Camping Club Hive Curation Trail

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Hello everyone Camping Club Hive Members

As you know, as Camping Club Hive, we have created a curation trail for you. Everyone to join the curation trail. We are not looking for any conditions for you to participate in the Curation Trail. We only want you to write unique articles and contribute to our community. When you become a member of Traile, you will be able to contribute more to the articles you write. You and your articles are very valuable to us. Thank you to all our authors who shared articles in our community.

We will describe below for you to participate in the curation trailer.

First Stage:

First, we click on the link From the page that opens, we click on the login/register section and login to the system.


Second Stage:

On the page that opens, we click on the curation trail part.


Third Stage:

On the page that opens, we write the name of our trail account @campingclub where it says trail name and click on the search part.


Four Stage:

Again, on the page that opens, we follow the account by clicking the follow section, and then we make the vote settings by clicking on the part that says setting.


Fifth Stage:

On the page that opens, we set the vote weight to 100% and the time to 0 minutes, click save settings and our curation trial settings are completed.


Yes, it's that simple. You can become a member of our curation trail in 5 easy stage. If you still have any questions, you can ask in the comments. I invite you all to become members of our curation trail.

In addition, we would be very happy if you could hive power delegate to our community from the links below as much as you can.
Stay well, Camping Club Hive members




Eine sehr leichte und gute Erklärung. Finde die Idee des Trails sehr gut.

A very easy and good explanation. Find the idea of the trail very good.

LG/Greetings Michael



Thanks for the tutorial. I'll follow your curation trail then.


It will be very easy for me to follow the guideline thanks for presenting it clearly.



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Learn more at

Already on the trail. This will be good for new members of the community.

Yay! 🤗
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Already have followed the trail and delegated 50 HP 👍

thank you we are even stronger now ♥️