Hey, remember my 5 cent cub post? Death Spiral unfortunately.

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Hate being right.

It's also going to go much lower.

Your product can be wonderful, but you cant market a defi product on Hive(or rather almost any product)primarily then try and market it elsewhere. Hive is mostly full of people with not much money and a few whales who pale in comparison to the wealth of whales on eth. Think theres 100,000 millionaires on eth and about 20 to 30 on hive. It's a vast difference. The average person on ethereum has 10 k usd. The avg person here has like 50 usd.



Hive is mostly full of people with not much money

Hive needs use cases, visibility, and investors.

The avg person here has like 50 usd.

Because they sell the cryptocurrencies, and cashout, instead of powering up, staking and saving. Everyone have the chance to build their income on this blockchain.

See my example. I currently have $1450.54 HBD in savings. Not much, but much more than $50 USD. And I built this from zero. Nowadays this gives a monthly interest of more than $20 HBD (I received $23.02 HBD in April).

Everyone can do it.

But most people do not invest. Even if somehow they receive a bigger amount of cryptocurrency, they sell it immediately. Almost none of them talk about investing.

The whales on Hive are investors. We need more investors.

Most whales on hive made that money from being on steemit, and they made it through selling upvotes or doing other shady things.

Hives going back down to less than 10 cents. This market isnt done crashing.

Hives going back down to less than 10 cents.

Many people will buy thousands of Hive in that case. Me too.

36 cents now. Cub is now 3.7 cents.

crypto market isn't done crashing.

Will we see 1 cent cub within a few months?

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