The real Web 3.0 and why I'm running a Node on the SPK Network as V4VAPP

TL;DR - Delegate your Larynx to v4vapp and earn SPK Tokens with me.

In a few days the next phase of the @threespeak @spknetwork system will be opened up. For months now people have been collecting their Larynx Tokens as determined by an airdrop based on a Hive balance snapshot from January 6th.

The details of the SPK Token are here: SPK Network | SPK Token Going Live Next Monday - Call to Action.

During this time my @v4vapp has been running one of the Validator nodes for this network and next Monday you can help yourself and me receive SPK tokens by delegating any Larynx you have to me, @v4vapp

When you get to this step:

Decide which node to delegate to. Check out the SPKCC Monitor for that info. Select the node from the drop-down menu.

You will see v4vapp (kinda near the bottom of the list because alphabet) and I'd be really grateful for your delegation.

In addition to this validator node for the token, I'm also running an encoding node for 3speak videos. This is all part of the same goal: move the centralised infrastructure we all need for the web out of the hands of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc. into the hands of people like you and me, real people with ideals of free speech and no desire to sell YOU to an advertiser.

Web 3.0

Why am I running this node.

The internet today is a privacy and censorship catastrophe. We know this. The earliest web was distributed, it was run by individuals putting up servers and hosting web sites for the love of it.

This got captured and centralised and the best explanation if you want more is this one about how they turned us into dairy cows.

There's enormous noise on Twitter and elsewhere about Web 3.0 and a re-democratisation of the Web but nearly all of it leads back to a well funded corporation with a Venture Capital firm pumping millions in behind. That isn't going to deliver Web 3.0.

Real Web 3.0

Real Web 3.0 is going to happen when we marry up two critical elements: relatively easy ways to divide up and run the necessary servers to make our favorite activities online happen and decent financial incentives for people to do this.

Bitcoin has succeeded in one area: you can store value and to a limited degree exchange value without needing to trust anyone but an algorithm and some software. The computers which run this infrastructure do so because they are rewarded financially to do so. If they weren't rewarded they wouldn't do it. And their compensation is tied up with them NOT being able to reject YOUR or any other ARBITRARY transaction: i.e. there is censorship resistance.

In all the rest of the Web 3.0 world, the only system I can see which allows this incentivised operation of real computer hardware for a specific online goal (in this case storing text and running a social network) is Hive. And Hive is in this position because of our immaculate conception, birthed in the alien attack and the removal of Steem's pre-mine to use as our DHF DAO.

SPK Network

The SPK Network under the stewardship of @theycallmedan and @starkerz is a very rare beast. It is designed to build the component parts we need for video and other bulk data hosting and distribution, integrated with Hive's blockchain but with storage outside of the hideously inefficient blockchain database.

And only because these two individuals truly understand what Web 3.0 will be, they are not starting from a base of awarding themselves a huge founder's stake. The already wide distribution of Hive, coupled with the interest of dedicated individuals like myself, will guide the future of the SPK Network. This is vastly different from accepting $m's in VC funding and then having no say down the road when these funds need to exit and pay for their partners' yachts.

Lightning isn't it

I'm doing a lot of work with Lightning as most of you know, but I don't see this outcome of incentivesed provision of servers arising in Lightning. As I've written about elsewhere, routing fees on that network will not make anyone rich and won't cover the basic provision of the services. It remains to be seen if the network is robust enough for daily payment use and whether there will be enough liquidity in the right places to make it viable.

I don't believe the Bitcoin maximalists currently all in on the Lightning Network have dedicated quite enough thought to incentivisation of infrastructure, and they have vastly over estimated the number of people and entities who will want to dedicated time and expertise into running routing nodes or their own private nodes for actual business use.

Support Proposal 222 on PeakD
Support Proposal 222 with Hivesigner
Support Proposal 222 on Ecency

Send Lightning to Me!


Lightning servers does not necessarily have to be funded on its own merits. It could also be funded from other networks, like Hive. The aliases could have Hive promonames and could be upvoted via automated comments e.g. every 24h for running if they are linked to an Hive account (It could be easily checked via the aliases if someone is the owner). Would also be a kind of proof of brain.

In the long run, as far as I know, Lightning should also be able to be used across networks, if the networks uses SHA 256 (like Bitcoin) for hashing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out what Hive uses (after a short research). But if so it would be a great addition to Hive and if implemented we could only foster the nodes which offer Hive and HBD transfers additionaly. And meanwhile we've got a little promotion from the alias names.

p.s. of course i'll delgate some Larynx :-)

delegation incoming :)

👍🏻 Good choice to run a node for 3Speak! A well done decentralization is crucial for a real Web3 site/project. Splinterlands also is going into this direction with the sale of validator node licenses.

I shall gladly delegate the Larynx token. I have only claimed once, my amount was low about 9. I try and claimed this month and delegate to @v4vapp !

This is really a nice initiative to delegate larynx token and also earn from it, though I haven't claim that much but I won't hesitate in delegating it to support as well.

Great to see you are running a node for supporting the Speak Network and I will be one of the users that will delegate Larynx tokens to you on Monday when this feature goes live. Wish you 100% uptime and to be a pillar of the Speak Network!!!

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One quick questions, do delegates get SPK tokens. That would be nice to give out. Cheers

I think the only way to get SPK tokens is to delegate to SOMEONE, so yes, delegating is good for both!

It is one of the things that makes the hive community so powerful. We have people who are truly interested in bring Web 3.0 about. This is rare in the cryptocurrency community.

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Lot of people lack the capabilities to criticize the world they live in, it is pretty much like, we're used to things the way we've known them. From the very beginning we're tacitly excluded from the idea that it is actually humans who make human world.

!PIZZA for you task, and a happy Friday.

- EvM

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I think about running something by myself ( or delegate :D).

Need to see how everything works before i can make a decision :P

Definitely, delegating incoming and supporting this project is very vital now

Well I've been thinking where to delegate all my larynx tokens... ;-). I've about 20 different accounts that I claim tokens with, so at least some of them might come your way :-)

It is great to see important contributors of HIVE like you joining to support one of the blind spots of HIVE that is video content. I'm very much looking forward to see the SCOT Tribe equivalent of video content through @spknetwork


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Trying to delegate to you on but keep getting a "Not enough funds!" error. Keeps happening regardless of how much I enter. Seems like a bug.

I just read the small print... we're too early :-) America is asleep...

We are glad to announce that SPK Tokens will go live next Monday, August 8. It will go live at 7:00 PM Pacific Time (Tuesday, August 9, 2:00 UTC).

Cool. I will try again tomorrow.

I don't actually have any free Larynx to test but I think perhaps you need to Lock it first then you can delegate it? Similar to Hive Power?

I think this is the right page:

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