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Greetings #Hivers,

I recently gave some much-needed love. Here's a quick overview.

Prominent Changes

Update: Countdown timer is deactivated until we have a non-tentative timestamp

Countdown timer for HF24 "Eclipse" with a redirect to ann. post on click as well as a little animated scroll indicator, so people know that there is more content below

Ordered the apps under /eco and added Crypto Brewmaster

Below the apps section, is now a statistics section, featuring the most prominent dapp statistics websites

There also a few misc. changes, such as small performance tweaks, exchange section being at the top now (good eye, marky), responsive/css fixes, etc. You can see all of it under Merge Requests.

Merge Requests:

What's next?

I'm planning to add a section for contributors in the near future, but I'm also interested what you'd like to see. So feel free to let me know in the comments.

Also, remember that you can just git clone the code and make changes yourself or create issues on GitLab.

With this said: #HiveOn



Great work. I was thinking of maybe something showing people the power of Hive. Every chain claims to be "fast, scalable, etc" (although, Hive is actually all of those things where most are not) what makes Hive really stand out is social sites/games. Budil the next Facebook! (thats a crappy line but just getting us in the ballpark of my thinking)

NFTs are really hot right now, some selling for 50k usd etc. We can showoff splinterlands and show people that you can buidl more than just a social site, etc. Immutable Communities! Etc.

Maybe we can add a short video clip embedded in the site. Can hire a professional voice actor and write a script with the homerun points for Hive.

Just some thoughts.

How does Hive exist as social when all chat happens on Discord? Isn't that a very important feature missing?

This is why I wonder, can CHAT even be implemented on this or any Blockchain? Since Resource Credits are a must for activity, does the RC system limit the existence of a robust and active chat between users?

Also I get your point about the Facebook statement but "buidl" needs a person to know "hodl" or they just see it as a bad (and somewhat embarrassing) typo.

Beyond Face books. Stories on blockchain: HIVE"

has more depth and relevance.

But my question of chat is the only point.
Is @blocktrades and the coming HF prioritising chat on the chain at some point? If not isn't this going to always exist as a major limit to any type of onboarding. How do you "leader" people expect masses to migrate to a system/platform that has basic features missing or fragmented to the point that a person needs to learn various systems and manage multiple identities/login details?

That's not Web 3.0
That's spider web for real.. a sticky mess!

There were experiments in the past with a chat on the block chain. It is quite slow. So that feature if implemented would need more speed and more power. We have DM personal messages memos that could be used for the same purpose. But again it would be very slow.

That's a major flaw then.
Which makes it embarrassing to claim Web 3.0 is superior. How on earth does Hive onboard masses and expect them to choose this over 2.0 that can handle on-demand group chat as a basic feature.

Btw are you my new admirer?
Kind of odd that you're engaging me on multiple posts. Lol not really odd just funny.

Being decentralized makes it so. I am engaging with discussions that have inviting titles for me. For now Im mobile so scrolling is pain, I follow what is easier to find. I usually comment on only few users per day from my notification tab.

Lol 'decentralised' is fluff.
Masses don't care about that.

There's many posts here that have revealed that either through their own research or by just realising that the active user numbers is declining NOT growing. Also the clear fact that while the mainstream platforms are censoring and banning many. These self-proclaimed superior platforms aren't where they migrate to.

The main reason: this is no where near finished or able to handle mass. Also there really is no great content or enough content to retain attention. That is blatantly obvious but no one here wants to even speak about it.

BELIEVE! Is mandatory.

and i point at speed as a problem here chat should be instant
this was not built with that in mind, more as a blog social posting but not chat
user number fluctuate and engaging content is either hard to find or majority of ppl just don’t engage bc they are not here for that or they don’t want to bc appreciation towards $ is greater than the debate in which they can lose ( spelling is horrible bc im on mobile)

Well there's the meat of the flaws.
How is it that this is Web 3.0 then.
It just isn't. Potential isn't actuality.

Blockchain just isn't ready to replace regular systems. Only coders think that because coders compare code to code. Plus they're reclusive types so discord chat is how they want to keep it.

Tiktok is the frontier.
It's at least 5 years away as a Blockchain replicated system though. I only see Blockchain as a record keeper. It's like DNA. BC is a while away from manifesting complex organisms. Right now it's just single cell jelly-fish existing as "dapps" but that D is a falsehood. And "app" not even true either. Some are just closed communities utilising a pretend-value token.

Hey let's create that.. BELIEVE Token.

I give you:



!BELIEVE 1000000000

You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

Back when partiko was running, they had an integrated chat service and it worked perfectly. I'm not a dev so i'm sure there are issues to doing it but at the same time. I am sure it can be done.

You rock!

This would definitely be awesome, but very hard to pull off. When I see an animated video, 99% of the time it sounds scammy. The bitcoin one is borderline, and I can see there was a lot of effort into it.

