Camping Club Hive Contest 13 Theme "Anything that smells of Nostalgia"

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CCH Camping Club Hive Contest 13 Theme "Anything that smells of Nostalgia"


Dear friends on CampingClubHive!

Today we start a Camping Club Hive Contest 13 Theme "Anything that smells of Nostalgia" in the CCH community. All interested are invited to join this contest and are given the chance to win!

The prizes for the winners are a total of 18 hives and 500 Ecency Points, first place 10 hives, 2nd winner for 5 hives, and 3rd winner for 3 hives, 4th winner 300 Ecency Points, 5th winner 200 Ecency Points

For everyone who participates in Camping Club Hive Contest 13 In addition to the above prizes, all participants who have not won the CCH Contest 13 will each receive 100 Ecency Points to support the creativity of the members

For the TOP 5 of the Camping Club Hive Contest 13, I will award an additional 10 PGM Tokens from @zottone444
More information about the token can be found here

We will hold a CCH contest for all content creators on the Hive social blockchain. So, the theme of this contest is ""Anything that smells of Nostalgia"". As usual, before you enter this contest, of course there are some rules for it. Let's see, here are the rules:

  • Photos must be original participant's own.
  • Participants must submit a minimum of 3 photos in 1 post.
  • Participants must write a description of the photo of at least 150 words and mention “CCH Community Contest13 session in the post title.
  • Posts must be in English.
  • Posts must be published through the CCH community.
  • Participants must use the hashtag #cch-contest13, that to make easy we find your.
  • Uploaded photos are allowed using DSLR, Mirrorless, smartphone cameras.
  • Photos must match with the theme
  • Not allowed photo collages.
  • Each participant only has 1 post to participate in the 13 contest session.
  • Please reblog this post and paste your post link in the comments of this post.
  • Photos do not contain elements of SARA, pornography, sadism or things that are harassing other parties

Authorized by @visionaer3003

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We welcome new users who have joined the CCH Community. 🙂


In our growing group of participants all Camping friends are welcome



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With that in mind, happy blogging 🙂


Thank you for supporting my post in Trliste contest!
I followed your curation trail, and here's a !PIZZA from me. and !CTP (not sure if there's some left for today...)

Thank you for this beautiful contest. I also participated in the competition. Here is my post:

konu çok güzel, umarım harika yazılar bizi bekliyordur :)
ellerinize sağlık @visionaer3003 🌸

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Hi, what a great contest idea! I inserted the link on ecency discord to the "Contests awarding points" channel.
For future Contests if you want to be shown there too, please just let me know :-)

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dankeschön !LUV

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Hello @beeber
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Harika bir konu seçmişsiniz muhakkak katılacağım. 🌺🌈

Hello brother, how are you, I was not active for some time, but I will also participate in this contest.
@visionaer3003 😊❤

On this occasion that I participate in the theme, I liked it a lot since I mention that I was just nostalgic for those days and it was the moment to inspire me and participate in this contest.


Hello everyone! This is my first participation in these contests, I found the topic super interesting, I wish you all the best of luck!


I am glad and happy joining this new contest. 😀
I am proud to present my entry. 🥰
Thank you so much! 😀
Best wishes to all entries. 😀

This is my first-time entering here. Thanks for the beautiful contest host and remembering our nostalgia
Thanks to @visionaer3003

Hello @visionaer3003 greetings know from me newcomers, may you be healthy always, may I ask a little in the future

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Thank you very much friend, better ist you delegete @campingclub not me 🙂


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