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Reginald was, and still is, an on time person, his life has always been regimented from as far back as he could remember. As a child he grew up in a military home and everything had a time and place and everything was kept in its space, all neat and tidy and mapped out all the time.

Dinner was at precisely 6pm every night, and everyone was expected to be seated and no one was allowed to leave the table until father had finished eating, there was to be no fidgeting, talking was permitted, this was long before things such as mobile phones were a thing.

In fact Reginald used to spend many hours playing with his small car collection, setting up scenarios and had a small busy town scene with cardboard roads and houses. His favourite was the small tin Post Office Truck and every day at 11am he would push this truck around the town from hose to house making his deliveries.

As Reginald grew up he went through schooling and also achieved higher degrees at University, however he never really fit in, even in his chosen profession at the time, Microbiology, he never really seemed to gel with things, Microbiology was a really solid career, however there were far too many variables and unpredictability’s that he found himself feeling like he could never get a handle on things.

After doing Microbiology, Reginald thought that maybe he could be a weather man, as a weather man he could deliver the weather on national news, same time every day, however he found that as time progressed things changed, delivering the weather to the masses on a daily basis was find, it was when they wanted him to bungee jump from a helicopter, ride down rapids and wind surf in the name of getting ratings up that he just could not handle this anymore.

What am I going to do Reginald, thought, things change too much and I just can’t handle all the inconsistencies, all the changes and all the mixing up of things, what is it I can do.

Reginald was by no means a man that couldn’t solve puzzles, do some amazing things with numbers and equations even grow bacteria unknown before, but despite his keen sense of knowledge and application, he just couldn’t fit in with the roles he had undertaken up to this point.

Then one day, while at a seminar where he delivered a fantastic speech about how weather can affect the microbiology of the subterranean snail, he noticed someone in the audience that was looking at him quizzically, and thought he should catch up with that person when finished and doing the mingling thing.

So while jousting with the throng for the curried egg sandwiches and orange juice, Reginald kept a look out for the person he saw. Eventually finding him over by the exit door with a paper plate of tea cakes and crusts from the sandwiches he had already eaten.

I couldn’t help noticing you looking at me somewhat enquiringly while I was speaking Reginald said to the Man,

Ahh yes , said the man, I have been looking for your foe some time now, and finally saw your name on one f the posters in our office, pointing me to this talk, I have something for you he said.
You do? said Reginald, what could it be.

Here, said the man, Special Delivery, and handed Reginald a small package.

Reginald opened it with gusto and inside was the very Tin Post Office truck that he had as a child. And then he remembered.

That’s the job I want, I want to be a postman where I can deliver the mail to people at the same time every day.

And with that, Reginald promptly went to the local Post Office, applied for a Job and started the very next day with the biggest smile he had had for a very long time.


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