A chilly headwind is coming from the markets.

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bunny against the breeze photographed by @fraenk

A cold breeze is blowing away the dust.

The dip in the markets is making my job a lot more difficult!

The price of dust has doubled during the past four weeks alone! The flash-crash on the markets during the past few days hasn't spared STEEM and the market rates are starting to drag down the price-feed on the blockchain. The price-feed serves as one of the fundamental variables in calculating rewards values, an so the requirements to beat the dust-threshold are rising accordingly.

You now need at least 690 SP to beat the dust-limit with a single 100% vote !

This makes my job a lot harder in several ways. First of all, obviously I'll need to use a lot more voting power to fluff up individual dusty rewards, this in turn significantly reduces the total volume of dust I'm able to handle.

Then, of course this also affects all of the buddies on my watchlist, their votes are suddenly worth much less, too. I see a lot more dusty rewards coming in and going out of their accounts. While I was watching over about 3000 potentially dusty items a week ago... I now have to look after 4000 such items.

The current situation creates more work for me while at the same time reducing my available capacity.

Upcoming changes to my Prioritization Mechanisms

In order to distribute my voting power as fairly as possible amongst my buddies I'm using a pretty straight forward approach. I'm measuring each user's usage quota over time to distribute the votes evenly and ensure everyone gets equal attention while also awarding my supporters a priority bonus for the delegations/donations they've made to me.

voting power distribution according to steemreports.com over the past 4 weeks
source: steemreports.com - dustbunny's outgoing votes in the last 28days

This has been working very well so far and I've been able to assure a relatively even distribution of support to all my buddies while also always making sure that my supporters are much less likely to see their dust slip between the cracks.

The recent lack of capacity paired with the higher demand is starting to affect some of my smaller supporters negatively, though, as their dust sees an increased likelihood of not being fluffed up before it times out.

@fraenk will upgrade my prioritization mechanism in the coming days to give additional priority to my delegators and I'll also start treating "unnecessary" outgoing dust with lower priority. Some users have sufficient SP behind their votes, but are producing a lot of outgoing dust by voting at rather low percentages, this kind of dust will be more likely to not receive my attention.


divider image by @katerinaramm


My service is Free!

If you are a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some appreciation to the best comments on your posts, or you refrain from expressing yourself through your votes because you're afraid to see them wasted as dust, I'm here to help you!

If you're the one leaving those great comments and you do receive dusty votes from well meaning users, just to see them evaporate on payday. I want to help with that, too!

Or maybe you're even already a minnow, but sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and wide to stay above the dust requirements... who knows, these days even dolphins might face that problem... don't stop, that's awesome! Let me try and help you a bit!

Apply to get on my watch-list by commenting here or apply via discord.

I do reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting, but any genuine user is more than welcome here.

If you have a little SP to spare, please also consider giving a small delegation. If each of us can give a little, together we can achieve something great. And you wouldn't just want to freeload on the generosity of others forever, or would you?!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

If you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support which aims to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


divider image by @katerinaramm



They are the ones making this possible.

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust

More than half of my total SP is coming from the generous support of some steem-witnesses,
if you're profiting from my services you should consider giving these wittnesses your approval:
@reggaemuffin, @stem.witness, @drakos



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Who Am I, What is Dust and Why am I here? | Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!


795 SP to beat the dust limit

with a single vote at 100% voting power

a week after writing this post and the price-feed has constantly dropped further (0.41 now), and so the dust requirement kept climbing, too. I've updated this comment as the week went by to keep the number above accurate. I also didn't enjoy self-voting my comment much, but for visibility's sake... I did.

Whoa look at them ears he does look
a little blown away and a bit nippy too!

Thank you very much ❤ @dustbunny
for all you do, you are really cool :-)

Now is the winter of a lot of discontent! As for my incoming or out going dust level votes @dustbunny and @fraenk, you can put me on hold for a bit to help out others. I will adjust my voting habits for a bit. I will stay at 50% on my outgoing for content that has reached a payout level of at least seven cents, (just incase level), and I will up my out going comment votes to 100% until such time as it is a dust level vote. Which the way it is going will not be long, maybe a day or two.

So use what you would have sent my way fluffing up a smaller account so that user will not feel like an abandoned kitten of puppy on steemit.

Hey, just as much as the bunny needs strength in numbers, it also needs balance in numbers ;) What I want to say is, I'll not reduce your bunny-priority. Especially as a supporter of the bunny you should get your fair share!

