They were waiting for their man

in Feathered Friends3 months ago

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And he enjoys their company


Look at the top of that light pole in the left - they are waiting for their man to come in. Few are already walking the path, to grab a better share by securing their position. And then here comes the old man, with their food.


I tried to capture it as fast as I could, did not realize to take a video then. But I think, you will get a feel of how he enjoys their company.









For some of us, it may feel scary, so many pigeons going round the man - at one point, he was almost invisible. A video probably would have been so nice. Just a day before, I watched the movie Morbius and this scene kind of reminded me that.




Truly Amazing experience.....on the roads during my morning walk in Pune.




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Wow, these creatures are really intelligent. How the hell did they know that their man will be coming soon?

Initially, I thought they were not that much. But I was wrong! I guess some were hidden somewhere else aside the pole.

Haha, look how they clustered the man like a king without giving him any breathing space😄

I regret not doing the entire stuff in video, it was spectacular man. As I said, like the movie Morbius.

Yeah, it would have been more fun watching the video process. I guess this one is after the man has dropped the food and left.
Well, the stages of the photos can also tell the story.
Thank you for sharing.

Pigeons are a species of birds that live in flocks and when I was a child, I used to feed them with rice grains. Unfortunately, he died at a young age. The land in front of our office is also home to a large number of flocks of pigeons. They are fed by small children from nearby houses.

who died at a young age ?

Our one of pet pigeon.

That's a lot of birds, so many it is a little scary.

I wonder if the gentleman feeding the pigeons ever had a bird drop some waste on his head. 😁

Ya, he was lost in them at one point, I would be scared to do so.

All God's creatures are so similar between them! Human and birds!

As you say, I probably feel scary. But when I was child I liked feeding pidgeons.

Just a question, where is Pune exactly?


Pune is in India.

Oh, i love it.
I visit India 7 years ago, and I wanna absolutely come back to visit another part.


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It sometimes feels very nice to see the pigeons around which is really lovely.

City birds are ingenious and friendly as well (especially if you have food for them :))

Ya, seems they know him quite well.

Pigeons came to the streets and flocked. They probably live in the surrounding area. You can always feel good about them

😉😎🤙 yeah. it would be a lot more scary if it were all the bats though..

Thats awesome that the man enjoys all the attention! :P

They surely have a special relationship with that goodhearted old man. Reminds me of the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2 :)

Yes, kind of made me feel the scenes of Morbius , that I watched very recently.

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
this is really amazing
This type of pigeons are very intelligent, they have an admirable orientation of the moment and things
I appreciate you sharing the video and the beautiful shots
have a beautiful sunday

So special that the birds can bond and recognize their human. But it would be a bit intimidating to suddenly have dozens of birds landing around (on?) you

Well, its scary and intimidating for us, but I think, he loves it.

Oh he certainly must do! Or he would go a different route

You were pretty fast capturing this and you capture it so fast that you were able to take the man shot

It's wonderful that he takes care of them :) Is his something that you see daily?

May be, he does it daily, I just happened to cross the path once.

It would be fun to see from different angles :) ...

the truth is that there are a large number of pigeons, it is not very good to see in the sequence but I think that before approaching it I would already have some type of food in my hands to give them

I remember, when my grandparent used to feed pigeons. He does it every day in the morning at the roof of my building. The pigeons love to eat wheat and corn. He loved to feed pigeons and it helps to lower the level of stress , anxiety and depression. Happy to see this post.

First of all, congratulations for taking those good photographs. I also imagine that you already know the man and that is why the pigeons surround him so that he provides them with some type of food.

No, I just saw him first time and even only time, because I never went back at the same time in the morning in other days.

but to only see it once he did an excellent job with the photographs

My brother had many pigeons before and I'm happy when it's flying back to him, because it shows that they are loyal to him.

:( I failed to look at the video due some error code,

But I have to admit that it is lovely how both he and the birds wait for each other, because they all feel lonely and nevertheless they have found friends, he feeds them, they love him for it, a simple yet deep exchange :)

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Beautiful pictures 😍😻