Many Parents Reject COVID Shots For Tots

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By Neenah Payne

FDA Authorizes MRNA COVID Vaccine For Babies reported on June 17:

“Following a unanimous vote from independent advisors, the FDA has authorized the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines for babies aged six months and up under 'emergency use.’

'This is a long-awaited vaccine. There are so many parents who are absolutely desperate to get this vaccine, and I think we owe it to them to give them a choice to have the vaccine if they want to,' said panel member Kansas City Children’s Hospital Dr. Jay Portnoy. 'It’s a population that has been much less affected than the older populations, particularly the oldest population, but one nonetheless that has also been affected,' said FDA official Peter Marks.

To justify emergency use authorization, the FDA advisors noted that 442 children under the age of 5 have died during the pandemic in America. They acknowledged that this figure is extremely low compared to the number of adults (especially elderly adults) who’ve died during the pandemic but essentially argued that even one death is a death too many. 'Each child that’s lost essentially fractures a family,' Marks said.

To put this in perspective, yearly pediatric flu data between 2003 and 2019 shows that the number of child flu deaths can range from 37 to 282 in the US in any given year. Critics of the decision, including several medical professionals, are now scolding the FDA for this unanimous vote.

Nonetheless, parents will likely be able to vaccinate their babies as early as next week, assuming the CDC gives their approval.

It’s difficult to determine how many parents will choose to ‘vaccinate’ their babies and toddlers, but a survey suggests that at least 1 in 5 will decide to do so…..As it stands, mistrust of vaccine efficacy and the FDA appears to be growing.

Last fall, when deciding whether or not to authorize the vaccines for 5- to 11-year-olds, an FDA panel member infamously admitted that they won’t know if the vaccines are actually safe until after they start giving them. Additionally, studies suggest that unvaccinated individuals with natural immunity are more protected against re-infection than vaccinated are from being infected the first time and are equally as protected as those with ‘hybrid immunity’ (i.e., those who got the vaccine and then got infected).

Moreover, it’s likely that most children have already developed natural immunity.”

COVID Shots Not Necessary For Children

World Renowned Conventional Doc Blasts The COVID JAB-Erwocks links to an interview with Dr. McCullough, Vice Chief of Internal Medicine, Baylor University Medical Center. It says Dr. McCullough “might be the world’s top cardiologist, who also holds an MPH degree and is a professor of medicine. His work/background is totally stunning, and seems impossible for one person. ...Even better, he’s also world famous. Meaning…he has the exceptional intelligence to analyze and dissect the COVID VAX atrocity. The measured way in which he delivers this bombshell is also remarkable.”

Dr. McCullough discusses blood clots for which the J&J product was halted and explains that blood clots caused by the mRNA vaccine are “probably 30 times that” -- but it has not been halted. “…keep in mind that the NIH is a co-owner of the Moderna patent.”

COVID Shots Causing Myocarditis

"Natto: Remedy For COVID Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots?" shows that the COVID shots are causing myocarditis and a record number of deaths in healthy young people around the world now. The article includes many videos of healthy athletes and young people dying unexpectedly.

Book: The Covid-19 Cover-Up: What They're Not Telling You

“The Covid-19 Cover-Up is a book that exposes the truth about the thousands of deaths and adverse reactions that have been deleted from VAERS. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the real story behind this cover-up.”

Why Vaccinating Kids Is Disastrous For Humanity!

Kids are the last hope for “herd immunity” and to protect everyone from a more virulent strain.


“Congressman Louie Gohmert discusses his recent comments at the FDA’s VRBPAC meeting demanding answers about the safety of Covid vaccines as well as legislation he’s working on to put liability back on vaccine manufacturers.”

Del Bigtree Shows Why Natural Immunity Is Superior To Shots


Del breaks down how the Covid vaccine tricks your natural immune system and leaves you potentially exposed to other variants, in this simple football game analogy.


Shots For Tots Rollout Fails As Parents Don’t Show Up

The video below shows that the “shots for tots” are a colossal failure as even in blue states like New York, few parents showed up to have their kids injected! It points out that the US is the only country in the world that is making mRNA COVID shots available to kids under 5. Some Scandinavian countries have not made them available to kids under 12. Making the shots available ignores both the fact that this age group is at almost zero risk of COVID, the shots are for the original Alpha strain and not designed for current strains, and there is a high risk of injuries and deaths.

Kim Iversen: Biden's SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don't Show To Sites

NYT: Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier

The Biden administration has been working to block any information that would make people “vaccine hesitant”. The supposed safety and efficacy of vaccines -- especially the COVID shots -- was not open to question.

However, The Highwire pointed out that the May 25 New York Times article "The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier" conceded that a growing number of parents no longer trust the CDC and FDA. The increasingly obvious failure of the COVID shots which the government and corporate media still claim are “safe and effective” has led more parents to question the wisdom of the vaccine schedule for their kids.