I'll even increase the delegation bonuses for all supporters a little as the dust-queue, especially under heavy demand, works a bit too much in favour of the super-consistent dust-machines. The bunny has a bunch of free members under it's umbrella that have an amazing throughput of dust because they are just incredibly busy commenters. That's awesome! But I still don't like seeing dust from supporters dropping out next to those.

I'll also tweak the prioritization to take account "size" into the picture, so plankton users will not be penalized for using the service free. So don't worry, nobody will have to feel like an abandoned kitten in bunnyland ;)

I had to stop voting comments,... 😯

I should do the same, or at least recharge! But it’s hard not trying to upvote comments to let people know you read and cared.

If you let your vp get too low your votes don't count anyway.
It's best to keep it in the 90's.

I know this. It’s the compulsion to leave a signal. Like right now...I was tempted and am still tempted to upvote to acknowledge. Self control, must practice self control...it’s not going to work, but I’ll try. :)

Until your vote doesn't round down, it is futile, from a money viewpoint, but nice from a manners viewpoint.

You got to do what you do,...

Oh no, please don't :( The bunny's here for you!

Seriously though, let the bunny help you! You're delegating a decent amount to the cause and situations like this give it more "purpose", the bunny owes you and wants to help. It's also a good stress test as I improve the balancing of the prioritization mechanics.

It's not like you'd be throwing around heaps of dust by spreading your votes too thin and wide, which is absolutely something the bunny needs to learn to recognize, too... but let's not delve into that ;)

What is the dust limit? 3 cents seems a bit high which is what you would get if you pay dustsweeper in turn has no value in it then.

the dust limit is at precisely $0.020... but keep in mind that front-ends with 2 decimal places will usually round the numbers - so 0.015 may be displayed as $0.02, but it's still below the limit.

Seems to me the blockchain needs to think more in terms of steem and not be concerned with the $. Value it against itself instead of having perceived less value because they insist on giving the $ that power.

yeah, I'm not a fan of the "broken SBD-peg" either... it seems to be creating problems or nuissances at both ends of the spectrum. But hey, it also gives us a good way to get overcompensated for SBD by using the on-chain conversion these days ;)

That fundamental issue aside... the current development on the dust-topic is getting a bit ridiculous, too... well, stress-testing the system can be a good thing and it will maybe allow for educated decisions as the protocol gets developed further.

On to another topic, I scan all the accounts of people commenting here to consider them for watch-list approval. I'd dare to guess your main account is @penderis?!

Yip. The conversion I don't really understand is selling on the market not the same ... I actually figured the conversion was 1 to 1 so then the market is a better choice and faster.

So do you think it is a good idea to still have dustsweeper even if they do a max of 2 comments a day, but because of the current state I am not really losing by paying 0.03steem per vote... comments go to SP and liquid steem so it is a case of evening out? Also, don't worry about my comments it would be cool to be able to vote on others then my vote is not wasted but I tend to just ignore it and assume people understand if a comment is good and I can I will send a tipu

Edit: Honest when @tipu works it is great :)

!tipuvote 0.03

The market prices the USD rate in, so u pay more... but you get to trade instantly and you can "time the dip".

The on-chain conversion uses the price feed as if SBD was 1USD, and it currently sits at $0.43 compared to SBD 0.47 per STEEM on the internal market.

But, on-chain conversion takes 3.5days and the average price-feed over that time afik, so it's a bit of a gamble, too.

I've added both your main and your actifit account to the watch-list, I'm pleased to see you're not cross-voting at all and those self-deprecating transaction memos are hilarious ;)

Thank you for the info and adding me to the list pretty cool. I will look at delegating I guess a bit by many helps as me keeping my bit does me no real favours.\n\nHaha I enjoy my motivational memos.

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@tipU voting service guide | For investors.

Thank you for your good work! As of now I will stop voting on comments when I'm likely to be the only upvoter and when my voting power is so low that I can't upvote over the pay threshold.

But what goes down, has to come up too, right? :)

yeah, at least we get cheap STEEM, right :D

I might have to power up few euros from my real life wallet. Because what goes down, DOES come back up.


an abandoned kitten of puppy on steemit?!?

Thank you for your continuing great service!😉 👍
Upped my delegation (in this list already)!!!

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Thanks for the great job. You and @fraenk are doing a good thing ;-)

You do look rather stiff in your latest selfie, dustbunny. So that cold breeze is clearly affecting you. I’m sorry to hear you’re having to work harder. It’s so typical in any workplace, doing more with less. :(

Keep going! We can’t have you quitting on us. You’re still cuter than dustsweeper! 😉

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I noticed that @phoenixwren60 doesn't exist on Steem

umm, yeah... my bad, that 60 is her reputation, lol!