The last blog.....Signing off from ACI Worldwide

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I will miss you all



Fifteen years passed just like that. I always thought, I would retire in this company, but seems destiny has something else to record. When we work for the same company for a very long time, we build relationships that gets blended into our thoughts, emotions. It's not only the work, but the process, ethics, work culture, people, place that put up the whole package of emotions on us. And leaving the brand after such a long time is not easy. Work is an essential part of life, but we all look forward to the great work culture that helps us to have a good balance between work and life. Certainly, ACI does have that culture, and the credit for that goes to all the people who work here. You can't have a culture without people practicing it. So kudos to all of us.









If you have never visited the Pune office, then here are some captures from my morning walk - as soon as I came in here, I decided to go to this lovely cool walk way in the morning to refresh myself. And then some really cool captures in the office for my record in last few days.












We had everything that kept us happy to work - except a delicious lunch. It was fun to read someone writing that on a glassdoor review - come on man, you want a delicious lunch at office !! But keeping that aside, everyone was happy and was not willing to leave. And a product company should be just like that because the resources having the knowledge are the greatest assets and if they are happy, their productivity is much more than machines. That is the difference between us and machines - Artificial Intelligence vs Natural Intelligence. Natural Intelligence has one of the most important contributing factor known as emotion.

The decision at top level management decides the destiny of all business. And with time, the management changes and so as strategies. We all have to respect that, as there are so many factors influencing these decisions, probably except the emotions of workers. But at the end we are here - moving to a newly formed Dragonfly Financial Technologies, that will focus on solely on digital business banking. Even though today is the last official day, its a holiday here because of the mega festival Ganesh Chaturthi that is celebrated in a very grand way in the sound India. So yesterday was the day to say Adieu - over time, some of us have moved to different products, but that does not change the relationships, emotions, isn't it ? These pictures say them all. Cutting the cake to celebrate the occasion with the youngest serving employee and the oldest serving employee was a brilliant idea. The younger one stays and the older one moves, funny, isn't it !!
































I knew, many of you regularly visit my blog, but I was overwhelmed to hear them personally that you read and enjoy them thoroughly - many of you have a picture in your mind of me and my blog on @Peakd. It's great to onboard some of you here as well. I will continue blogging though, only except that this will be my last post on ACI workplace. So bookmark this, you can always come and refer my blogs from my profile.

I am sure, we will cross our paths sooner or later. And you always can find me here, this is my only Social Media. Until then signing off and out.....








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The atmosphere you show and talk about at ACI sure must be difficult to leave. Working in a place where people truly get along makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning and report to duty.
I wish you the best of luck in what ever lies ahead. The people you have become so fond of will be hard to replace and I'm sure that many of them will remain your friend.

15 years of dedication is hard, and having to leave that is way harder, but at least you have security with dragonfly and a place to call home, most people in those massive layoffs don't get that fortunate :S I didn't. I send you a big hug and blessings to all of your team and coworkers in their future enterprises :D

Thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing with us on Hive :)

😉😎🤙 its sad to say goodbye, but it looks like a happy/sad occasion, and the people all look so nice.. :) best wishes to u wherever the futures takes u now..

Alright, so that's why you went to Pune. Great pictures @sanjeevm. The campus looks stunning! Glad to know about the awesome culture ACI has. 15+ years of service in one company, it's a long time. It must have been very tough for you to move on and leave your friends & colleagues but that's okay. Many many congratulations for the new chapter. I am sure you are going to enjoy your time there as well.

Btw your blog made me remember my last day. I used to work in an IT firm in Gurgaon and my last day was crazy because some of my friends cried which made me cry too. xD Good times :))

some of my friends cried which made me cry too

Ya, same here, it happens, as I said, we develop emotions over a long period of time.

15 years in one company? Wow! That´s a long time. Here in my country, people change jobs many times during their lives... I cannot even imagine how emotional moment it must have been for you. Good luck with your future career, no matter where it will be! :)

Ya, its a long time. I did not want to run after money and change jobs, work life balance was more priority. The entire product unit has moved to a separate start up, so hopefully, it will be more focused and produce more revenue which will be good for us. We will see.

I see. Good luck :)

All The best for the future endevour....I still remember when I had my used to be good as well as painfull experince.

Yes, with time, we build up that emotion. Part of the package.

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Best wishes for the future..
It's not easy to leave a place you worked for a long time....

True, that is the difference between us and machines.

I still remember the day then I got transferred to my native place (on my own request) I feel so low.
I always want to go near to my native place but when the day come I feel like I am missing something.... some of my colleagues are now family friends. We all use to spend time and celebrate the festivities together....
But yes that's the life....

Yes, it hurts, when that moment arrives, slowly we adjust again , to heal ourselves over time, and move ahead. The show must go on.

I wish you all the best. It's emotional and a feeling of happiness too !

Thank you so much.

Change is an integral part of our life. Good luck in your new job ☺️
@tipu curate

So true....but we still feel that pinch at this moment.

I wish you all the best and continue to grow positively with your hardwork and efforts

New chapter. New adventures. But always bittersweet as you say goodbye to the old

True, the show must go on.

Wow I wish you all the best I know is not easy but yeah that is life.

Digital business banking - talk about stepping into the future!! Always hard to move on, in some ways, after a long period anywhere. But it seems like you're ready and the future has great things in store for you.

Yes, seems, we will be better focused and play aggressive.

It is very tough to leave something we had given a lot of our sentiments, time, hard work, mind, attachment, and efforts. You might have seen people coming and going but it is a different feeling when you yourself about to depart.

Every end is a beginning of something new, I hope you'll miss the old days and enjoy your present days.

Every end is a beginning of something new

So true, time will settle everything.

It's not easy to leave from the company when you work for long time. However time was gone very speed. Good luck for your future.

Thank you.

Exciting post! In my country they usually prefer to keep younger employees for the lowest insurance costs. I suppose something similar is happening in your country! Don't worry, in Greece we say, when one door closes, another one opens! Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

Well, that's a bad trend. I mean keeping young people and showing the door to older ones is a tough thing. Experience is vital in product development, so only old people will have that better.

Unfortunately capitalism poisoned our culture! Only profits, no care about a balance between the experience of an older employee and the amusement of new one!

I wish you all the best! Good luck in your future endeavors! Must be tough to leave the others behind but I guess that's life, we have to get better opportunities.


I wish you all the best! Good luck with everything!

Thank you.

change is good. wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.. cheers

Thank you man.

When you spend 15 years with a set of people, there's no way you're not going to develop an emotional attachment towards them, especially when you've come to know and understand them. That's a huge company there, I don't know if there's a production unit. Nevertheless, it's always a memorable one, but change is constant and we eventually move on to other ventures.

Ya, eventually we will settle in few months. We did have our own data centers running our production units.

Ohhh okay, because I was wondering about the production unit.

must be a very emotional moment for you all, i wish you all the best

Thank you, it is an emotional moment.

excellent friend who feels that sense of belonging in his work there is a lot of time and then after the years we all consider ourselves family and more with somewhat terrifying days with COVID 19

It is never easy to leave a place where you worked for such a long time. You even love the walls and doors of the place let alone people. But sooner or later a time of change comes and we have to embrace it.

Good luck for the future ahead 👍

You even love the walls and doors of the place let alone people.

True, we feel like in another home.

Wish you the best in the next phase of life

what a good friend to see your work family again and walk through those beautiful landscapes again. It must be an incredible experience to enjoy them again

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