Sovereign Identity and “The Wallet of Wallets”

by Dane Keller Rutledge, Esq.

Managing your personal identity securely and productively is of prime importance. If you don’t manage your own personal identity, others will manage it for you. Commercial enterprises mine your personal identity, personal interests, and personal buying patterns in order to refine their business models and increase their revenues. But who you are, in all aspects, is your personal property and you ought to be able to manage and protect it.

These long-established principles of identity and property rights are recently being referred to as “self-sovereign identity” (SSI). Though no consensus exists on an exact definition, SSI is generally described as the notion that every human or organised business or other legally-existing entity ought to own its own personal identity information. SSI doctrine also holds that every individual ought to be able to decide how, where, when, and with whom which portion of the individual’s personal identity information is to be shared. Implicitly, personal identity information is to be stored in custody by the individual, not by third-party entities. Of course, these boundaries are not perfectly inviolable, as there will always be personal identity information recorded and maintained by governments and their associated agencies.

It must also be recognised that any individual’s capacity to protect personal identity information is, as a practical matter, delimited by the efficacy and security of the technology available to the individual.

Particularly in this new world in which humans acquire digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, the effective and secure management of personal identity information is fundamental to each individual’s ability to protect personal property. Many so-called digital “wallets” are subject to viruses and hacking, resulting in devastating losses. And if an individual’s digital assets are instead held in custody by centralised trading exchanges, then the short history of the digital assets marketplace demonstrates how vulnerable those exchanges are to external hacking and insider corruption.

To buy and sell digital assets, one must have a device to support such transactions. Ideally, such a device should be reliable, secure, and convenient and easy to use. I called for just such a device in my writings on the fundamental components of a comprehensive Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE).

The Volentix DAE developed its native digital wallet application VERTO for the purpose of delivering to each individual user the tools necessary to curate his or her digital assets without the need otherwise to trust custody of those assets to one or more all-too-vulnerable centralized exchanges. VERTO also provides the prospect of decoupling precious personal identity information from centralized servers, so that those personal data are kept away from prying eyes (and fingers). VERTO’s utility features can be accessed by using Volentix’s utility-based native digital currency VTX. Volentix’s development team refers to VERTO as “the wallet of wallets.”

Dane Keller Rutledge, Esq., is an attorney, a scientist, and the creator of the Digital Assets Ecosystem Base Code (DAEBC)

CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: Please do not take any of what is written in this article as legal advice (or, for that matter, as advice of any kind). One should always seek advice of one’s own legal counsel and/or other relevant professionals.

Copyright 2019
Dane Keller Rutledge
All rights reserved



That’s very cool and sounds like a great project..!!

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Interesting project. I have been taking a long time break from steem, after I lost~5400 Steem. Now I am back, trying to keep up with the people I follow:) Will download the wallet and come back with a feedback.

It would be good if one could protect and supply our own information, good publication and very informative I hope more as this happy day

until there is a regulation and compatible general specifications in the wallet system. there is little that can be advanced, they have created real gems, but when faced with reality, they are not useful or 50% for what they were created and all for the scattered of the developers and the absence of a line accepted by all community. Good article

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🙋 you booked 😁

Nice write up, you just made me to want a volentix wallet I ll check it out. Been away from steemit for a while now but back now. I became a masternode fan over the period of time my account was fallow. I discovered Divi amongst other masternode coins and knowing that I can transact safely and without fear while I go about my staking an recieve masternode rewards

@MrMichaelNye said in one of his tweets and I quote.

"I still see too many people building products and targeting the crypto community.
I don’t see enough people buildings solutions for real world problems that integrate $crypto.
As much as I love this industry, we aren’t there yet."

However I am glad to see that some projects are actually making a difference in this space and adding actual value to lives

The truth is great this type of projects, it is great to see how the world of cryptocurrency improves every day! I like divi for its simplicity and security, it is one of my favorites

Интересный пост, можно почитать. Автору спасибо делай больше на подобную тематику, YOU CROSS

Such shot, many layout, so admirable

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Really admirable sequence & may be its a adorable project in the future,nice article,very much like to me,i will try for it.

Really interested, try it soon.Thanks for sharing us

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today with so much information that they ask us in social networks it would seem that it would be better to give our Security to others, without considering the consequence that implies for us not protecting the data of our life in the virtual world.

@volentix,wow that sounds very good

Magic star

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this type of tech is what world need now. personal indentity security is the key. good job dev!!

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Great project @volentix. Good luck in your implementation sounds like a real interesting project 😁

That's very cool

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Dear friend @volentix . You describe the "self-sovereign identity" (SSI) fluently. This will protect the blockchain community. Digital eco systems can be protected. The "VERTO" pattern will need to be discussed more deeply. Must have exact match with research discussion and practical application. Otherwise you might lose the way. You are a genius Thanksgiving from Bangladesh.


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This sounds great from your write up and I'm going to give it a try if it will accommodate most of my holdings especially veil and bat.
Good luck with the project

Thanks I will go over it again, it might be another project I might invest after veil privacy coin

Nice article dude. I will alsway go for wallets with God security. Recently I had to take a look at the Veil wallet. Its secured and also the project has many unique privacy features.

Waoo. This is incredible. Similar with a very potential project too "veil" the wallet is a privacy without compromised. Thanks for this. Goodluck.

Thanks for the post.

Wallets that are very secured is a good one and that's why i choose Veil wallet cos of it's security

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