Hateful and spiteful little pricks! Politicians, starve them.

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That is mine. It is grown by me. I will be sharing none of it with you. If you are a politician.

We agreed today, 44,204 farmers. From Poland to The UK.
Not to share any food with polis named ticians.

We have strike of entrepreneurs. Now we have strike of farmers.

How do you like it now Matt Wancock? Grow your own food you maggot.

Yes I am sending this article to his useless lazy arse.

Want another view you lazy tosser. I do hope you choke on that money. Eat it. You will get no food from us!

I will be sharing all the food I grow for free with the local community, excluding polis, council workers and mayors.

Grow your own!.


The police are excluded too.

Fining people for not wearing a face nappy. get a grip.

If you are just a normal person, I am sharing. any of the above. I am not.


Looks a bit unkempt.

But the food will grow.

Still not sharing it with any so called official face nappy wanker.

You can stick your UBI where the sun does not shine.

You can stick your social credit system too.
You can stick your fake money where the sun does not shine.

Boris Johnson, they call you Doris and a buffoon. A mere fool in a clown world.

I will share not a single carrot even with you. You silly fools.


You vill own nothing and be grateful.

Says old Klaus Schwab. Come and take it off me. I dare you.

The royals have had 100's of years of leaching off the backs of people.
The polis too.

Guess who is no longer sharing with you? Us, the farmers. Grow your own.

Bill Gates is the biggest land owner in the USA. What does he grow? Nothing.

Enjoy his nothing. You just lost the support of thousands of farmers. Including me.

Hope that Fiat money tastes nice. It is all you are going to get to eat. You get nothing from me!.

The idiots like Schwab, the free loaders. they want our land. They have no clue how to grow a plant.
What a silly notion. Get stuffed Davos and Polis.

To everyone else of sound mind. Have a superb week.

Write to them here https://www.writetothem.com/


A friend of mine alerted me at this video with this crook Dr Fauci. (maybe you've already seen it)
It gets really "interesting" around 4min02.

Please save at least your biggest carrot for him. I'll be glad to personally stick it where the sun dos not shine.

Dupers delight. He always smiles when he lies. That is every time he opens his mouth. Maybe we could both stick a carrot up his ass.

The last picture, are they your raspberry canes? Good Idea to boycott selling to them, they of course will try to outlaw the giving away of food, just like the poli tician did in Florida when they made it illegal to feed the homeless on the streets. https://www.lowincome.org/2016/08/more-than-70-cities-illegal-feed-homeless.html#:~:text=It%20is%20hard%20to%20believe,Lauderdale%2C%20Houston%2C%20and%20more.

There is no humanity left in government or the church any more in America.

Yes they are. Well spotted my buddy. And every country is the same now.
We gave them a free ride. Time to reign it in.

We may one day have a form of government that is humane toward the people. I don't think we have ever had a humane government in history.

When a government can start a war and not fight it themself. You have what we have now. There is simply no consequence for them. Time to make them feel some pain. They inflicted enough on others.


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The filthy elite did it before , declare all landownership contracts destroyed , wanna stay , pay tax lease it or face the sword . It was around the same time they sentenced kids , 7 till 16 years , to prison , deportation and exile to the other side of the world , for skating on the pond on Sunday . All to keep some thee trade going .

Those same shitheads are still today fucking up the whole system , not for profit , but for sick mind fart's and pure evil games over the lives of millions , for there own narcissistic entertainment .

As a descendant from the guards of Robert the first and William the conqueror i sit and think ,.... should have killed the fucker while i had the change .. or would it not have made a difference , for German royal's took over the house anyways .

Now my head hurt's , where am i ? ,.. ho, o.k , it's a comment , i see .. well o.k.

May your week be a good one to . ;-)