The Quasar Framework and Volentix

Author: Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

After 4 years of extreme development, superior attention to detail and a 6 month beta process, the Quasar Framework is no longer a tightly-held secret in the development community!


Thousands of software developers around the world are using the free (MIT licensed) and open-source Quasar Framework as their trusted tool for building blazing fast search-engine friendly Websites, native Desktop Programs (for Macintosh, Windows and Linux) and reactive Mobile Applications (for iOS and Android) — all from the same codebase.

Its vast global community of contributors work together to solve issues in an online forum and a chatroom, which enables the framework to evolve because many eyes are looking at it from innumerable perspectives.

Quasar takes care of all of the busywork that makes producing code tedious and slow. It provides over 100 best-in-class interface components that work perfectly on any computer with an operating system. It supplies tools for testing code and enhancing security.

Teams like the Open Innovations Labs at Red Hat, Tymly at the West Midlands Fire Service and Verto from Volentix depend on Quasar because it helps them to work faster and make better, safer software.

And now, Quasar’s Ninja in Chief Razvan Stoenescu and its Security and Integrations Specialist Daniel Thompson-Yvetot have decided to accept the invitation to join the Volentix ecosystem as expert architects for the Verto Portal.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the key bits of work being done to make Verto better protected from the kinds of attacks that recently hit the Komodo cryptocurrency. We’re also quite excited to share the ways we will be putting you in charge of your data and identity. After the first stable version of Verto is released, there will be tutorials forthcoming about how 3rd party development teams can use the Plugin Development Kit to integrate fresh ideas into Verto.

Together, Volentix and Quasar are realizing the dream of open-source collaboration where ecosystems evolve together. Join us on this journey!

For more information about the Quasar Framework, please consider:


Thanks for share the information..!!

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Hope this collaboration brings about evolution.

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Great to see more of it

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Great working....keep it..

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hope to be able to open up to Chinese users soon. I look forward to it very much.

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