They got whacked, AGAIN

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They got whacked, AGAIN

Do Kwon big Bitcoin buyer with TERRA Luna money, Michael Sailer added to the mass here: ~$190.5 million at an average price of ~$45,714 per #bitcoin. as of 4/4/22 for MS.

avg. of 45.714$ per BTC

Did those two really think there's no Pawn of the Bearmarket coming down at all? Funny as it is, probably they did.

The crypto space is so resilient because of all that FUD out there, it seems some people got too high on their own fumes. Making that kind of purchase in those price areas literally a month prior to this crash. That's not a long-term mindset, that's a grave miscalculation at work.

I really believe in $BTC myself

and I'll #hodl whatever makes sense to my financial situation. But HELP ME GOD we all saw this coming and somehow they didn't? Reminds me of the Sopranos, you see it coming but it still hits like a surprise, always.


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