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How much of a Packet do you need??

Again, in this modern age it can have a couple of meaning

A packet can be referred to a container of sorts that holds something, such as a box, a back etc or it can also be related to the block of data transmission.

In the current context of the amount f people that use a platform like HIVE etc the amount of data transmission is huge and would require a large packet amount, and we are ever grateful for the teams that work tirelessly to enable things to run smoothly and keep Data Packages flowing smoothly.

And then there is the issue of the Packets that we all know when purchasing items and engaging in consumerism. These are the types of Packages that we could certainly do with minimising.

When you look at supermarket shelves for instance there are multiple packets of multiple item, all brightly coloured with look at me designs, intended to attract your attention.

Packets have been getting bigger and bigger yet somehow the contents are getting smaller and smaller, even referenced when you look at packets of items that originally had, say 500g of items, now only contain 480g of the item, yet the price has also gone up.

Giving us the illusion that we are buyer more because the packets are larger but in reality we are buying less.

So how do you package yourself, do you provide your audience with a package that fits what is inside, gaining an Audience that will retain 80% or do you blow it out of proportion as a way of gaining an audience and then relying on 2% sticking around?

Many people present themselves in a package that is genuine and this can be seen by the lack of over inflation, and the demonstration of what you see is what you get, however there are many packages out there that over inflate, you think you are getting this but in reality you are only getting a taste, and then comes the up sell, which still isn’t a complete package but just part thereof.

If you really want to get what you see, in other words, making sure that the contents of a package are actually what they say they are and that the packet is not oversized to make you think that you are getting more, then you really need to investigate the ingredients. Find out as much as you can about what you are looking at and considering engaging with.

There is no point consuming something because it looks good but only partly satisfies. Ensure that you are engaging with something that is going to satisfy and not have you wanting more because what you saw was misrepresenting.

And who in their right mind would buy a packet of chips/crisps that only actually contains 10 pieces but has a packet that is 30cm by 15cm

Be smart, buy smart, engage smart and retain smart


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