Here's a link to the bitcoin video. If it wasn't bitcoin, with its reputation preceding it, I don't know how I would feel about that.

I think a much better way to it is the HoloChain does it, it is extremely instructive. This is a must watch:

Obviously their video goes way too much into technical details, which we don't need to do because we can just say "dPoS", but we can talk about anything we want.

That's great points man.
It's really both an insult to intelligence and reflection of what society became, to present things in simple animation.


Then again, "woke" culture holds The Simpsons as the greatest prophesy teller. Never for a moment realising that an actual human team writes the material.. and that 'The Joo' be that collective.

Cool! Please consider listing Rising Star on that list aswell:

Thanks for the recommendation. I did submit our game last week.


Hey @okean123, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

How come @dapplr isn't on the list?
Is that by your exclusion (preference for @ecency) or do they not meet a requirement?

Please! add @risingstar2 at the main page as is a excellent dapp also available on our blockchain :)

Cool, I love the website and would suggest adding a DeFi category (DeFi on Hive) and featuring Hive-powered DeFi Apps such as hive-engine, nftshowroom and the internal stablecoin DEX for example.

I agree. DeFi is huge right now so people need easy access.

Neither of those mentioned dapps are DeFi.

Depends how you define DeFi ;) Cannot think of a more decentralized way to implement an algorithmic, smart contract based USD stablecoin than Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) for example.

Depends how you define DeFi

No, it doesn't. Neither HE nor NFT Showroom fit the De in DeFi. Both are centralized (while HE could become decentralized, yet its decentralization isn't pushed or even actively pursued).

HBD is not novel, the Bitshares blockchain already did have "smart stablecoins". SBD/HBD are an evolution of those. I guess the internal market could be typified as DeFi, but would be better if there were actually more than one token. Without option to list tokens there's not much Fi, right? Eventually we will get there, but DEX existed "way before DeFi". But I guess that one touches upon DeFi. I'm even a big fan of HBD. :)

Valid points and debate, but when you take a closer look into many Ethereum-based DeFi projects, NFT sites, wrapped coins etc, it's also debatable how decentralized those apps / tokens really are? At the end of the day DApps on Ethereum are also cooking with water and make similar trade-offs as Hive-based DApps.

Totally agree. But, personally, I care about the decentralization aspect. I make that error often... semantics matters.

Many NFT platforms are to me mostly e-commerce, not even FinTech. Many dapps should be called bapps, blockchain apps because they’re not distributed (nor decentralized).

And many “DeFi” projects will go the same route as the Binance “DEX”. Being “owned”, probably even launched, by a central entity who was once a major centralized platform operator but needed to move quickly to protect their turf and revenue before being eaten by actually decentralized platforms. If we don’t watch out with our labeling we won’t recognize the centralized ones from the real deals out there.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thanks. I am newbe in Hive. These applications are useful.

"Joined July 2016" ;)

Yes. It was Steem. :)


All is well.
Welcome to the Hive.

@therealwolf I would like to see you and other witnesses and whales seriously examine The Matrix-8 Solution as potential for potentially huge improvement to the current Hive governance. Of course it would need to be trialled and tested in smaller community first. What say you?



We had a listing on Bitthumb; would be good to get their logo up.


therealwolf i hope ur doing well. I was following for some times. I have seen your posts ur post are very great i love ur blogs.
Can you help me how can i grow my account i can't understand what should i do. What should i write can you help me out.

Noticed that we and a few other apps are missing from the ecosystem page, how about adding all apps that are listed on hivedapps?

@therealwolf is a hypocrite.
Claims he cares about Hive expansion but only has lips for other whale appendages.
Be patient on the reply to... his mouth is very busy.

I haven't figured it out yet. There were no two of us here. We used to be on Steem/et. Hive is much more interesting, with various possibilities. At this stage, we are still getting used to it. For me, this is still something new. I think over time I can also throw in a couple of ideas!)) Thanks for the great opportunities for us!))

First of all, great work! That hardfork countdown is really cool.

I'm planning to add a section for contributors in the near future

You mean people active on GitLab? Yes, I agree it is very important to show we have a team, people get confused without that.

I think the next step (after contributors) should be adding the whitepaper. @guiltyparties is busy at the moment but he's getting closer to finish editing it.

And finally, what do you think of a "roadmap". I know we don't have one, and making a dynamic roadmap that gets updated with current objectives is very demanding. Maybe an easy way to do it would just be to link to @blocktrades' post?

And I almost missed this, but how about adding uniswap in the exchanges section?

Let’s keep on BUIDLing

hmmm 🤔 beside peakd and blog other frontends are kind of light on 24 hours

Great work!

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Thanks for your work witnesses, Hive is the new world 💫😇
I wish you a nice end of week, big hugs 😊

I am new here in #Hive. These applications are useful. Thanks