Canada is OFFICIALLY killing at least one person with a Covid injection EVERY DAY!

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In the name of health and safety, an average of one Canadian is being killed by a Covid mRNA injection every day. Remember when they said "if we can save just ONE life with these vaccines, we must"? How about saving lives by NOT giving them? We now know these injections don't stop transmission of the virus. Shouldn't we save lives by banning them? Instead, we are mandating more and more people take them, ensuring more deaths, which can be blamed on Covid and "the antivaxxers". It would be funny if it wasn't so diabolical.

After a few test doses in January, Canada began mass injection with Pfizer and Moderna in March, about 260 days ago.

As my pregnant wife reported today, Health Canada admits that 54 healthy unborn babies have been killed when their mother received the injection, and another 227 vaccine recipients died after taking the shot. That's 281 dead Canadians in 260 days.

Of course, Health Canada is quick to point out that none of those deaths are confirmed, and they could have all been caused by Covid, or an underlying condition, or just bad luck. "We can't know WHY those people died after getting their shot," they claim, even though doctors had to fill out legal paperwork and risk their careers to make those reports. Imagine your healthy parent, child, or spouse falling over dead after taking a Covid injection, and the doctor claiming there's no way to know what killed them, and not reporting it as a vaccine injury? That's exactly what is happening, over and over.

Indeed, we know that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported, so the number of Canadians dying directly as a result of these injections is at least 100 per day.

Currently, and for the past year, Canada claims Covid kills about 20 people per day:

So, officially, Canada is killing 1 person with the injections for every 20 who die from Covid19.

More likely, Canada is killing 5 people with the injections for every person who dies from Covid19.

Serious injuries

When it comes to things like heart attacks, nerve damage, disfigured babies, agonizing pain, permanent disability, brain damage, diseased blood vessels, paralyzed faces, strokes, seizures, swollen limbs, and neurological disorders, a further 4500 Canadians are now affected, and hundreds more every week. That's already half a million when you consider the official numbers are understated by a factor of 100.

Half a million of Canada's 37 million people are already permanently injured, disabled, or dead because of these injections! This doesn't account for all the "minor" side effects like fever, pain, swelling, full body fatigue, rashes, vomiting, etc. Nor does it account for all the "asymptomatic" side effects like cancer rates increasing, slow autoimmune disorders, birth defects, micro clotting in the brain, heart, and lungs, etc. One could ask, does ANYONE who takes these shots escape without unwanted health effects?

First, do no harm

Doctors who recommend patients take these shots will be charged and arrested, and will lose their license to practice medicine. Anyone who helps create, promote, distribute, or administer these injections will also be charged.

"Do no harm" means that if a medication or treatment causes ANY kind of harm to the patient, it must only be used if there are no other alternatives, and only if the patient fully understands and consents to the potential risks and benefits. Surgeries are actually controversial in some medical circles because the scalpel does harm. Pharmaceuticals are controversial in some medical circles because the unwanted (side) effects do harm. For centuries, medical professionals have used the principles of medical ethics to guide their practice. Today, they follow official orders, or they are fired and censored.

Killing one Canadian every day with these shots is doing massive harm. And that's just the vastly understated official numbers! This entire vaccination program is unconstitutional, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, and completely disregards the Hippocratic Oath.

How could anyone inject a fellow human - especially 5-year-old children now! - with something that is killing AT LEAST one of their fellow citizens every day? Each time they inject that stuff, they must know they're risking the recipient's life, and permanently damaging their health.

This is unconscionable. Complete madness! It must stop!

And the complicit corporate media must pay for their treachery.



I hope to see the special Nuremberg trail in the near future! These murderers must be arrested and brought to justice! Justice must be seen to be done.

Won't that be sweet when it finally happens? So many horrible tyrants can be swept up and cleaned away for all time. They have lined themselves up, now we can knock them down.

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Thanks for the tip!

Yup! I am waiting patiently for that day of celebration!

Don't worry, Nuremberg 2 is coming!! Nazis and comrades will be hanging like ooohhh we were just following orders, we didn't know anything was going on!

Fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries gets reported, and one Canadian dies a day? Hmm... well then those numbers are 5,500 miscarriages and about 25,000 cardiovascular or circulatory incidents like stroke and myocarditis so far and 100 deaths per day in Canada?! Those jabs were fast as lightning....In fact, it was a little bit frightening

Half a million of Canada's 37 million people are already permanently injured, disabled, or dead because of these injections!

I am Hungarian living in Hungary, and I already have multiple disabilities (I was born with them) (visual impairments, autism spectrum disorder, dyscalculia, etc), and now I started to think about what these vaccines would do to me.

Very scary and very frightening to think about this.

But of course I do not even want to know. I will not take nothing COVID-19 vaccine.

Damn people are stupid. No way I would let them vaccinate me... I have a saying for that... "I don't take needles from strangers.."

Just shocking this is.

I'm shocked, but I'm not, you know?
It has been a long 2 years of shocking developments. Those of us able to continue to take it in are heroes. This heavy news can wear a guy down, but what's the alternative, head in the sand? Ignorance is bliss? Meh, give me reality any day... if it's too stressful I'll find a way to destress. Gotta know the truth even if it's disturbing.
I feel like I get desensitized to the shocks... but then they ramp up the severity of the shocks. Next they'll be slicing people open in the streets to search for Covid, cannabis, or WMDs. I'll be shocked, but in a way, I won't be shocked. It's just another in a long line of really terrible things that keep happening and escalating.


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LOL great scene.... "Dodgeson! We got Dodgeson here! .... See, nobody cares." Nedry was quite the character.

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Hmmm, I may have already seen that clip, months ago. I don't really like/trust Madej, and didn't feel her story or images were compelling. If this is something new though, I'd gladly check it out, but I can't grab the file from that site.

Those links don't open for me, bro. Is the information available anywhere else?

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It worked when I restarted and tried again : )
Yeah this is from September, I saw this a few times. To me it's not very compelling because I don't trust the source, and it hasn't been duplicated by others who have microscopes.

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If they can see it, so can we..... there are millions of microscropes in the world, and millions of vials of "vaccine" to be tested (even an empty vial contains enough to test under a microscrope). So if there are parasites or something in there, somebody will find it. I've heard rumours for months, in fact since before they were released in January, but so far I can't find anything concrete, or from a source I trust. But I don't have a lot of time at the moment to research that, so if anyone else does, and they find something for me to look at, please let me know.

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