Update on The #Decentralized-Internet Contest | Deadline and Reminder

Hello Hivers, this post is just a quick update & reminder for the #decentralized-internet contest you can see here. Unfortunately, I forgot to set up a deadline for the contest, and I also want to give you a little more time to participate.


Contest Update

If you haven't read the post, you can do it here. If you already made a post, please check this link to see if your post is there. If it's not, it may be because of the tag being misspelled. You should be able to correct it by editing and updating the post. If it's the first tag, you won't be able to edit it, but you can add it as one of the first four tags.

Deadline and Winners Announcement

The last day to participate will be on Friday, May 7 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT). The winners will be announced next Monday, May 10, around noon, through this blog.

These are the Prizes for the Contest

First Place: $100 in $HIVE
Second Place: $50 in $HIVE
Third Place: $25 in $HIVE

Another Quick Reminder

Last week I also started the #LoveForHive initiative, and I want to use this post to announce that until next Monday, you can still upload your video to https://3speak.tv/. You can read more about this Initiative here. There have already been a lot of great videos for this initiative.


Example of a great video:


If you are viewing this post from http://hive.blog and you see an error, please follow this link to see it in PeakD or you can watch it directly on 3Speak.tv.


HIVE Graphic by @doze.


If you have an idea that can help the growth of the Hive community, you can contact @eddiespino on Discord (eddiespino#2240), Twitter, or Telegram (@eddiespino) and share with him all the details.


Wish i had a phat ass account like that, thats all i can say lol. Hive is badass though, cheers!

interesting information

Wow, that's great news 👍

Hahahhah that "great video example" is really a great video!


You are from another level, brother. Good post.

Most excellent! Another good post I missed.
I will go back and read! Thanks for your continued support of Hive!

Excellent post and excellent work


I'm glad to know that it hasn't ended yet. I'm still working on my entry. I had a writer's block so had to pause for a moment.

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