The article points out:

“Such doubt has been accompanied by, and may have been augmented by, an erosion of confidence in medical expertise generally. 'We used to be able to persuade more, with our background and training,' he says. Parents trusted his advice because he was a doctor. Now, when he cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other official guidelines, skeptical parents sometimes accuse him of being a shill — of having been lied to and taken in by some vast conspiracy. 'It’s very concerning, this lack of trust,' he says.”

It adds:

“In Savannah, according to a pediatrician named Ben Spitalnick, many first-time parents have been asking questions about vaccines that he had not heard in the past. Two years of seeing the doubts about Covid vaccines expressed on social media, he thinks, is causing parents to question other science as well.”

While the NYT laments this shift, it is acknowledging that a growing number of Americans are no longer giving blind trust to the “health authorities.” They are raising important questions now because they feel betrayed by Fauci et al.

Colossal Failure of COVID Policies

Information about COVID policies that was dismissed as “fake news” or “conspiracy theories” and had been cancelled by “fact checkers” is now increasingly being recognized as correct by a growing number of people. The tide is turning fast worldwide now as the enormous harm that the COVID policies have caused is increasingly acknowledged. Even the corporate media is reporting on the sea change now.

The disastrous COVID policies of the CDC, FDA, and NIH have caused a growing number of Americans who trusted them without question to lose faith in them. More people who used to accept the mantra that all vaccines are “safe and effective” are now taking a closer look.

The Highwire is hosted by Del Bigtree on Thursdays from 2-4 ET. Del was the producer of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe. On June 2, The Highwire explained that we are at a major turning point now as more of the truth about COVID is revealed. It reported that while anyone (including doctors and parents) who questioned vaccines used to get p dismissed as “anti-vaxxers,” now questioning vaccines is no longer taboo. ANTI-VAXXERS “NOT TABOO” ANYMORE (video).

The NYT doesn’t acknowledge that the 2016 film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe showed there have long been reasons to question at least the MMR vaccine and perhaps the whole vaccine schedule now.

In addition, the American COVID “health policies” have been a catastrophic failure -- and more and more Americans are figuring that out now. In Episode 3 Unbreakable Survival: Understanding Modern Bioweapons (video) of the Unbreakable: Destined To Thrive docuseries, Dr. Bryan Ardis said although Americans are 5% of the world’s population, over a million Americans died of COVID. China with 1.7 billion people and India with 1.3 billion people did not have as many COVID deaths as America with just 330 million people.

Florida Rejects COVID Shots For Kids 5-12

Florida Rejects COVID Shots For Kids 5-12 explains that states have the right to ignore federal mandates. Nullification As A Growing Form Of Resistance To The Federal Government By U.S. States points out:

“Nullification is a legal doctrine, which argues that states have the ability — and duty — to invalidate national actions they deem unconstitutional. In its most overt manifestation, this form of resistance is used by state leaders to dispute perceived federal overreach and reject federal authority. Less overt forms of the practice involve actions by states to ignore or refuse to implement federal policy initiatives they deem outside the scope of federal authority. Nullification declarations appeared in U.S. political debates as early as the late 1700s, when Thomas Jefferson presented it as a way to preserve the principles of the constitution while states resisted unwanted direction.”


On March 7, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo of Florida spoke at a roundtable of doctors skeptical of COVID-19 mitigation measures as scores of doctors and scientists tuning in worldwide were shown on a huge wrap-around screen behind the panel.

Florida says healthy kids shouldn’t get COVID vaccine, contradicting CDC reports:

“The Florida Department of Health is recommending against giving coronavirus vaccines to healthy children. Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo made the pronouncement at a Monday roundtable discussion on coronavirus mitigations policies moderated by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Ladapo, who leads Florida’s Department of Health, said his department’s recommendation would be the first of its kind in the country.

The announcement came after a 90-minute discussion among 10 doctors and researchers who rejected the benefits of various coronavirus mitigation measures such as vaccine mandates, mask requirements and business and school closures, saying instead those policies only caused harm. 'I think what Florida’s guidance reflects is the latest research,' DeSantis told reporters at a news conference at Plant City later in the day. He said healthy kids are at low risk for the virus and that he’s seen studies showing there’s 'very little benefit' for them.

World Health Organization Says Do Not Give Children Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots points out:

“In America, national, state, and local governments are pulling out all the stops to advance giving experimental coronavirus shots to children down to the age of 12. Up next, babies and children up to age 11. The shots are 'safe and effective,' the propagandists proclaim. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a different approach. The WHO says do not vaccinate children, at least not yet.”

Ever-Shifting COVID Shot Promises

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

Top image: NYT


Its very very positive development of things! Common sense seems to return back! I hope we do not give in the horror hysteria that will ensue until the end of the year!

A difficult decision to make. one of the factors is long-term damage, there is no certainty therefore it is better to avoid it as long as possible. babies represent the future of the world's immune development and a generation let's take care of them with love. without falling into mass hysteria