Introducing the Hi From Hive Community

Many Hivers are making a lot of effort to onboard new users to Hive. The other week I was thinking, what if we could get every Hiver to talk about their own Hive experience and share it with the world? This would make the whole Hive story much more personalised and add a human touch to it. Reading first-hand Hive experience from a real person could potentially make a massive difference in onboarding new users or not. And, what if that Hiver lives in the same country or even city? Perhaps that person would think "Wow! It's actually happening in my city, I want to be part of that!"

That's what inspired me to create the Hi From Hive community.


Many of you will know that I am part of the @pinmapple team, so I thought, why not use Pinmapple to achieve my aim? My vision is that existing Hivers will write about their views and experience of Hive and pin that onto the map creating a Hi From Hive Map. As more Hivers post about it, the pins will increase to show the breadth of the users around the world.

We can share the map on social media or whenever we tell people about Hive. Maybe those people are interested to see who's from their country or even home city. They can click on any pin on the map, and it will take them to that Hiver's post. They can see for themselves what Hivers say about Hive (good things I hope!!). I mean where else, and how else can you see so many Hive testimonials in one place? How cool is that!!!


Here's what the Hi From Hive map will look like when it is loaded with Hi From Hive posts. People can zoom into any area, click on a pin and it will take them to the Hive post. The link for the map is, you can share this link with people.

YOU can help grow this map

20200821 2.png


- Write a Hi From Hive post about your experience of Hive for non Hive users.

What is Hive to you? What do you do on Hive? Blog? Vlog? Share your art or music? Invest? Are you a dev geek? A gamer? A political or crypto analyst? Are you here to meet more people? Or do you just have nothing better to do in life? How does Hive differ from other social media or blogging websites? How easy or difficult was it for you when you first joined?

- You can talk about how Hive has changed your life

What did you learn from being on Hive? Did it enable you to complete an ambition eg develop an app, sell your art, launch a project? Do you rely on Hive earnings for a living? Are your closest friends all on Hive now? Did you use Hive earnings to make a major or extravagant purchase? Did you travel to a new place because of Hive? Have you found new hobbies or interests through the Hive community?

The above are just some examples. You don't have to talk about those specific points. Everybody's experience is different, be creative, and be yourself. That's Proof of Brain, and that's what Hive is all about.


  • This is NOT your self-introduction post. Unless it's relevant to your Hive experience, don't talk about which University you went to, how many siblings you have, and the name of your pets. It's not about you. It's about your experience on Hive
  • Only one post from each account please. If you have encountered a very different Hive experience when living in different places these few years, feel free to do a separate post. Otherwise, if it's not location specific, please keep to one post only. Attending a Hive meetup in another city doesn't count as a separate location specific Hive experience
  • This isn't a curation program from Hi From Hive or Pinmapple. But if you write a really good post, you could get support from OCD. And as usual, good content may be well supported by the rest of the Hive community
  • You don't have to post from the Hi From Hive community though it helps to keep all the posts in the same place

And, the two most important things to note

  • you have to use the hifromhive tag in your post otherwise it won't appear on the Hi From Hive map
  • you have to pin your post on Pinmapple to get onto the map. Here's how to do it
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Code at the top
  3. Enter your location in the Search for a location box
  4. Or you can zoom in the map to find your location. For security reasons, don't search for your home address. Search for a landmark in your town/city/county/state and click on it.
  5. You will now see a pin on the map and a bit of code at the bottom of the screen that looks like [//]:# (!pinmapple 26.517100 lat -38.060485 long d3scr)
  6. Copy and paste that entire code from the Pinmapple website onto your post. Note that every code is unique as it represents your place, so make sure you use the above method to get it. Don't copy someone else's.
  7. Make sure to add the hifromhive tag to your post and publish your post when you're ready !!!

Last and not the least

  • thanks to @martibis for allowing me to use Pinmapple for this
  • and a massive thanks to @doze for designing the Hi From Hive community logo and all the awesome graphics. You are free to use these in your Hi to Hive post.

Let's all put Hive on the map and tell the world about it!!!!!



HiFromHive 2.gif


Hi @livinguktaiwan,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord

Wicked cool idea, @livinguktaiwan! I'll definitely help spread the word & will work on doing a post too. It's going to be so much fun to see the map fill up with members of the Hive community!

