Who Else Is Sick Of This...?

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You just have to laugh.....

This is a topic I've brought up before and usually, all you can do is smile. I'm sure you'll recognize it, it's quite standard in the crypto space...

Crypto influencers, publications and talk heads....Screaming crypto snd Web 3...Yet never seem to be, products of their products.

Today I had a good laugh thanks to @coingecko and yeah, I can even tag them here because they actually have an account on Hive. When they were just getting started, they posted here all the time...Now, like basically every crypto publication and influencer out there, they stick to Web 2.


Here's the link to their glorious Tweet if you feel like reminding them...To actually practice what they preach!

This is just the funniest thing to me in all of crypto....

And I'm not just picking on Coingecko. This is across the board.

You'll see talking heads whine about how crypto is never respected or on traditional social media, complaining about the price...But see if they actually, heaven forbid, use decentralized social media like Hive and it's crickets...

Personally, I've had enough...I'm going to start calling them out. And who am I, I'm a nobody in crypto but you know what I am...Someone who actually practices what I preach. It's just warped when I see this constant spew from these people, who all claim to be pro-crypto...Yet never actually use...Crypto!

Especially a true decentralized social media solution like Hive.

We must be doing something wrong...It's got to be us right?

Or maybe, just maybe...These people don't really care about the 'decentralization' that crypto promises? Maybe they are just here for likes and keep feeding the beast that is traditional social media. Anything for likes I guess....

This goes back to something I've believed in for years in business...

If I'm going to 'recommend' a product or service, I'm going to embrace it all. I want to truly be a product of the product I'm 'pitching' because it shows the people watching, I believe 100% in the product or service.

Maybe that's what it comes down to....

They believe in Bitcoin, as a store of wealth....Because I'm not sure what else you can do with it?

They believe in Ethereum, because they bought in at 10 bucks.

They believe in the latest greatest blockchain that has zero fees, because they got a cut of the founder stake.

Just insane.

Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing especially here in crypto. There's lots of really smart people out there, that aren't here for the tech lol They are here for the likes. They are here to continue to feed the beast and make sure true decentralized projects like Hive continue to be ignored.

Maybe it's time...We stop being silent. Maybe it's time we call these talking heads out and let the world know that Hive is....The project they are talk about, yet never use.


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They're probably just writing for writing sake. Most of them are on Twitter, just looking for attention and audience. I know a lot of people like the hodgetwins who started out here. But they're not big on Twitter and don't even mention hive at all.

Yeah they went to Rumble when they needed a youtube solution. Sad we can't keep the influencers here


HodgeTwins started out here on Hive?

They actually did

That’s so random! Man those two are making like 40K a month. Grifting the conservative scene pays apparently 😂

You'll be surprised to know many influencers on Twitter, initially started out here. There are many like that including the crypto girl on Twitter with like 250k followers. She started out playing ukulele here. Hodgetwins are just one of them.

It's ridiculous that Hive is not there. Most of the platforms they mentioned are not even decentralized. They are centralized.

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There's only a few truly decentralized projects out there across the entire space.


The list is pure shit but to be fair it's not coingecko itself or the original founders.

It's an author that is probably not there too long and is just writing about what they know.

Post hive days.

I think what kills me, is the last time they posted was 2021. They were even a witness here. and just ignore a true decentralized chain. Which should align with exactly what they promote. But alas lol


Unfortunately 99% of the tweets about decentralized social media does not mention HIVE.

Until today I never found out if this is something against HIVE or it is a poor research.

Well, we always have the possibility that are paid articles and in this case it is normal not mention HIVE since we don't paid to be there.

I think it all comes down to funding...These blockchains get coverage because they pay for it.


Some people are shilling other projects and some is just poor journalism. I get a laugh when I see articles dated in 2022 or 2023 that mention Steemit but don't mention Hive, as if Steemit is more prominent. A quick look at the numbers reveals that it isn't.

I am not expecting that coingecko, cointelegraph and other big crypto news site be shilling other projects because they shall be impartial and inform people about things.

But maybe I am wrong and they are really shilling some projects receiving some money in compensation.

