Ragnarok - Join the Open Test and Development Updates

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We are excited to announce that Ragnarok, an NFT game that combines elements of poker and chess, is now open for public testing! Although still in development, we welcome you to join us on our journey as an essential contributor. We look forward to your participation!

Our team is currently making significant progress on refining Ragnarok. We are working hard to address any bugs or challenges that arise, with an unwavering commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience.

Our art development is also at the cutting edge, as we integrate AI-generated art into Ragnarok, which is now nearing completion.

Ragnarok Open Test

Get a taste of Ragnarok by downloading the latest Windows build from the Google Drive folder provided. Plans to make the game browser-compatible are in progress to increase accessibility.

How to Test Ragnarok - Detailed Instructions

  1. Download the Game:
    • Access the Google Drive link and locate the Ragnarok .zip file.
    • Download the .zip file to your computer.
  2. Installation:
    • Find the .zip file in your downloads folder and extract all contents.
    • Open the unzipped folder to access the game files.
  3. Launching the Game:
    • Double-click 'Chess2D.exe' within the folder. If a security prompt appears, select 'Run Anyway'.
    • Once the game launcher opens, click on 'Play' to commence your adventure in Ragnarok.

Note: You can play against yourself by opening the game twice.

Google Drive Folder

Ragnarok is a community-driven open-source project that welcomes contributions from anyone passionate about game development. It's important to note that the version currently available for testing is not the final product, and the UI and features are subject to continuous improvements. We apologize for the recent period of silence, but please rest assured that Ragnarok is alive and evolving. We greatly value your support and patience.

Development Notes Summary

August 2023

  • 8/3/23: Worked on build testing without Hive login, and implemented logic for match-finding.
  • 8/8/23: Improved UI messages and loading screens between game transitions.
  • 8/10/23 - 8/11/23: Addressed Hive login issues and updated in-game imagery.

Late August 2023

  • 8/21/23 - 8/25/23: Focused on Hive account integration and profile image functionalities.

End of August 2023

  • 8/28/23 - 8/31/23: Enhanced profile image masking/display and worked on poker gameplay mechanics.

Early September 2023

  • 9/1/23 - 9/15/23: Improved chess tile backgrounds and addressed poker game logic issues.

Mid-September 2023

  • 9/18/23 - 9/22/23: Resolved deck card display and animation issues and updated game conditions.

Late September 2023

  • 9/26/23 - 9/28/23: Investigated and worked on health points and turn update issues.

Early October 2023

  • 10/2/23 - 10/4/23: Addressed critical gameplay bugs and updated UI elements.

End of October 2023

  • 10/31/23: Reviewed player feedback for future improvements.

November 2023

  • 11/6/23: Tested and analyzed scenarios for zero health conditions in poker gameplay.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to enhance Ragnarok, and don't forget to check the development notes for a detailed view of our progress. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping Ragnarok's future!

Special thanks to @andrewmusic, @jelly, @verbalshadow, @edicted, @ange.nkuru, @antisocial, @minigunner, @samostically, @awildovasquez, @rubencress, @jacki01, @iviaxpow3r, @drlobes, @antisocialist, and @gr33nm4aster for their invaluable contribution in testing the early builds and reporting bugs.


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Linux version? Is it open source?

Yes, it is open source, but the GitHub is a bit out of date. We will work with the devs so they can update it to the latest version.

GitHub Link:


An updated Linux version is not available atm, but we will have one soon.

Look forward to Linux / browser version!

Everytime any update from ragnarok comes, makes my day so much brighter.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you! More updates coming soon.

I was wondering about this game...After seeing how the zing is making a head turner entry into the gaming world....now the update just came in right time to see how hive welcome both of them in approx same time...

Cool to heard that the game is on the right track. Keep up.
But I don't see the file Ragnarok .zip on the google drive 🤔

Have a great day


Thank you!

It's this one:



$PIZZA slices delivered:
@heroldius(1/5) tipped @ragnarok.game

It's good information

Haven't got windows , there are plans to make it work on web browsers - right ?

me too, I'm on Mac. Hope for a browser version

Can not see 'Ragnarok.exe', but it works with 'chess.exe'

i download now.

Excited for this!

I only have a linux machine for testing. Looking forward to linux version/build.

All i see in the folder is 2dchess.exe is this the file?

Is there plans for a Mac version or something more universally usable?

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Nice! I'm excited about this. What's estimate for the launch of the web version?