Thanks Traci!! I know I can count on your support!!

Congratulations, your post has been added to Pinmapple! 🎉🥳🍍

Did you know every user has their own profile map?
And so does every post as well!

Want to have your post on the map too?

  • Go to Pinmapple
  • Click the get code button
  • Click on the map where your post should be (zoom in if needed)
  • Copy and paste the generated code in your post (Hive only)
  • Congrats, your post is now on the map!

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That is a well thought idea, just imagining the look of the map excites me...bookmarked to make a post sooner....

Thanks!! Please help to spread the word within the community, would love to see the breadth of Hive in India!

Already shared the post link in our Discord...hope people get notice of it to pull more user and make india shine on pinmapple

Thank you for sharing. India is such a big country, it would be great for the existing users to share their experiences!

This will be epic! I have onboarded quite a few of my friends and so far they have been thriving and are well received by the community. With this initiative, we can amplify our efforts to onboard more. I'm so excited for this!

Crafting my post now. 😂

Fantastic!! Having you guys to talk about it will be great as the Filipino community are such a strong force here!

I'm looking for community leaders to help out as well as it can help them to solidify their own community base.


Can you count me in as a community leader? I nominate myself. 🙈🙈🙈

I totally vouch for @ybanezkim26 as a community leader. He has been a prominent figure at Hive and has really been supportive at growing the blockchain community in the Philippines. This sounds like a great initiative, though I have yet to experience more of Hive, being here for approximately a week.

Hey! Don't second my nomination! You're not allowed to do that. 😂

There's no rush as there's no end to this. Actually I may be good idea to give it a few weeks so you can talk about, say your first month experience on Hive

I had Godfather in mind for you...

I don't really get this reference because I haven't watched The Godfather, but I think should be excited for this. 😂

Sounds like a great idea, as long as we can get other people to see it. The problem is always that a lot of our attempts turn into us talking to ourselves. That's what Twitter feels like. I am trying to build a facebook group around topics im interested in and about 5-10% of my posts will mention hive or link to a post here or open discussions which may lead to direct conversation where Hive might come up. Not everything is done for Hive, i just try to connect people and people and people and things

I think there are many different approaches to promote Hive, and each has its advantages depending in your audience. Your approach is great as its not hard sell, that may put some people off.

I'm trying to create an asset which everyone can use as a tool when they want to give people a quick overview of Hive, "this is where the users are around the world, look there are some in your city, see what they say about Hive"

Hopefully people can help to build the story

..thank you for your motivation and the information you post...reblogged..enjoy...

Hope to see you share your experience and say Hi From Hive

This is a great initiative, it is interesting to learn about personal journeys on the Hive. Love the branding and design as well. I have a quick question, what happens when we relocate to another place or another country, can we update the pin later? Thanks

You can't update an old post or the pin, but if you move to a new location and there's a totally different hive experience, then I think it's fine to do another post as it's location specific. What I'm trying to avoid is people writing a post for every individual Hive event at different locations. Hope that helps

Thank you for this helpful info, well received. Cheers

Freaking great Idea!
Bookmarked and will mention in my daily post tomorrow night!

Brilliant, the more people take part, the bigger we can make the Hi From Hive map!!

Done! Sold! 😃

Hey what a good idea, I already joined the community and start working on the idea of the post.

One question, all the posts I make, regardless of the topic, can I add them to the map?

Congratulations for your project will be very successful @livinguktaiwan

Now I'll get to know my neighbors from hive.

Hi from hive 🙋🏽‍♀️

Thanks Anna Marie!! Please get your fellow Venezuelans to make a Hi From Hive post and put Venezuela on the map!!

This project and the hifromhive tag is for you to talk about your Hive experience, so just make one post only please.

You can pin your travel content on Pinmapple like you normally do but not irrelevant posts please. Thanks 😊

Ok friend understood.

Thank you, I will make my presentation and invite everyone to participate.

A big hug I send you 🤗

Thank you my dear!

Excellent Idea, I will definitely pin up my content :P Soon will write a post...

