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It was very early in the morning and the doorbell rang!

I was wondering who it might be while getting up from the bed. Ah, I late sleep last night and now the doorbell ruined my morning sleep!

I looked through the peephole but no one was there. Who would do a prank in this very morning? It's better to go to sleep then. Did I notice something on my doorstep? Was it flowers? I opened the door curiously and surprised seeing some Kath Golap (White Plumeria) with a mini gift box.


I was wondering who might spend his or her precious time finding Kath Golap flowers which is not available in the market! I furiously opened the gift. It was a tiny cactus with a cute pot. Whoever would think to send it to me? Who knows I love cactus and have a fascination with pots? The day past but these questions were coming up in my mind. I keep a beautiful gift.

Oh, my busy day made me forget the incident but the next day the same early morning doorbell doesn't. I wake up quickly to catch whoever is making fun with me but I found nothing on the door. Was I a little angry? Maybe but annoyed sure. This time it was some Ixora with another mini gift box. I found a locket of mine which I lost a decade ago, maybe. I was so anxious because there's no way anyone could find it. How come someone keeps it for so long and sending it to me now?


I talked about it with some of my friends and family member to find out who is doing this. It was not my birthday, not anything special, there's no one as per I know who can do this. All these were raising my anxiety. I'm not fond of surprises and this is happening!

The next day, I wake up and wait for the doorbell. This time I will not let the person go. The doorbell rang and run furiously. Again I missed it. I found some Periwinkle flowers with another mini gift box. I was feeling so angry but opened it. It was a picture with my Dad. All my anxiety and anger fall down. I sat down and took a moment to understand what is going on. Who will send me and my dad's picture to me? How anyone got the picture? I called my mom to check if the picture was there on our family album and it was missing. We all were in mystery.

I never liked this type of game. Who it could be?


I hold the picture for hours. It reminds me of so many good memories with my dad who I lost ten years ago. Suddenly I notice something written on the opposite side of the picture. It looked very old as the pen ink faded away. I managed to read it. I was shocked by seeing my dad's handwriting. What on earth is happening?

It was a letter from my dad to me with some precious words, saying how he loves me and goodbye. I fall down crying. I cry for hours. I laughed, I recall the memories with my dad. These simple words with a goodbye matter more than anything on the earth to me. We both couldn't say goodbye but getting this goodbye feels so soothing. It feels like the last hug from my dad. I was waiting for this hug for so long...

I never wanted to know who was sending me this gift or how this is possible? The doorbell never rang again in the morning though I was waiting for it. But that's okay. I got my lifetime gift!

This fiction is part of @zord189's Hive Creative Contest. I took Prompt: 1 to tell my story. You can also join if you feel interested.


Much Love

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This is a really cool story.

Thanks for your compliment :)

I loved it, very beautiful and entertaining story

Thanks :) :)

Beautiful story. Don't we all wish we got those kinds of presents!

I wish!
Thanks for your compliment 🙂🙂

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That's a beautiful story expect I would camp outside to catch the person sending the gifts lol. 😁

That's a beautiful story except I would camp outside to catch the person sending the gifts lol. 😁

I wish I could and I have tried also. 😁😁
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!