HIVE OPEN MIC#16🎺🎺|SIGN OF A VICTORY BY R.KELLY(song cover by @benii)[ENG/ESP]

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Hello Beautiful People
Welcome to Hive Open Mic week 116

The theme for this week is Trumpet sound; a wonderful theme chosen by my dear friend Ovey10 and am here with a beautiful song, 'Sign of a Victory by R. Kelly.'

I chose to sing this song for this week's theme because, in my opinion, a blast of trumpet sound 🎺🎺🎺is what denotes victory because it informs us that someone has won a war and is it is usually associated with a shout of triumph.

Guys, a new month has already begun, I have faith that this new month will bring us many victories and that we will all triumph.

Okay fam❤🥰🌹
I hope you enjoy my rendition of this song.
Loads of love as you listen.


I sincerely want to Appreciate the Hive Open community for accepting us and for giving us a space to share our talent and music, To all our Moderators and our wonderful Admin, thank you so much for your love and encouraging words and to all my music friends, you guys make my journey here Worthwhile. You are all Amazing and I Love you all..




I can see the colors of the rainbow
And I can feel the sun on my face
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
And I can feel heaven in it's place
And that's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
I can feel the spirit of the nations
And I can feel my wings ridin' the winds, yeah
I see the finish line just up ahead na
And I can feel it risin' deep within
And that's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
Now I can see the distance of the journey
How you fought with all your might
You opened your eyes to global warming
Been through it all, you sacrificed your life
And that's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
If we believe
We can achieve anything
Including the impossible
This I know
So let's lift up our hands yeah
And raise the flag yeah yeah
Scream like you want to win
Now let the games begin!
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
When you keep on fighting (eh-he-he-he-eh-he)
After you lost your strength (he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
When darkness is all around you (eh-he-he-he-eh-he)
You still find your way (he-he-eh-he-he-he)
That's the sign of a victory (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
If you got the victory, sing
Come on and sing (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
Lift up your voice and sing (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
Stand up, oh yeah, stand up (eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he-eh-he-he-he)
Sign of a victory
Ooooohh ohh ohhhh
That's the sign of a victory
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Robert S Kelly




Hola gente guapa
Bienvenidos a la semana 116 de Hive Open Mic

El tema de esta semana es Sonido de trompeta; un maravilloso tema elegido por mi querido amigo Ovey10 y estoy aquí con una hermosa canción, 'Sign of a Victory by R. Kelly.'

Elegí cantar esta canción para el tema de esta semana porque, en mi opinión, un sonido de trompeta 🎺🎺🎺 es lo que denota la victoria porque nos informa de que alguien ha ganado una guerra y se suele asociar con un grito de triunfo.

Chicos, ya comenzó un nuevo mes, tengo fe en que este nuevo mes nos traerá muchas victorias y que todos triunfaremos.

Bueno fam❤🥰🌹
Espero que disfruten de mi interpretación de esta canción.
Mucho amor mientras la escuchan.

Quiero agradecer sinceramente a la comunidad de Hive Open por aceptarnos y por darnos un espacio para compartir nuestro talento y música, a todos nuestros moderadores y a nuestro maravilloso administrador, muchas gracias por su amor y palabras de aliento y a todos mis amigos de la música, ustedes hacen que mi viaje aquí valga la pena. Todos ustedes son increíbles y los amo a todos.



cent Puedo ver los colores del arco iris
Y puedo sentir el sol en mi cara
Veo la luz al final del túnel
Y puedo sentir el cielo en su lugar
Y ese es el signo de una victoria (eh-he-he-eh-he-he-eh-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Puedo sentir el espíritu de las naciones
Y puedo sentir mis alas montando los vientos, sí
Veo la línea de meta justo delante na
Y puedo sentir que se eleva en lo más profundo
Y esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-eh-he-he-eh-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Ahora puedo ver la distancia del viaje
Cómo has luchado con todas tus fuerzas
Abriste los ojos al calentamiento global
Has pasado por todo, has sacrificado tu vida
Y esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Si creemos
Podemos lograr cualquier cosa
Incluso lo imposible
Esto lo sé
Así que levantemos nuestras manos sí
Y levantemos la bandera sí sí
Grita como si quisieras ganar
Que empiecen los juegos
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Cuando sigues luchando (eh-he-he-he-he)
Después de haber perdido la fuerza (he-he-eh-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Cuando la oscuridad te rodea (eh-he-he-he-he)
Todavía encuentras tu camino (he-he-eh-he-he)
Esa es la señal de una victoria (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Si tienes la victoria, canta
Ven y canta (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Levanta tu voz y canta (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Levántate, oh sí, levántate (eh-he-he-he-he-he-he-he)
Signo de una victoria
Ooooohh ohh ohhhh
Esa es la señal de una victoria
Fuente: [Musixmatch]
Compositores: Robert S. Kelly