Thanks a lot for your support Priyan, I wonder if your Hive experience in Ukrainian will be different if you were at home? Look forward to reading it

Obviously, it's gonna be interesting to share something which I haven't share here before... :D

That's great, and to bear in mind the primary audience is for non Hivers to read and understand more about us on Hive. Of course it's always nice to find out more about each other 😁

this is a very good idea.
His thoughts are very creative. Thank you

Thanks, look forward to see you share your Hive experience

super cool idea! I'll write a post as well :) Hi Hive!

I think your cloud community is great example of how you have built a rather niche interest on Hive and bought like minded people together. Hopefully people will read these type of stories and think I can use hive to build my own interest group (sorry, not saying you have to talk about that 😂)

sure, I'll mention it ;)

I think this is an excellent idea. I'd really consider doing this from my WP blog - I use @steempress. However, I'm going to wait until it's fully transitioned to hive....

That's great Fiona, posting from Steempress is all part of the Hive experience, hopefully it will encourage some other bloggers to join. There's no rush to post, as the map will always be available for Hivers to share their experiences, and to be shared outside of the Hive community.

I thought steempress has already moved to Hive?

Lut, what a fabulous idea!! I will get a post sorted for you in the next few days.
Hope things are getting a little more normal over there :-)

Thanks Nathen, I think its sort of become the norm now 😂

Thanks for your support, it'll be good to see everyone's different experience on Hive, a Brit in Thailand certainly shows how diverse this community is

Brilliant Idea. Just reblog.

Thanks a lot!

What a great idea! Re-hived

As alway, thank you for your support Melinda, I hope you will share your Hive experience with everyone!

It's on my radar! I just need about 3 more days added to my week!

Awesome initiative, and I will definitely make a post for #hifromhive once I get back from my trip! 😄

I wouldn't expect anything less from the creator of the map 😜

Love it. There are a few Irish on Hive but I hope I'll be the first to put it on the map. Great idea to use Pinmapple. I hope it grows and grows and even helps with creating meet ups around the world when this silly bug has gone.

You never know, you may find there are a few more Irish if more people share their experience on the map. But seriously, I'd love to see at least one pin for every country. I know Ireland is definitely going to get one!

What a great initiative, good luck, gave it a share!

Thanks @erikah as always for your support!

Great idea, @livinguktaiwan: thank you! 🙏 Re-blogged.

Thanks @martibis for allowing the use of Pinmapple and thanks @doze for designing the awesome graphics!

!tip hugs 🤗 and !BEER 🍻

Thank you Amico, hope you can share your Hive experience with everyone as well

I'll try ... the speech is very broad and articulated: I'll do my best, dear @livinguktaiwan!

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Amazing initiative, well done.

Thanks for your support

what if that Hiver lives in the same country or even city? Perhaps that person would think "Wow! It's actually happening in my city, I want to be part of that!"

This is one of the great ways to onboard new people to Hive. Great job! I will share my Hive experience soon, maybe with a video! :D

Yah, that sounds great!

It is an excellent initiative @livinguktaiwan, greetings.

Thank you. I hope you'd be up for sharing you Hive experience

Excelente propuesta!

This is brilliant I was already thinking of a way to share this platform with my friends in other state but I could not get the hang of it....but with Hi from hive it will be so much easier and fun😊😋💖

The great thing is this single link and map will give you a lot of useful information to talk about Hive, and it will only grow as time goes by. Hopefully this will help you. Don't forgot to add your own experience!

Awesome idea!
Spread the word :)

Awesome!!! This is just a brilliant idea. Value for the community, value for Hive.

Thanks. Value for Hive ultimately means value for everyone, let's try and do this all together!

A great idea for the newbies as well as leaders on Hive.

I think it will let the users of Hive to get more personalised reasons to contribute more in this ecosystem while inviting others to join and share their stories.

Most interestingly, each and every story will be unique; that's what counts.

Maybe not for brand new newbies as they don't have that much experience of Hive yet, but definitely when they've settled down and found their feet. Hopefully we'll also see some leaders and whales sharing their experience.

And you're absolutely spot on, the unique experience from everyone is what makes this so interesting.

Hola, @livinguktaiwan, me parece una excelente iniciativa, tanto para las personas de fuera como para que nosotros mismos tengamos una idea de cuántos en nuestra localidad interactuan también en esta blockchain.

