Thursday Night Live - ListNerds Changes!

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Tonight we addressed the elephant in the room when it comes to ListNerds

Reputation scores!

The whole idea behind this, was to help new members discover amazing creators in the platform and follow their lead. The problem has become, the reputation scores seem to have morphed into....A participation trophy !

We want people to win! Big time!

However we also want people to 'get better' every day. And if everyone is getting 100 reputation scores, no one is getting better. We've simply created a way for everyone to put it into cruise control.

We have over 130 creators on ListNerds, currently with a 100 rep. score.

And over 140 with 90 or higher.

This told us...We need to adjust a few things.

We took it to the ocmmunity and everyone in attendence seemed to agree, it's time for a change.

A few notes:

  • We have reset everyone to a 25 rep.

  • This does NOT hurt your ability to earn on CTP / ListNerds rewards in the slightest

  • We've made some changes in the back ground to make it 'harder' to earn a reputation

We know this isn't going to sit well with everyone, and we do apologize for those that might feel slighted.

We want ListNerds to be the premier content discovery tool on Hive, and need to make sure....Reputations on ListNerds are something to work for. Something to be proud of. And to get better for!

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I would suggest tu substitute the rep by an average mail rating. Take the last 10 posts and calculate their average rating per e-mail. Like that people who make many mails don't have an advantage.

this would be a good metric to also include!

I've written a longer response in the Listnerds channel in the ctp Discord. My main points were:

  • defining quality of emails (content and value/benefit of what the email links to)
  • shifting more attention/incentives to receivers (currently the attention is on senders).
  • recognising all activity on ListNerds as part of the reputation score. Keeping staking/unstaking separate from reputation score as that has its own inherent rewards/disbenefits.

I've just been through my inbox and voted with the following criteria:

  • brings value in email and through link, well-written and presented - upvote.
  • problem with either email or linked content - downvote.
  • email and linked content is well-presented but doesn't interest me for any of a number of reasons - no vote.

Those look like good criteria for your votes. The most difficult one for me to stay consistent with is the third one - I often upvote quality content that doesn't particularly interest me as I think it deserves verification.


I agree, that is difficult - but I'm rapidly thinking that many of those should go into the downvote category because a lot of them are not using ListNerds as a marketing/content discovery tool.

If it was working well, people would transition from ListNerds to following you and other actions like tipping or voting for you directly on Hive; or perhaps joining the relevant community; or for something like Splinterlands, indirect benefits like starting to play the game, buying cards and tokens, which all indirectly increase the sender's enjoyment and the value of their holdings.

At the moment, many senders are using the means as the end.

Thank you for the clarification of the rep reset @jongolson! Looks like I'll just have to build my rep back up the old-fashioned way! lol

I haven't been using listnerds much but I understand your dilemma. I think it naturally follows along with the voting patterns on Hive.

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I agree with the need for change. Some good ideas in the comments already. Need to be aware that, as Thomas Sowell puts it, "there are no solutions, just trade-offs".

It makes sense a little now, thank you so much. (Amongst many other things that are still unclear to me!) 🙏

I honestly wish I could murder Larry once and for all.

Give me a week.

You need to find him first, Amir, lol

Great show. For sure we need some changes to the metrics and it is good to get some community feedback. I will have a think about it but agree with some of the ideas given below. Let's make Listnerds even better!

I like it!


It is always good to update, that is that one is alive.

I knew life was getting too easy. Thanks for sharing,