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We are all inhabitants of somewhere, someplace, some community and some shelter, and we are all inhabitants of this planet that we live

As an inhabitant we have certain responsibilities, and they encompass not only the responsibility of our own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of others, and the communities that we live in.

If we have a focus of ensuring that the communities we live in are strong and healthy then that level of achievement spreads not only outside of our community but more importantly feeds directly into our own wellbeing.

If we only look after our own wellbeing then we are still being surrounded by an unstable framework and that unstable framework could ultimately be our own downfall

I think of it like a River, if we clean up the river at our particular location, then any rubbish or pollutant that is up stream will just end up flowing back to our location and our efforts for ourselves will have been wasted and undermined. However if we clean up at the headwaters of the river then effectively we are cleaning upstream which will have a flow on effect for downstream.

If we take our responsibility seriously as inhabitants of this planet then we not only have to look at what impact we ourselves have on our surrounding but also what impact others have on that as well, our chain of command, what impact are they having, our behaviour, our families behaviour, our communities behaviour, our states behaviour, our countries behaviour. All of these factors have a global impact and affect others and how others live and perceive.

The saying ‘think globally act locally’ has a lot of impetus. If we govern the way we behave and act within the framework of community wellbeing then this will have an impact on a broader scale and as that impact takes shape so to does it have an impact on a global scale.

Always be mindful of others and always be mindful of the impact hat we can have on others. Take steps every day to have an impact on a strangers, A simple smile in someone’s direction can change their whole outlook for the day, a simple gesture of kindness towards others, a thoughtful moment that is outside of your own 1 inch realm, allowing that car to merge into your lane rather than speeding up to beat it, don’t push in front of people in a line, don’t get angry because things haven’t gone your way and ensure that the energy you put out there is one of positivity at all times.

It is still easy to smile when you are not feeling so good; it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.

Be aware at all times that your actions does impact others and make a decision to have that be a positive one


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Thanks, Russell! For reminding us about our responsibilities to others and our surroundings things. Only selfish action can't bring the desired outcome.

Enjoy your days!

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