Hello, @livinguktaiwan, I find it an excellent initiative, both for people from outside and so that we ourselves have an idea of how many in our locality interact also on this blockchain.

Thanks. It seems there is a large Venezuelan community on Hive, I'm sure you guys can share your experience with even more!

I haven't finished reading the whole post and I'm already thinking that it's a great idea. I personally haven't blogged for a while (though I still has the urge to) but I'll be happy to share my experience when the time comes.

Sometimes real life takes us away from Hive but it's all part of the experience as well, look forward to you sharing your experience. Thanks

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and putting Slovenia on the map, hopefully there will be more from your country.

Its a great community to understand people's experience and share your experience on this platform. Testimony gives faith to the faithless. Thanks for creating this community for communication.

You're welcome

Wow I think it is a great idea!! I am from Latvia, I could leave my experience post too😊👍🎨

The more the merrier!!!! Thanks for supporting Hi From Hive!

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Excellent initiative, very original, I will share the publication to promote it. See you later and successes 👍

This is totally awesome! I would love to spread the word about HIVE for all around the world, so I'll make my post to talk about how HIVE is a meaning of survival for most of the venezuelan people (like me) who's creating awesome stuff within it!

We're right now going through the worst economic crisis in the story of humanity and we can have hope and opportunities by using HIVE.

Thank you for this! Good Vibes and blessings from Caracas, Venezuela.

I'll make a video on @threespeak talking about this in spanish, but I'm going to put some English subs so any person that see it could enjoy it well!

That'd be great, I'm sure a video in Spanish will go down very well with the Spanish speaking community, makes it that much personalised

And I will make mine OFFCOURSE

Yes!! Go Britt!! Put the Netherlands on the map!!



Good idea. Do we have to be part of this new community to participate? (I really don't need yet another community that I don't really have time for.) And what happens when we move? Do we do a new "hi from Hive" post? or...

You don't have to subscribe to this community nor post from it if you don't want to. Though you do have to pin the post on Pinmapple and use the hifromhive tag to make it work.

As to moving away, in majority of the cases it makes no difference to one's hive experience as its all online, so no need to do another post. However, if it really is very different eg you built a massive local hive community from nothing to something at the new place, that's worth sharing. What I'm trying to avoid is to overload the Hi From Hive map unnecessarily by people writing multiple posts for different events when it's really all part of their overall Hive experience.

Hope that makes sense

Yep. That makes a lot of sense. I'm not planning on moving far away, but who knows what's in the future? I was mostly asking for other people's benefit. Thanks for that.

I'm in!!!!

Yah!!! Australia is in!!!

Just recently back from time away, just now seeing this @livinguktaiwan. What an interesting idea! While not sure how I could participate in it, with my privacy concerns, I do see the great potential for your initiative.

Love the idea that the Pinmapple map will be a part of it. Will "Hi from Hive" pins be somehow distinct from the normal travel post pins?

I wish you great success on your fine initiative. I have reblogged it, to do my small part to increase awareness of and participation in it.

You can zoom out and pin anywhere at the Rocky Mountains to protect your privacy @roleerob, or even just a point in USA, that's fine. Hope that will solve your location problem should you wish to share your Hive experience, which I hope you will. It will be great to get as many people to talk about their Hive experience as possible. Thanks for helping to reblog it!

Oh, well, okay ...

"... pin anywhere at the Rocky Mountains to protect your privacy ..."

... if you grant me a little leniency on that @livinguktaiwan, then I probably can come up with something. 😉 Gotta let it "perc" for awhile ... 🙃

Of course it's ok, I understand many people want to stay anonymous, at least we know whereabouts you are in the States 😉

Its a great idea, i think its a great opportunity to those who are new and are interested in it. My friends actually didn't know about hive, my younger brother introduced this to me. Firstly i was little nervous to start, unfortunately i am very conscious about people's review but at the end i realizes Hive community respects each others point of view. Then i give it a try and here i am. Now i have my account and i am consistent about posting my thoughts. But the problem i am facing is that people are liking my content in hundreds but my followers are very very few. But that's ok i will not stop working.

This sounds great 😍 an amazing idea!