I am not from Steemit time but since I like to be involved I know the history and it is very difficult to understand why someone talks about it and don't talk about Hive.

If the stories are on CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, and CoinGecko, it's likely just sloppy journalism. But I've seen a lot of this on personal blogs and smaller news sites.

Userbase on web3 is crazy small still as there's decent but no really great options to counter the web2 applications. Whenever that happens we will start to see a real shift but so far it's all mom and pop type applications for the most part. web2 is a necessary evil right now.

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Oh absolutely. I'll use it consistently, to remind people what's being built here for sure.


We are in the early adopter stage. Those applications will show up when the market is ready.

I'm sure their excuse would be, "but there's not a large audience on Hive," but like ... then being your audience with you, you're an exchange. Tweet links to your posts on Hive.

Can't be any less than on...Blockster lol


That's just ridiculous. I didn't realize they had an account here. Pretty interesting. I am going to hop on my Twitter account and drop a comment.

Oh they even had a witness server running a few years ago too.


No kidding. I wonder why they dropped out. That's very interesting. That whole Tweet was pretty stupid.

This is never about what's best. It's always about being friends with the right people and paying the right people.

Yup, those with the deep pockets always win.


Being friends… or being PAID! You said it!

Funny part about coingecko is that they covered many rug pulls in the past. Which includes SmartBCH. And even safemoon. We all know what those projects are. I guess ignoring Hive was intentional by them or maybe that tron guy paid them to ignore hive. We never know why hive gets ignored.

It's very strange. I get why people in that space use web 2, but not to use things like Hive along with your content...Odd.


It's not you, it's just the way the world is - they'll say anything to appease their followers on web 2.0 and it makes me laugh too because they don't seem to get it. Maybe one day they will, but by then, we'll be streaks ahead of them, in fact, I think we already are.

If a little outrageous the truth. I left you a nice and brief comment.

It's really painful that smart people often times don't utilize their smartness the right way. They know the capabilities of decentralization and why it is needed but they choose to ignore it and chase the glory and spotlight.

It's all right here, no excuse for them not to use what's available for them


You know when you got a winner of a post there Jon when I get to this part

"But see if they actually, heaven forbid, use decentralized social media like Hive and it's crickets..."

And instead of my voice reading in my head I hear yours.

Also agree 💯 percent with the whole post.




One day, they'll come with the their tail between their legs lol


Absolutely they will.


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These people don't really care about the 'decentralization' that crypto promises?


Yeah, that annoys me too, buddy!
We really need to do something about all this...

I'm just going to call it out on social lol Every time I see it


Good move! We should join in.

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Well said!

My guess is that someday someone will get it right and I just hope that we are ready. 😁

It does seem hypocritical, really. I didn't know Coingecko had a Hive account... Credit to 'em for making it, I guess. Subdued by the fact they're not using it to its full potential. Wouldn't take much effort for them to mirror their news articles here, and include Hive in their list of social media links, for example:

Coingecko Social Media links screenshot

They were very active when they joined, had a witness server too.


hahaha, what a shame, let's shake them with Hive powers to know who we are. hahaha

That's all we can do, point out the flaws!

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Hello, @jongolson
Yes the wolves, the liers.
Yes it's infuriating to run into these types online!
Barb :)

Such a joke! Obviously pay to play 💰 or something like that going on. When I hear you mention on the podcast I couldn’t even get annoyed, it was just so ridiculous I almost laughed. Almost parody level then leaving Hive out!

As always enjoyed the podcast! Boosted ya ur favorite thing in the world 😉 (Bitcoin) 👇


Loving that the list is basically all centralized. I guess it makes sense though in a way, we don't have some big-pocket CEO shelling out millions in advertising for us, so we stay in the shadows actually fucking doing what the rest claim to.

I've been on HIVE for less than 2 weeks and you were one of the first people @epodcaster recommended I follow.

Thanks for this post. As a newBEE I appreciate the advice. It's funny to me that someone would be here so long and do so much and then go back to 2.0.

I'm planning to stay for the long haul.

Looking forward to learning more from you.!