Half Zombie Halloween Ideas

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Hello, this is supposed to be my most desired month for makeup but really with everything that happens here and the outside world, many times I get discouraged, I pause, I breathe and I always come back, because you should not give up when you really like to do something.

Hola, este se supone que era mi mes más deseado para los maquillajes pero realmente con todo lo que sucede aquí y el mundo exterior, muchas veces me desánimo, hago una pausa, respiro y siempre vuelvo, porque no debes rendirte cuando realmente te gusta hacer algo.


I'm wearing makeup that is actually an inspiration from a TikTok user named Rachel. I must confess that it took me more than 4 hours without a break.

I started by tracing everything that was going to be the zombie's body

Traigo un maquillaje que de hecho es una inspiración de una usuaria de TikTok llamada Rachel. Debo confesar que me tomó más de 4 horas sin descanso.

Empecé por trazar todo lo que de iba a componer del cuerpo del zombie


Then I started adding color to what would be like pieces of meat.

Luego empecé a agregarle color a lo que seria como pedazos de carne.


Continue with the denture part.

Continúe con la parte de la dentadura.


Now it was the part of adding color to the body of the zombie, I added details and shadows, I also added the stitches.

Ahora era la parte de agregar color al cuerpo del zombie, agregué detalles y sombras, también agregué las suturas.


It was really quite a long job, in the end I painted the other part of my face as I would do daily and that's how I finished the makeup.

Fue realmente un trabajo bastante largo, al final pinté la otra parte de mi rostro como lo haría diariamente y así concluyo el maquillaje.








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That's awesome. Good to see you're still here being freaky.

Hahahaha I was just resting, I'm glad you like it!!

Te ha quedado genial esa pintura! Me gustó el detalle de la piel verde desgarrada. ✨

Gracias amiga !!

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Thank you guys

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Thank you for the support @jasonmunapasee

you're welcome.

Que espectáculo 😍

Graciaaas 😊😊😊

This looks SO good! You killed it with this one, quite literally.

Thank yoooouuu, in the middle of the makeup I was about to quit because I'm use to work faster but the result was so beautiful I didn't wanted take it off 😭🧟

It’s a good thing you didn’t give up. I look forward to seeing what your makeup looks like on Halloween.

You are always making yourself different in different ways everyday.. you look nice sis

Thank you sister!!!

You are welcome dear

You look so special

Hahaha and also a bit scary

Yeah,😀😀😀one must not come in contact with this at night and not get scared😀

Good to see you here on Hive Jose...Your makeup skill is as amazing as always and you do so well i creating different characters. well done.

Thank you sis! ;) I'm glad 😊 I play a lot of characters

You did great.

This is really creative dear indeed with all happenings in the world we should not give up but hope for the Best in Life 🙏

Thank you my friend

Welcome 🤗

 8 months ago  

Cada día te admiro más!

Bebé, gracias 😊