When a Port meets a Train! All aboard! Hope you're ready for this week!

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Last week, we saw NEW members joining DreemPort - and saw NEW dreemers joining the @ecoTrain! That is EXACTLY what we hope for when we collaborate with a new community. Our bigger hope is that long after our month of collab is over - our dreemers have found new communitys to KEEP! We understand that every community is not a perfect fit for every member - but our intent is to give a fun "sampe" of new projects, challenges, and communities!

It's all the fun, without any of the pressure! Jump in, engage, and see if the @ecotrain is a place that you love!

This week...

HERE IS THE NEW QUESTION OF THE WEEK thanks to @eco-alex! Click on the image to get all the details!

Once you write your post - DON'T FORGET to visit DreemPort on Friday, and submit your post there! You MUST submit it by NOON PST on Friday, the 13th. Your post will be curated on Monday when all our dreemers come back from their weekend! (Please do go back to DreemPort on Monday so YOU can be a part of the judging!) The more judges - the better!

If you need A DETAILED GUIDE on how to use DreemPort...

Click on the image below!


I just curated 5 post on dreemport, I want to learn more about how to use the platform through the image but it is not going through. I guess the link is broken.

 2 months ago  

What image are you talking about @George-dee? Are you trying to add your post image? If that is your question, once you have followed all other instructions to submit your post, just right-click the image on your system or long-press the image to take you to "open in a new browser" to copy the image URL, and then you can submit.


I meant clicking on the image doesn't go anywhere, there must be an error in the link.

I want to learn more before sharing my post, still cool with curating for now.

hehehe i forgot to add the link - It's updated now Princess hehehee

 2 months ago  

Okay Momma 😎

hehehe oops!!! Thanks for the heads up! It's been edited! hehehe

You can click on it now George! :)

Alright I'll need more details
Let me do the needful, thanks 😇

wonderful!!! you can go here for the Guide! Just click on the image to be taken there! :)

thank you very much!

no.... thank YOU! hehehee

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