Blue & Yellow

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In this makeup I started by placing blue in the corner of the eye without any shape, then with the micellar water and a cotton pad I gave it the shape I wanted, then I proceeded by adding yellow, more details in blue and I ended up with freckles.

I liked the touch that the contact lenses gave to this look, I feel that they elevated it much more, it is out of the ordinary. I like different things, and in fact this gave me an idea to do another little thing that I have in mind.

I only remember when I was a teenager and I was terrified of using colors, I never imagined wearing things with yellow or even green, they are the colors I used the least and as I grew older, I saw the world with different eyes, I got to know art, Painting caught my attention and I thought of it as an impossible dream and I saw it as impossible due to the cost of the materials, then I went into makeup with basic things and from there I climbed, and nowadays I practice painting and makeup, these things opened my mind to playing with colors and considering mixes I didn't think I would ever use.

Spanish version

Me gustó el toque que le dieron los lentes de contacto a este look, siento que lo elevaron mucho más, sale de lo convencional. Me gustan las cosas diferentes, y de hecho esto me dió una idea para hacer otra cosita que tengo en mente.

Tan solo recuerdo cuando era una adolescente y me aterraba usar colores, nunca imaginé usar cosas con color amarillo o incluso verde, son los colores que menos usaba y a medida que fui creciendo, fui viendo el mundo con otros ojos, fui conociendo el arte, me llamó la atención la pintura y lo pensé como un sueño imposible y lo veía imposible por los costes de los materiales, luego fui adentrándome en el maquillaje con cosas básicas y de ahí fui escalando, y hoy en día práctico la pintura y el maquillaje, estas cosas me abrieron la mente a jugar con los colores y considerar mezclas que no pensé que algunas vez usaría.

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You did such an amazing job as always. This looks so difficult to do. I love your creativity.

Thank you!! It took a bit of patience ;) but it came out soooo nice!!

Siempre espectacular! Me encanta amiga y tienes razón los lentes de contacto le dan un toque excelente. Saludos!