Thank you so much For stopping by,
until next time.
Much Love🌹❤🌹


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Thank you posh token

A bloody classic this one.

You freaking nailed it.

Great going 👏

!discovery 30

Thank you so much @stevenson7..

This means a lot and glad you liked it..

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Thank you 😊😊

You don't know how I like to listen to you Beni, you are too great, your voice is unique, it can be easily identified here on the platform, it has its own stamp 👍😉!!!

This song is very beautiful, in fact I remember it from one of the World Cups, R Kelly was a tremendous artist, I say it was because unfortunately two days ago he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for crimes he committed, a sad end for a great artist...

Putting that aside, your interpretation was majestic 👑, I congratulate you because it was certainly one more victory for those you have achieved as an artist, and nothing is by chance, it is the same V that you wear on your shirt noting that you would really have another victory on your way 🙏💖!!!

Thank you very much for delighting us with your voice, with your presence and your smile 🌹; Thank you for joining us in this edition of the Hive Open Mic, we are waiting for you as always next week dear friend ¡A Big Hug! You Rock! 🙌😀💛

What a pleasant surprise @fernanblog!!
Do you know I just thought of you just now before I saw this message..
This is divine @fernanblog.

Am very sad about R.kellys situation, he was such a legend...
So so heartbreaking..

Anyways, thank you so much @fernanblog, your comments have the capacity to make me smile for a whole day..

Am really glad to hear from you and I glad you liked my interpretation as well..

Thank you so much again..

And much love

Enjoy your week end 😊😊🥰🌹❤

So you brought me with the thought, that's great 🙌😀💛, I'll tell you that I've been absent solving some things outside of Hive; With the help of God I hope to accompany you again next week 💖!!!

I'm glad that a comment from me causes that in you, because it's always great to see you smile 🌹; I wish you a nice weekend, I was very happy to visit you and I didn't like your presentation... I loved it! 👍😉

Dear @fernanblog... You gonna make me cry now

Thank you so much for your kind words..

A very big hug to you ❤❤❤❤

WOW dear @benii how impressive it is to see you sing,.I really like your attitude it transmits me your joy and your passion a total delivery thank you for this beautiful interpretation that you have brought for this week in #hiveopenmic.

What joy brings this letter and comforts a lot, as we are starting this month that will be victorious for all I know that good things will come and that we will achieve all that. Is we propose to do.

A big hug dear friend your talent is amazing God bless you 🙏🏻.

My dear @wbrandt.
I'm so happy you visited my post.. And am happy you enjoyed my presentation..

Thank you so much for your kind words, they are deeply appreciated..


Enjoy your week end friend.

You sang it beautifully my friend! Love it!

Thank you so much dear for stopping by..
Am glad you loved it..

Nice, and the choice of song too..... Just so sad what became of the singer. We all need God

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See your fine delta smile...

Your performance was amazing..
Carrying us along as you sing with your body movement is just everything for me...

Well done baby girl

Thanks love..❤❤❤😊😊😊
I really appreciate your comment..

Happy Sunday......

Great Post!


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Hello my dear @benii, God bless you!

Very impeccable work as always my friend, your tone is super accurate and perfect.

You transmit a lot every time you sing Beni! I really enjoy listening to you. You are a very talented Hiver, thank you for being here!

Greetings beautiful friend.

Such lovely comment to start my day with..
Thank you so much dear friend.. For stopping by..
I really appreciate..

You're one my favorite artists on hive and it's great to meet you here again. You made a very good choice of song that matches with the week's theme "the sound of victory" and you presented it well so well. Well done friend and see you again next time @benii

This is so touching..

Am honoured my friend..
Thank you so much...

Am really grateful...