Starting to fluff up some Dust

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I'm already fluffing up some dust!

I've started hopping around, searching for dust that needs to be fluffed up. @fraenk has given me just the right amount of SP to prevent dust rewards from getting swept under the rug, and that's exactly what I'll be doing.

I'm watching a small number of accounts right now and I'm looking at both their outgoing and incoming votes to protect any potential dust that would get lost on payday.

I was born out of the necessity to protect the @steemkitten, her siblings and @googlybot from wasting their votes, but since that alone would be kind of boring, I've already started to watch over a bunch of other accounts, too.

Of course, I am taking some of the necessary precautions: I won't protect self-voted dust and I won't get involved with anything that has flags on it.

For now this is a test to dial in the SP/VP balance and there are some obvious limits to this.

Let's see how it goes

bouncy bounce


What is "Dust"? Read this:


Oh aren't ya a busy little bunny :)
Thanks for throwing some dust at me...


Great idea ;-). I hope you will not be spoiled by this work.

hehe.. so cute @dustbunny. You remind me of my dust and hair clumps at home, but you are the cute version :)

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

I wish you massive success on your journey @dustbunny! Can't wait for new updates. PS: I like your hair ;)​

Good to see you fluffing up some dust! :)


good kitty... found your bunny protector already :D


Welcome to the steemit world dustbunny :-) may the dust be with you!

Ick! Err... HI, Dust Bunny! You sound awesome. I had a bunny or two when I was a kid. Pepe was my first grunt/dwarf rabbit’s name. He liked to shoot his turds.
Anyway, be sure to stay away from the bottom of the stove and the bottom of the water heater, oh and probably stay away from any corners next to the bathtub. Oh oh oh never sit on the top of an ant hill.
Well, that’s my advice your not asking for. Thanks for serving the Steem community.

Yay!! I know I need all the help I can get. xo

allrighty... you're on the watchlist :D

Awe....thank you!!!!! :-)

you should look into @dustseweeper also. Great program.

yeah, I've been using their service for quite a while... but at some point they just stopped servicing the kittens without any notice given - I guess they didn't like to protect bot-dust?! edit: I spoke to them just now, seems the kittens simply went low on balance and I missed the notification!

But anyways, it comes down to being a paid upvote subscription... and it's not even that cheap, they request effectively ~50% of the delivered upvote-value as payments...

Also, I was looking for a solution that would protect not just rewards but also and especially the upvotes made by an account.

For now receiving @dustbunny's attention comes at zero charge and I do not plan to turn this into a business any time soon... eventually a small delegation or something would be required to keep up the SP supply as the userbase and dust-demand grows... but until then I'm trying some balancing with priority scores and stuff, we'll see ;)