Introducing myself | Lost My Voice 4 Years Back | Will Make My Silence SPEAK On STEEM |

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Hello everybody

My name is Ajay and I am a resident of India. I have been consistently looking for a place to freely be myself from which I've been feeling retracted because of my lost voice. I did lose my speech in a car crash where I was hit by a sharp object into my throat. After that life became quite tough when docs said that I don't have my voice now, initially I felt quite depressed but gathered hope from that 4 year old incident. I've decided to be somewhere where I would be able to be myself without anyone to judge me or be freely myself to reduce to shy feeling deep inside me.

I came to know about STEEMIT from Twitter when I saw some posts posted upon STEEMIT by people from India and checking those posts grew my curiosity and gradually looked up for what it was and ultimately I'm now here.

I will try my best in order to make the silence speak through STEEM

I will make some videos and will primarily share some of my gaming videos as I do like playing games :)

I loved the aspect of people being so kind and encouraging among themselves here on STEEM which is also one of the major things that motivated me to join STEEM.

I'm really hoping to provide a new direction to myself with myself joining here and I'm hoping to find new mates through the platform and make the SILENCE SPEAK!

Thanks for watching

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Welcome aboard, sir. You are a true fighter and inspiration to many of us. I see that dedication in you to turn bad things into good as well. Hats off to you and Welcome once again. Namaskar.

You're welcome here. Steem is a place for everyone. Your story is motivational. I hope you will like it here. You are special and you can do it. Keep creating. Steem on. :)

Woah man !

That's really a great spirit ! I'm loving your attitude :)
Would definitely love to see more of your content !

DO knock me whenever you require any assistance :)

I wish you ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR #steem Journey mate !!

Namaste Ajay
I am so happy to see you here because 3speak is a platform that is open for anyone and I am sure you will have a great time here. I am excited to see more from you. A warm welcome from my side and all the best to you.

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