The Daily Qurator #1120

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Welcome to the 1120th Edition of the Daily Qurator here on Hive! Our team is looking left and right for the awesome posts from all Hive users and are looking forward to feature and curate some great content. Every day we will feature 6 awesome posts picked by our curators.

Qurator's team picks - 25th of April 2023.

Monomad || Passenger Boats At Tourist Spots, Fishing Boats, Container Ships
by @mnurhiver

"For today I prepared some pictures of ships in tourist spots and also some pictures of fishing boats and some pictures of large container ships. The ship at this tourist spot is a ship made of wood to carry games for the people who visit this tourist spot."

Post curated by: @brumest

Rainy Day Beer Fest on Beer Saturday
by @scubahead

"Well what to do on a grey, dreary, rainy miserable afternoon? Well There's a Beer Festival on so why not."

Post curated by: @ackhoo

The Mallards Return Once Again -by Sunscape
by @sunscape

" I was delighted when I first saw them fly into the yard earlier this month. I knew right away that it was the same pair from last year as I recognized their markings."

Post curated by: @ackhoo

Monomad: Lychee Giant Stink Bug Nymph
by @akukamaruzzaman

"This is the lychee giant stink bug nymph that I found in the bushes that grew thickly along the roadside in my village."

Post curated by: @brumest

Surprise! a freewrite
by @owasco

"I was, after all, a small town girl, some would call a hick, a hillbilly or a redneck. While I was happy in NYC, I was quite a bit less happy in the suburbs of New York, where I quite simply did not fit in. I wasted 20 years there."

Post curated by: @ewkaw

Watercolor landscape.
by @artistparthoroy

"When I returned home because my university was closed.I chose to use the opportunity to work on a watercolor painting series.This is the first painting in the series, and I continued to creating more painting.I am attempting to share those works with you."

Post curated by: @ewkaw

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