God is dead, again

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God is dead, again

and the Millenials killed God again. But, here we go, we're about to find him again.

We're the first generation of people who actually scans the brain and the body for the emergence of thoughts, emotions, and consciousness and has the data publicly available.

For real,

it's a first time, congratz to you.

While Musk can let his neuro link monkeys play video games using wires coming out of their head and we can actually produce algae that can transform our brain permanently to whatever we need at a certain moment - in case we wanted of course. We're still not getting anywhere with conciusness. It seems to emerge everywhere in the human body at the same time, we can't locate a certain pattern, not a single one.

Probably we're still too stupid, or Donald Hoffman is right.

There is something like a Soul

and it's not measurable in our time-space world.

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Or as Heisenberg said:


I do have to look into his person, what an interesting take!