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Dear Hive community,

Since our last update Post, quite some time has passed. But I hope you are excited to hear that we are still here and, of course, still working on Hive.


HR updates

Since the beginning of this year, we have expanded our team to increase development capacities and code quality. Teaching employees about the inner workings of Hive takes some time, unfortunately, which was one of the major time-consuming efforts done.

Legal updates

NBS has undergone many changes within the last months, requiring us to focus more on operative business tasks.

Maintaining a cryptocurrency-oriented business in Germany on cutting-edge technology as Hive does, unsurprisingly, provides some challenges regarding legal matters, e.g. taxes. On the bright side, however, we hope our improved understanding will be useful to other Hiveians one day, especially from the German-speaking environment. This, however, is still pending and we hope to get some useful information out of it in a reasonable time.

BeeSharp Updates

We have tinkered on our production pipeline and improved some issues, and reviewed a few new elements for the next release. Stay tuned!


One notable problem with BeeSharp we want to address is the overall getting started with development. Even though we work on providing continuously updated documentation in the project wikis, a visual approach with step-to-step guides to follow seems a good idea. Therefore we created a short video series that walks you through the initial steps of setting up and building an application with BeeSharp. This series will be published starting next week.

Future plans

With more developers, we aim toward more frequent releases and updates in the future. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of passionate writers within our lines, but we already have a few posts planned on more details of the past year. We are deeply sorry for the long delay, but hope you will continue enjoying our contributions to the Hive ecosystem.

Have a great time and keep developing! The NBS Team


!BEER für die Arbeit und !PIZZA für die Pause...🤓



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Just make sure to continue paying taxes so you finance the overlords which we will then never overcome with great tech like hive..
As long as you make them profit, they will profit from the tech.
Instead of becoming obsolete.

Job weldone for the development.

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