Conte’s acid test

Asked during a recent press conference what a successful season for Spurs would be this year, head coach Antonio Conte quipped that winning the Premier League or Champions League were his aims.

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I’m happy to be proved wrong but I can’t see (and I doubt Conte does either) Spurs winning either of those trophies this year. For one, the gap between Liverpool and City and everyone else is huge and while Spurs (amongst others) can claim to have closed that gap over the last 6 months I don’t think they’ve done enough yet to be within striking distance.

Furthermore, is the difficultly of having 2 elite clubs in the same league at the same time. One of those teams might have an off year allowing the chasing pack to gain on them but the chances of both City and Liverpool dropping their standards to the extent that a challenger might have a chance at the title seems unlikely.

Spurs have had a good transfer window but it’s worth remembering that it follows a significant number of years without sufficient investment in the footballing side of the club. There is so much deadwood at spurs that a mass overall was entirely necessary and is nowhere near finished.

When you listen to the rhetoric of Conte's press conferences since his arrival at Spurs this much is true. He has been quick to highlight the amount of time it took Klopp and Guardiola to establish their squads and footballing identity not to mention the amount of support that Arteta has received across the road at the Emirates despite a relative lack of managerial experience and some ropey results. You don't need to work particularly hard to read between the lines when it comes to the message he is sending to Levy - back me if you want the same results!

What then is Conte's aim for this season? Well for one it will be to establish a Spurs side that is capable of competing week in week out in multiple competitions and secondly, it will be to bring Spurs spending on a par with the clubs they are competing with.

Arguably the low point of Conte's reign to date was in January and February 2022 where following a busy Christmas schedule, the club was required to play 8 games in 5 weeks including home and away fixtures in the league cup semi-final against Chelsea as well against the same opposition in the league.

Spurs were comfortably beaten by their West London rivals in all 3 fixtures also losing home games against Southampton and Wolves and generally struggling to bring in the necessary reinforcements until the very last day of the January transfer window. It would be fair to say that Conte at that time cut an increasingly frustrated figure and one who many fans felt wouldn't even see out his 18 month contract at the club.

Comparatively speaking, Conte seems far happier and more at ease during press conferences than he did 6 months ago

While today's match with Chelsea doesn't come off the back of a hectic schedule, the heat and Conte's desire for his players to impose themselves physically on the opposition will surely test just how far this squad has come in terms of resources.

When they lost the equivalent fixture 2-0 last season, Spurs had a bench without players who could come on and really impact the game. Compare that to Chelsea who had the luxury of leaving full internationals like Havertz, Werner and Pulisic with their feet up and you can see why Conte was very quick to highlight the gulf between the sides.

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 07.22.32.png

benches from the Chelsea v Spurs Premier League match January 2022 source

In today's match, Conte should be able to call upon the likes of Richarlison, Bissouma and Perisic amongst others to come on and influence the game in the 2nd half. This is a dynamic that Spurs lacked not just last season but arguably for the last 15 years! In fact, Conte has had first hand experience of just how costly a lack of squad depth has been for Spurs after his Chelsea side were crowned league champions in 2017 against what I believe was a superior Spurs starting XI who simply didn't have back-up to get them over the line.

It's far too early in the season to draw any conclusions regardless of the result today but this match does provide an acid test for Conte and can demonstrate just how far he and the squad have come since the dark days of last winter.

The job though as alluded to above is nowhere near done. Spurs remain, in my opinion, at least 3 high quality players short of where they'd like to be.

At right wing-back we appear to have plenty of options but little genuine quality. At centre-back, the club has failed to attract a really world-class operator which was deemed a priority at the start of the summer and in the midfield we look short of depth still particularly with Oliver Skipp injured and Bissouma not yet match fit.

No one is quite sure how much of the £150 million injection that the club received from ENIC will be available for player transfers but to date, it's looking like we'll come out of this window with a net spend of around £50-60 million prompting the question as to where and when the remaining funds will be spent?

At present, Spurs spending this summer is on a par with the likes of Brentford, Wolves and Southampton and well behind most of the clubs who we will be challenging for the top 4 with including Arsenal (net spend £100 million), Chelsea (net spend £150 million), Newcastle (net spend £60 million) and West Ham (net spend £85 million).

How much further investment is made in the footballing side of things over the next 2 weeks is yet another acid test for Conte and will go a long way to determining how successful the club can be this season not to mention whether he will stay on beyond the expiry of his contract in 10 months time.


I do think Spurs are closer than you think to the top 3 and will mount a decent challenge. The depth of the squad is far better than the past along with some decent signings. I do think the World Cup in the middle of the season favors Spurs over the other top 6 teams. If Son and Kane can remain injury free then they have at least a chance of staying in the race. They are my favorites today against Chelsea who I don't rate at all.

Depth of the squad is definitely the best it's ever been and is clearly a priority for Conte. Yes, the World Cup certainly adds a bit of the unknown into the equation. Fingers crossed Korea and England go out early!


That is almost a given lol.

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Wow! Very detailed and interesting post. As an Arsenal fan, I wouldn't want spurs winning the league or finishing above us however, I'm backing them for a win against Chelsea today!

I hope so mate. We've got a terrible record against Chelsea so it'd be a major boost if we can get 3 points


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I did say in my prediction that I wouldn't be surprised if Spurs compete for the Premier League title until the last few weeks. But, much like you, I don't see them winning any of the big two. Although, the UEFA Champions League is one of the most random tournaments so it is possible.

The issue with investing further in this squad is that you could only buy starters now and I don't see many available, and even less so who'd be interested in playing for Spurs.

I agree, I think the points gap this season will be less and the World Cup might well have an impact. It usually feels like around February time City and Liverpool hit another level and no one else can maintain that pace. This year everyone has to start again in late December so it might disrupt that pattern.

There are a few players around that could improve the first team but I think we’d need to pay over the odds to get them.


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Totally agree with you. The best this Spurs team can do this season is 3rd place and I don't really see them competing in Europe. Not just because it's Spurs, but also history tends to show that the UCL is Conte's achilles heels.

They've done good business in the transfer market and are in the top 3 category cos the likes of Chelsea and Utd are still sleeping while to me arsenal still doesn't have the spine needed to last a complete season

We certainly did well to steal a march on Chelsea and United early on. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are still looking at bringing in players (for the right price) over these next couple of weeks although United’s desperation might push to market prices up!


Man Utd and desperate signings were born from the same womb. Today's match clearly showed that this Tottenham team still needs some time to catch up with the best in the league irrespective of New faces

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Tottenham in recent years have been the club that is quick to find replacement for a player whenever they sell an important player in the team.

What Conte have been able to do with the support he has in the club is to get the likes of Richarlison (whom I recognize his qualities, but I don't really rate him high) when they already have some hotheaded attackers. Bissouma is another nice addition to the team and all these shows that this current team have a different type of ambition for this season and a few seasons to come.

Will they win the league? No way. I don't think so, but the Important part of this statement is that we also can't be too sure. Haha.

It's a long term project for them and they can build towards having a delectable squad overall. What I don't know is the chances they will have of getting a really World class CB or world class players in any of their position barring the ones that are already there. The record they have of not winning silverware since years ago is not exactly a good selling point for the club.

Let's see how today goes. I'm bending more towards Chelsea. I think Chelsea need to get a win today.

I think their main goal should be to keep their sqaud together by achieving a top 3 or maybe even top 2 position this year. Winning a small trophy or maybe even the fA Cup is also possible. I think Conte is agreat coach to pull off something liek that :)

With Romero injured now we might go back in for a CB . I would say it's not the end of the spending yet

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