Loving the rap. This all sounds exciting. I need to change my mind and body. Need to be beach ready so I hope to join some sessions. Got to check out what CET time is to see if I can join live.

Hi @fruityfruitz! I would be soooo thrilled if you were to make it! From Japan to Canada world wide and everywhere! We are all going to get in shape together! Annnnnnd it's gonna be LOTS of FUN! 🙌

Here's the link to tomorrow's #miniCHALLENGE LIVE! Hope I see you there! 😁

I was lucky to catch the live. I woke up after 3 by chance and remembered that the challenge would be going on. Caught just about 18 minutes. Didn’t have a ball but tried to keep moving.

😃Thanks for the link. Such a pity it will be 3a.m. my time.😆That sounds like another challenge. Not sure I'll be up. Sounds like I'll have to do a post workout. I'll catch it here on the chain. I just started a walking challenge today too (May 1), so it goes well with my fitness goals.

Hey! I finally got to your comment here! Sorry! So much is going down that I had to figure my way through it all! But all good things of which I’m grateful!

That’s really wonderful that your beginning a new walking routine! Please check out the #AutomaticWin and the #Win Initiatives that I run via the @AdventureReady account! If you would like to know more after checking out the feed and @AdventureReady... just ask! I’ll be happy to fill you in! 🙂

I also noticed that you went into YouTube and participated in the 1st #miniCHALLENGE! Congratulations!!!! 👏

Are you sore at all? Beginning a fitness routine can be tricky/tough the first couple weeks... but later you’ll be glad you didn’t give in!

I know that the LIVE aspect of the #miniCHALLENGE is probably out of reach for you... but I’ll be putting out a bee one every Saturday! 🙌

I am going to be releasing another post over the next couple weeks to detail everything about how participants can #WIN rewards... so watch for that! It will be coming soon!


😃Thanks, I’ll check out those initiatives. Yea, happy I got the first one LIVE but wouldn’t be able to do that on the regular. I had used the link here on hive.
I didn’t get sore but I listened to my body. Lol! Got some squats and stretches in but wasn’t really fully “awake”. Took things easy but challenged myself to do it since I woke up around that time.

I'm so pleased that you made time for last weeks #miniCHALLENGE @fruityfruitz! I decided I needed to give you a digital #HighFive! 🙌

I hope that you can continue to find the time to make these happen! I know that it's going to give you AWESOME results AND you will have lots of fun as well! (To double your fun drag that hubby out of bed and make him do jumping jacks every time you rest between sets! hahaha!) 😂

😃Thank you. When I saw that it was early in the morning my time, I was almost sure that I’d just have to catch it afterwards. So happened that I got up around that time. Used the restroom, realized the time and remembered the challenge. I honestly fought with it a bit.
“Challenge is going on but it’s really my bedtime, back to bed”
“But you’re already up”
“ I know but...”
Then I “heard” the rap and decided to get online and find the link. I didn't mean to but it actually woke up @bearmol. 🤣🤣 His expression was sooooo funny. He was confused. Got up and saw me moving. He was like, “What’s happening here?!”
I said, “It’s May 1. I have to start it right”. I was pumped.
I haven’t seen/watched the second video yet. One is posted every Saturday right? I’m not sure I’ll be posting the 5-minute videos but I hope to do the workouts. Wondering if the better half @bearmol is planning on joining. Oops!!!!!! Did I say “better”. 😂😂

Oh! Thanks again. I just realized what High Five actually is. 😃

By the way! I remember you posted a comment about the Beach Ready Rap! (I don't know why but for the life of me I can't seem to find that comment! That's how far behind I am these days!) Anyways! I commissioned the Rap by a couple local artists and had the music created as well! I just LOVE what came out of that collab! Thank you for dropping some positivity around the beats! 😊

No problem. Life is busy. I thought the rap was cool. I heard it at the right time as my siblings and I were just getting ready to start a walking challenge. Sometimes you have to sing or rap your way through to keep motivated. 😄
I remember “If you want to change your body, you’ve got to change your mind".
Nice collab.

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Thank you for all of your support @ecency Team! And Thank you for a ROCKING Hive Front end!

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Have you guys checked out @NathanMars’s proposal 170 yet? We could really use the support on AND off the blockchain! 🙌

Because we are going LIVE this SATURDAY @ 8PM CET our next post will be all about where you need to go on YOUTUBE and @threespeak to participate in the challenge!

Looking forward to the next post.

I will be ready @ 8PM CET

Thank you Nathan! I’m excited that your going to be at the Saturday’s LIVE launch! Thank you for being in my corner! Thank you for all of your continued support on Hive AND Twitter! Let’s both keep on making #PowerMoves on AND off of Hive! #DoubleUP! 🙌