And his curation bots are coming after him lol :D

Dude I wish this whale should not click on downvote lol :D


never know, a lot of free downvotes after the next update in a week

Be careful then, Steemit are give free ammo to rage quite minnows :D


Lol .Happens and check became laziness.

so many gangster cats
gangster meowradise

I hope the whale is having fun so he will give me a big upvote.

Lovely action with stylish mood, so we should welcome him👌

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wooww....i like....funny....and so sweet....

Ha...ha..ha...I love it!

Have a lovely weekend @traf

Why you flag my post?

This is extremely funny!!! GOT SOME SWEGAR! LOVE IT!!!

west side :D

Found this while randomly browsing Hive...

Nothing beats a luxury cat doing its thing! 😃


🤣🤣 Thank you for checking out mine Traf 🙃
@traf @trafalgar

Gratitude for the curation on my post today.
Thank you so much.

@Traf I’m having a hard time getting my posts read because of @hivewatcher’s ban ...

Can you help?

Lol!!!!’ So cute!!!! I can share short funny post too??? Woww I have some of mine to share!

😂 Paylaşım için teşekkürler, güldürdünüz beni.