It really is, I'm glad you emphasized that point.

If we read biographies, we may notice that every great man/woman we look up to went through a phase where their 'life was falling apart.' I was homeless for years, unable to get out of the hole, evicted, abandoned, betrayed, dismissed, jailed, depressed, suicidal and more. I was only able to get out of it when I started accepting it, embracing it, and seeing it as a blessing. It took me years of suffering and trauma before I started seeing it all as a blessing, until I made peace with the fact that death comes to us all, and it is a beautiful part of life, not something to fear or fight against.

My advice to someone going through hard times is to challenge themselves to be creative and really, truly see the positives.

Homeless for years is terrible, right? No, it's a blessing, I was free of bosses, obligation, and society's rules.

Betrayed is terrible, right? No, it's a blessing because it taught me that I played a part in my own betrayal. I failed to see the signs. I was unaware of the situation. Now I'm good at reading people and knowing their true loyalties and intentions. Many people never learn this skill, but being betrayed helped me.

Suicidal is terrible, right? No, it's a blessing it made me truly value life, realize I have a purpose, and helps me empathize with others who may be feeling similar.

The trick is to list many positive aspects of things that 'seem' to be terrible, because the truth is that in every problem there's solution, in every negative there's a positive, in every tragedy there's joy to be found, and the creative human who puts their focus on the bright side unlocks tremendous power.

But, not everyone is mentally or emotionally 'ready' for such a challenge to their creativity, as I said, it took me years before I really started being grateful for the 'pain' life was serving up to me, so if someone isn't ready for this approach or technique, I totally understand and they'll have to find their own path/solution. Hope that helps! 🙏

These are some powerful words of which i shall pass along to those who need. Though times around for many and it is nice to see the hope in what you say. Thanks for taking the time to make effort in showing what you knew done seen and know.

I'm glad you found some value in them, and there's definitely hope. Thanks for your kind comments and appreciating my efforts and contributions. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful day night as well.