Medovik cake for my mother's birthday

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Today was a big day and I wanted to make something special. I have been thinking about the famous Russian Medovik cake for a long time, but I was never brave enough to make it because it seemed quite difficult and complicated.


But sometimes, everything that seems difficult attracts me more to achieve it. That was also the case with this cake. The thought that I should bake more crusts than 3 was an obstacle for me at the start, but I decided to overcome it. My mom is a very special person in my life and that's why I always carefully choose the cake I will make for her birthday.

When you make something out of love, it must succeed, no matter how difficult it may seem. First, I gathered all the necessary ingredients for the crusts. You need flour, three eggs, 110g of butter, 170g of honey, 100g of sugar, pinch of salt and baking soda.


Put the honey, sugar and butter on low heat to melt.



Then, in a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites first and then add the egg yolks, with a teaspoon of baking soda, a pinch of salt and 10g of vanilla sugar.


Whisk everything together.


And pour into the melted honey and butter mixture.


Stir everything slowly over low heat. Remove from the stove and gradually add flour until you have a smooth soft dough.


The amount of flour is about 500g, but do not measure, but add gradually. First you can whisk and then knead the dough with your hand because you will feel it best when it is soft and non-sticky.



Leave the dough for one to two hours to cool, because it will be easier to work with it if it stays in the refrigerator for a while. I left it for 1 hour.

Divide it into equal balls, at least 10. Each of them will be one crust.


Spread each ball with a rolling pin and use a mold to make them equal.





Bake the crusts at 180 degrees. I baked two at a time. They are baked for a very short time, 5-8 minutes.


In the meantime, make the cream. For the cream, you can be imaginative. 😊 I used 500g of sweet cream, 200g of sour cream, honey and 250g of mascarpone cheese. Next time I will make a little more cream because I think the cake will be even more beautiful then. Tip: the more cream the better.


And now comes the easiest part. Arrange the crusts on top of each other and coat each one with cream.





I also squeezed one orange and boiled the juice with a little sugar and starch and coated the last crust with it, then again with cream.



The cake was quite tall.


The last crust was shapeless, so I ground it in a blender and sprinkled it over the cake.


I couldn't wait to try the cake. In the morning I took it to my mom. She was overjoyed and delighted. We cut it to try it.


The taste is, to put it mildly, fantastic! This is a cake that looks complicated. It's actually not complicated and worth trying. Soft milky taste combined with honey will surely delight you. I will make it again, that's for sure.


Thank you very much for reading.

The images and writing are original and mine.



Amazing, looks delicious and loving the shape of it <3

Hello, good to see you.🤗 The cake turned out very tasty. I tried to make it look like a heart but not very successful 😊

It's like a creep cake.. ,☺️ happy birthday to your mom

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Yes, you are right! And I wondered what cake it reminded me of. 😊 Thank you very much! 🤗❤️

Hello, dear Jelena! That cake looks so delicious! 😋
I hope you and your family are doing great. Happy birthday to your mom!
Abrazos 😘

Thank you so much dear Eli! 🤗😘 We are fine. I also hope that you, your son and your husband are doing great. And the cake is indeed very tasty, I recommend you try it! Muchos abrazos! 😊🤗

This looks so tasty!! My mother's b-day is approaching fast so might as well consider your recipe for that since I always cook a cake for her B-day :)

We are the same. 😊 I also always make a cake for her and this one turned out to be delicious and not difficult to prepare.

A few months ago I made and tried this cake for the first time in my life, I thought it was incredibly delicious, many times we are not aware of the delicious dishes that distant countries can have, it's good that your mom enjoyed it, greetings

It is delicious indeed. I found out about this cake by chance. Lately there are a lot of Russians and Ukrainians in my city because of the situation and this cake has become popular. Greetings!🤗

It's like a mango float but looks yummy, happy birthday to your mom @jelenaa

Thanks a lot! 🤗 Hmm mango float... I've never heard of that cake before. I will research it and try it. If I find mango😊

🤗🤗yamiii yamii😋😋😋😋


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