Yin Yang: The Good and The Bad

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These are the makeup steps. Starting with two black and white drops above the eye and the dots inside the eye, I made some circles on the cheeks, added freckles and finished painting the circles in black and white.


The Yin Yang, we know well that they are two opposite currents. It is said that the Yin is feminine and represents the earth, the darkness... The yang is masculine and represents the sky and the light.

There are many sayings about Yin Yang, such as within the light there is a bit of darkness and vice versa.

The meaning of Yin Yang really is that everything has its complement for it to exist (white with black) but at the same time it exists within itself (white within black).

But really the Yin Yang should never be seen as opposites, at least not absolutely but as two aspects that are interconnected.

And none of this is wrong, that's the way the world is. To appreciate the positive and good things, we must know the negative and bad things. Very true, for this very reason we are able to find peace with ourselves because we have known the wars within us

Spanish version

El Yin Yang, sabemos bien que son dos corrientes opuestas. Se dice que el Yin es femenino y representa la tierra, la oscuridad... El yang es masculino y representa el cielo y la luz.

Del Yin Yang hay muchos dichos como por ejemplo dentro de la luz está un poco de oscuridad y viceversa.

El significado del Yin Yang realmente es que todo tiene su complemento para que exista (el blanco con el negro) pero que al mismo tiempo existe dentro de si mismo (el blanco dentro del negro)

Pero realmente el Yin Yang nunca debe verse como opuestos, al menos no de forma absoluta sino como dos aspectos que están interconectados.

Y nada de esto es incorrecta, así es el mundo. Para apreciar las cosas positivas y buenas, debemos conocer las cosas negativas y malas. Mucha verdad, por este mismo motivo somos capaces de encontrar la paz con nosotros mismos porque hemos conocido las guerras de nuestro interior

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Nice very creative art makeup, you face looks seems funny though 🤩

Hahaha yes, it does with the eyes like that. Thank you;)

Oh wow this is amazing for real i can't just stop being suprised. This is really great kudos

Thank you my friend!! Kudos for you ;)

Que ella eres, soy tu mayor fan

Jijiji solo cositas de maquillaje que aprendo

Me encanta todo lo que haces amiga! y me encanta lo del Yin y el Yang. Gracias por compartirlo!

Que bueno que te haya gustado amiga, aquí ando liberando mi estrés con el makeup

WoW! quedo super cool!

Gracias, me alegra que haya sido del agrado;)

Muy creativo maquillaje. Jamás se me hubiese ocurrido, está suuuuper❤️

Que bueno, ya por ahí tienes una idea, jajaja ☺️

Your understanding of the concept is truly remarkable, and your ability to convey its meaning and significance is impressive. It takes courage to explore the dark aspects of our existence, and you have done so with grace and wisdom.

Your post is a reminder that we must appreciate both the positive and negative aspects of our lives in order to find balance and harmony. Keep up the good work, and know that your words have inspired and encouraged others.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Thank you, I'm glad to read comments like this ;) many times I just share my experiences or things that are meaningful to me because in my mind I'm like: "maybe I can help someone with this or it can be an example" and I hope it does ;)

Yea the person that understands the meaning will get it hopeful and help them out.
It might be just the unconsciousness that want to reach out to people in an artform.

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I wish I had that talent like yours! Great job friend.

This is just practice every day;) I'm so sure we all can do something like this ;)

Que lindo maquillaje de Yin Yang, ciertamente cada uno de nosotros poseemos ambos elementos y este maquillaje de manera artística hace alusión a ello. Me encantó. Soy tu fan. Saludos


Que bueno, siiii, es la ideas. Gracias, amigo 😊


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