Witness update - Upgraded to v1.24.2 in support of HF 24, occurring on October 6 at 14:00 UTC/GMT

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Hello everyone. Just a quick update here. I have updated my witness node to version 1.24.2 in support of the upcoming hardfork.

I can't say that this fork is super "sexy", but there are a lot of really beneficial changes taking place "under the hood" that will benefit the project long-term. I am excited to see that a strong foundation is being set which will give us solid footing to advance the project forward in the coming months. I am strongly in favor of the fork.

In order for the hardfork to occur, a super-majority of witnesses will need to vote in favor of the fork prior to the hardfork time.

  • A super-majority in this case is defined as 17 of the 21 witnesses (including the top 20 + one backup) voting in support of the fork.
  • The hardfork time is set to October 6, 2020 at 14:00 UTC/GMT.

Assuming we have at least 17/21 voting "yes" at 14:00 UTC/GMT on October 6, the hardfork will occur at that time.

I cannot speak for any of the other witnesses, but my expectation is that the fork will pass assuming that no unexpected issues come up during testing between now and the hardfork time.

The development team did an excellent job summarizing the fork in the release notes. Even for those who are not technically minded, I encourage everyone to read about what the fork contains here:

Thanks to all of the developers, witnesses, stakeholders, and community members who have been working hard to make this a success!


Thanks for work that carries on where most of us do not venture, keeping Hive running and up to date @timcliff

Hello dear friend @timcliff good day
Thank you very much for your reassuring words. All of us who know you know that you always support the positive and good things for our company. May everything go as expected, and may success always be with you dear friend.

Have a wonderful day

Thanks @jlufer! Always nice to hear from you :)

I have no news from you buddy... How are you right now?

Things are well here. I'm monitoring the situation and trying to keep up with all that is happening with the world.

If you are looking for updates regarding the Hive hardfork, BlockTrades has the latest news:

Thanks buddy... You take care of yourself always...

Nice, hoping to see some more changes in the next HF’s SMT’s for example

Glad to see you are happy about what is being done.