I kneel before you - Just One Thing


I kneel before you humbled by your challenge.
I know not what is to be written
Your Daily prompt is always inspiring and
Sometimes can be quite tiring
However today I find myself bitten
If it wasn’t for ‘Just One Thing’
I think at times I would not know what to bring
Yet today’s prompt of Kneel
I just couldn’t feel and I find myself not able to think of One thing
So accept my defeat
And my homage to your prompt
Another day perhaps
I will be more repleat


This post is part of the 'Just One Thing' Initiative
Just one thing is an initiative borne from @hirohurl and is a way of inspiring others to create a Blog Post every single day by offering a prompt to inspire.

You can ( and I encourage you all to do so) subscribe to the Just One Thing Community using this link

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A charming response to the challenge!
We all have days like that, when nothing comes to mind. Great that you still got a post out about it 🙂

It was a relaxing and calming good read for me, after reading many serious posts.

Thanks for sharing! Signed up for the community.

Nice way to turn your apology into a post.