for the public. you are really genius. Thank you for sharing.

Holy shit, did you make this? Excellent work, that's really detailed and time consuming!

Hey Hey! Our boy Haejin made it to the mindmap! He's still climbing!

Can't see it, is there a way to make it bigger?

Absolutely brilliant the connection lines and map marking everything is perfect..

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Wow! Thank you for your nice work ... It's a nice Mindmap ... I see you put much time in it ... Thank you for sharing it with us :-) ...

And I wish you a Happy New Year with many nice moments and a lot of joyful days!

Wow looking crazy .. crazy things will happen some times ..

@ranchorelaxo you know sometimes a person thinks " What if Billgates Gives gift to someone What will bill have on stake"...

Sameway i see like you already should be a millionaire,what if you give a bit of it & it could make my life...
You are the boss

What a great effort and research! Resteemed man!

Ahahah......I think I'm also having that map in my mind. Tracing and connecting to each like crazy. Either Bitcoin, lites, one coin, steemit,....

How'd you get your hands on this top secret info?

Very good post

When it will be launch

@ranchorelaxo great plan.... thanks for share


great! I like post. You look in my post. thanks for sharing!

Good jobb, keep it up.

Download Thortspace

I discovered this last week and I have it on my PC and my phone!!

I used to use mindmap,

i love what you have created here. Keep up the great work!

Wow great job! This looks great.

Mindmapping at that level is a real challenge.

There also some great links in there.
Will definitely download and go through in more detail.

Thanks a lot for sharing this!
Are there any cloud mind mapping platforms that we could upload a version to (if you would be willing to)?
Thanks again!

Downloaded it to have a better view on a larger screen.It's really very helpful..

very good mindmap & useful for crypto understanding as well as portolio planning in somehow.
BTW, could you please provide some better resolution pictures for easier reading?

Thank you for posting this, although even when I enlarge the map I have a whole lot of trouble trying to read it

However, what I gather from this is that Crypto is growing a lot and I would only expect this map to get bigger as time progresses.

wow,great map,tnx

Very informative and awesome post

Great posting youre mins map...
Thank you...

Nice maps sharing

This is dope! I’m sure we all can appreciate the time and meticulous planning that created this informational work of art. Definitely bookmarking and looking forward to the final result!!

so great!

very useful guide. Thank you!


really good mindmap....
Very usefull this map..
Just awesome.. thnx for share this post

There are 2 pages